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How much money will you make?

What kind of profits will you make when you sell products from SaleHoo-approved suppliers?
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"Our business grew from making $300/month profit, to $4,000/month profit!"

Hi I'm Ricky - an eBay seller and SaleHoo member from Australia. When my daughter was born I wanted to provide an opportunity for my wife, Ally, to stay at home with our new baby. Read more

The problem was, achieving this on one income simply wasn't possible - so I began to look around for a home-based business opportunity.

Ally had a background in sales, and I had already sold a few things on eBay and built up good feedback, so we eventually decided eBay would be a good place to start.

When did you join SaleHoo and what do you like about it?

We SaleHoo in August 2009, attracted by the promise of good wholesale leads with user reviews. From the outset, SaleHoo seemed perfectly oriented to our business. We also loved the idea of SaleHoo's member forums, where you can ask a question and have it answered promptly by a like-minded seller.

While our main reason for joining SaleHoo was to find wholesale suppliers and honest reviews, we also faced a number of other challenges with our business, such as avoiding scammers and learning how to go about the setting up our eBay listings.SaleHoo has been extremely useful to overcoming these challenges. The information on how to deal with taxes was a God-send! On the forums we received even more advice on tax by reading posts from other sellers based in Australia.

Shortly after joining SaleHoo, our business grew from making $300/month profit, to $4,000/month profit. SaleHoo's education has been the greatest contributing factor to their ongoing eBay success, and in early 2010, we were thrilled to reach Gold Power Seller status.

Our future plans are to focus on improving our time management and accounting. At this stage, our eBay business has replaced Ally's income, and it shouldn't be long before it will replace mine too!


Will SaleHoo work for you?

We help over 100,000 people just like you sell products on top marketplaces around the world!


How sure we are that SaleHoo will work for YOU!

We know from experience that anyone can succeed online and there are FOUR BIG reasons why:

  1. It's fast and easy to learn the ropes
  2. It requires little or no money to get started
  3. You don't need any experience to succeed
  4. It gives you fast results!

Anyone who takes action and who commits time to their business will succeed.

Even if you are…

SaleHoo will help you achieve your financial and lifestyle goals

eBay and online retail: Your best chance at
financial freedom...

Why sell products online/on eBay? Are there still money-making opportunities there?


Yes! eBay and other online marketplaces are thriving and e-Commerce and online sales are growing at a rapid rate, with experts predicting future growth levels to spike even further.

Did you know?...


We could list a lot of statistics like these, but really, all you need to know is that it is STILL possible to make a full time living from selling items on eBay (and other online marketplaces) and there are STILL hot, untapped markets with hungry customers who are ready to buy from you.

You just need to know what to sell and where to get it from. That's where SaleHoo comes in with our Smart Seller Training material and extensive list of trusted suppliers.

Why pay to access suppliers?

You might be asking yourself what makes SaleHoo-verified suppliers more
profitable than other suppliers out there…


That's a good question. After all, you could just find suppliers yourself by searching Google… BUT the thing is, when you do that it's easy to stumble across suppliers who promise the world, but just don't deliver…


What's different about SaleHoo verified suppliers?

All SaleHoo suppliers undergo a strict verification process before being approved…saving you months of legwork searching for the best, most reliable suppliers. Before we add a supplier to the directory, we check that:

What do our members say about SaleHoo?


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Sell the products that buyers want!

Use our specialized market research software and sell profit-pulling products every time


When you start selling online, one of the first questions you'll have to answer is: What items will sell profitably?

You might already have a product in mind before you start selling, but do you REALLY know whether it's going to make you money?

This is a really tough question that involves a lot of research and data analysis. Sounds boring right? We think so too! That's why we developed the SaleHoo Research Lab! The SaleHoo Research Lab is a profit engine that makes hunting down hot products fast and easy. Keep reading and learn how it works…

When you are trying to decide what to sell there are two things you absolutely must know before you can
decide whether to persue buying it:

  1. How many people want to buy what you are going to sell – the demand for the product
  2. How many other sellers are offering it - your competition

Answering these questions on your own takes a LOT of legwork and potentially weeks of time can be spent poring over data from the likes of Google, eBay and Amazon and other sources. Then, you go through the same lengthy process time and time again for every product you could be worth selling.

