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"I've made over £300 in the last two months"

If your not already a member of SaleHoo, I suggest you become one.  I have been a member of SaleHoo since January '07, and I have never looked back. To start off with,... Read more

Jamie Hulley

"A month after joining, I quit my horrible 7-5 job"

My name is Andrew. I'm a single parent with