Meanwhile you're not making a cent of money during all this time you are spending on research.

What's even worse is when people who don't even understand the importance of this step and skip it altogether – committing to sell a product they know nothing about.

Our profit engine software!

SaleHoo has created a premiere software tool that crunches the numbers and tells you
whether a product is HOT or NOT in a matter of seconds…


This software is called the SaleHoo Research Lab and it comes as part of your membership. Using this ingenious tool, it takes just seconds to determine how much profit you can make selling any item, and even more importantly, which products are NOT profitable and should be avoided! Just enter a keywords or brand you are interested in, and the SaleHoo Research Lab will give you a full run down


Get suggestions for other profitable products you hadn't thought of

Short on ideas? That's OK, we thought of that and took care of it with our list of ideas worth considering. Just browse through our list of ideas and get some fresh inspiration for hot selling products.

This powerful tool alone will immediately recoup your investment in SaleHoo

So join SaleHoo today to start finding incredibly profitable products to sell! Your SaleHoo member ship is risk free and backed by our 60 day money back guarantee, so if you are not completely satisfied with SaleHoo, you can get a full refund, no questions asked


Now you know two things:

  1. You can get fantastic and trustworthy suppliers with SaleHoo
  2. How to determine what products make the biggest profits using the SaleHoo Research Lab

Smart Seller Training – Let us take you from
zero to hero!


Not sure how this whole thing works? Made mistakes in the past? Our Smart Seller Training will bring everything together!

SaleHoo shows you exactly how wholesale sourcing and online selling actually works, and how to beat the competition and pull in bigger profits.

Do any of these questions sound familiar? Our top 6 questions, as asked by new SaleHoo members:

  1. "What should I sell?"
  2. "I'm not sure how to start buying wholesale products and selling online"
  3. "How do I find out what sells well online?"
  4. "Where can I find brand name products cheaply?"
  5. "What type of licenses and permits do I need to work with wholesale suppliers?"
  6. "How do I get more traffic to my listings?"

SaleHoo provides extensive education guides to answer ALL these questions and show you exactly how to set up your business in a way that is professional, and meets tax and supplier obligations while also being extremely profitable.

Get clued up on PowerSeller tips and tricks!

Our eBay and online selling education article library is packed with all the info you need to succeed


You know yourself that selling on eBay isn't rocket science: You create a listing, shoppers bid on your item, and you send it out. BUT, there are a few things that have to happen before the selling process takes place in order to make consistent sales and ensure everything runs smoothly… and that's where SaleHoo Smart Seller Training comes in…

We arm you with all the knowledge you need to build a strong, profitable business and earn a full time income... AND Smart Seller Training makes it fun fast and easy! 


But that's not all we do to ensure that with SaleHoo success is your only option

We have also crafted 8 comprehensive business training guides – all these are yours when you join SaleHoo. No upsells and no hidden expenses.

Don't sell any products online or buy anything at wholesale until you have checked these out!

Our guides cover all the vital information you need to know before you get started buying and selling online, including:

"My rating to SaleHoo is A+++ and the resources they have are unmatched."

There is only one word to describe SaleHoo and that is BRILLIANT. Their directory for distributors, manufacturers is just an awesome guide for any trader whether he is a beginner or advanced trader. Read more

The SaleHoo membership is worth every penny, rather you get more than what you expect. I have bought lot of electronics products and music gadgets via the SaleHoo directory and there are no regrets. The only regret i have is that i did not find them earlier. Exceptional support in the forums and immediate answer to your questions and doubt, by the SaleHoo staff, made my life as a beginner trader very easy and comfortable. SaleHoo gives you access to a wide ocean of best deals and bargains from its fantastic pool of distributors, wholesalers and manufacturers.

Would you reccommend SaleHoo to other sellers?

My rating to SaleHoo is A+++ and the resources they have are unmatched to any other you can find on the internet. I would highly recommend SaleHoo to anyone and everyone whether he is a beginner or advanced trader.

Get our hot bonus guides FREE

These hot guides have been put together by a team of eBay PowerSellers, product sourcing experts,
and marketing gurus who pulled together and shared their knowledge ALL FOR YOU


How to kick-start your home business

This guide teaches you absolutely everything you need to know about getting started using hot SaleHoo methods, as used by top sellers all over the web running profitable businesses.

Make drop shipping work for you

Dropshipping is hugely popular because it allows you to get started with very little money, but without this guide, you could make the same costly mistakes that 95% of all drop-ship sellers make.

How to find profitable products to sell

This guide is a must-read for any new seller who isn't sure how to get started and is seeking great products to turbo-boost their business with. Learn 10 hot markets for 2014!

Easy shipping and importing

Often you'll find that the best prices for the items you want to sell are from suppliers in a different country. This guide reveals how to get international suppliers to ship items to your door with minimum cost!

Finding fantastic suppliers

This guide teaches you about which type of supplier you should use. Each type is different and understanding the difference can save you a lot of time, money and hassles!

Electronics, fashion and DVDs

Learn what's hot in these popular markets. These three markets are HUGE among shoppers. Our guides teach you how to sell products in hot categories, even with competing sellers!

Our guides are normally worth $232 alone, but you get these FREE when you join SaleHoo for just $67

Become a member now for just $67 for a full year's membership and no obligation to renew


Learn from fellow SaleHoo members in our bustling
Community Forum…


Word of mouth is the best resource in this industry, and SaleHoo is one of the leading online communities for buyers and sellers on the internet. On the SaleHoo Community Forum, you can get first-hand advice from the people in the know including the SaleHoo Community Manager, Marc Ransom.

"When I first started, I felt alone in the battle. SaleHoo's forums took care of that!"

I joined SaleHoo to help grow my fledgling business. I felt like I was stumbling in the dark, not knowing where to look, what to do or how to do it. Then I found SaleHoo. Read more

What do you like most about being a member?

The directory is great. There are tons of wholesalers to choose from, and more are added all the time. When I was first getting started, I felt alone in the battle. SaleHoo's forums took care of that! The forum has taught me a lot. It's a tight knit group that always has room for more. We share experiences, warn of scams, listen when someone needs to vent frustrations, help each other out, and want everyone to succeed. Its like having your own personal cheering section. Through some searching on SaleHoo's directory, I was able to find a body jewelry supplier with amazing prices. I purchased some to sell both online and off, and three days after receiving the product, I'm already making money. SaleHoo doesn't offer "Get rich quick" or any other gimmicks. They just give you the tools to build the business you're willing to work for. Stop stumbling in the dark like I was...

What advice do you have for others who want to start selling online?

Join SaleHoo and let all of us help you succeed too!


Here is what Marc has to say about the SaleHoo forum and how it can help turbo-boost your business success…

"The biggest impact from joining SaleHoo has been through networking on the SaleHoo forum."

— Marc Ransom, Community Manager

I personally consider the SaleHoo forum to be the jewel in the crown. No matter what the query, you'll get the answer you need. SaleHoo has the most active trading forum around, and I don't say that lightly.

I've been on many different forums and quite frankly, nothing stacks up to what is available to SaleHoo members. I have now discovered product avenues and suppliers I hadn't even considered before joining SaleHoo, and the networking with other members that has proven invaluable in developing my current business ventures.

Today I have a business partnership that came about from the networking on SaleHoo and our business is continuing to boom!"


If you prefer to learn in a more private setting and get some personal attention, you will love our 1-on-1 support.

The SaleHoo Triple-Decker Support Center


Telephone Support: Get instant answers to your questions

  • Toll free 800 number
  • Speak with knowledgeable, helpful SaleHoo staff
  • Get business advice
  • Allow us to find a supplier for you
  • Phone support available 40 hours per week

Email Support: Expert Advice at the tip of your fingers

In addition to our telephone support, we also offer valuable advice and support via email.

  • Email assistance 10 hours a day, 6 days a week
  • No lame 'canned' responses that don't even answer your question!
  • Personalized help and expert advice on every aspect of your business

Free One-On-One Support

If you're looking for one-on one support, we've got it! The following are just some of the ways our support team help our members on a daily basis via either the phone, email or on our public forum!

  • Don't know what to sell or worried about risking money? We can help you unearth hot new niches!
  • Know what products you want to sell? We will search our directory for you and create a personalized list of product suppliers for you.
  • Want us to personally check out a supplier some more for you? We're happy to scope them out, any time.
  • Got a question of any size? We've got the answer! It's better to ask us than just guess! 

Join SaleHoo today and start receiving business coaching and mentoring from highly qualified experts!

Become a member now for just $67 for a full year's membership and no obligation to renew once your 12 months with us is up


Got Questions? Great! We've got answers…


  1. Can I really learn to sell online/on eBay quickly and easily?


    We don't just give you access to hot product suppliers and leave you to it, we provide a full range of training and support resources that leave you with no option but to succeed!

    At every stage of the process, we are available to help you out by answering your questions and giving you the guidance you need.

    Even if you are a complete newbie, you can succeed with SaleHoo and own a strong, profitable business. How do we know this? Because every day we watch our members succeed.

  2. Do I have to buy anything else to succeed with SaleHoo?

    No, you don't.

    Hey, look, we get it. We know you don't have a lot of money to invest in your business… even if you wanted to. We understand the catch 22 you are facing: You need to spend money to earn money.

    And we know it's hard. That's why we keep the price as low as possible and free of hidden costs.

  3. I'm a total newbie. Is SaleHoo right for me?

    Yes! We excel at taking new sellers and turning them into power sellers. We use all our resources and expertise to ensure that you can still expect to achieve fantastic results if you are new to online retail.

  4. Can you guarantee me that I will make money?

    Well, for legal reasons, we are not allowed to guarantee that you will make money. But here's how we can get around that pesky law: We're SO confident in SaleHoo that we offer you a full 60-day money-back guarantee that you can claim if you are not 100% satisfied with SaleHoo.

We answered your questions, now how about your answer our question...

Are you ready to join 100,000 members who are using SaleHoo to build a profitable online business?


Here's what you'll get INSTANT ACCESS to when you join:

With all this value, and the MASSIVE income earning potential a SaleHoo membership provides, we could charge over $400… But you won't pay $400... You won't even pay $200… or $100

Today, you can become a member of SaleHoo for just $67 for a full year's membership with no obligation to renew!

"My first purchase saved me more than the cost to join SaleHoo was!"

My name is Debbie Burch. I had just started my business and had no idea how I was going to find the suppliers I needed. After three days of searching with no luck. Read more

Every one says they sell at wholesale prices but if you really check you know it is not a wholesale price. I heard about Salehoo from my son.

This is the only site I use. You will never find a more informed site than this. My first purchase saved me more than the cost to join salehoo was! They look out for me so that I do not get taken advantage of. When I ordered MP3 sunglasses what I thought would take two weeks to receive, I got delivered to my door in four days. I am looking forward to many years with Salehoo. They are definitely worth the money. If you want to buy or supply wholesale look no further than here!


But that's not all!

When you join SaleHoo today, you will also gain access to our hot Bonus Guides, each packed full of crucial information that all online retailers need to succeed. Our seven guides cover:

All these guides are worth over $232.00 but today, they are yours free when you join SaleHoo! It's our gift to you for saying "Yes!" to your new future with us.

Remember, your SaleHoo membership is 100% risk-free. Our 60 day money back guarantee ensures your satisfaction!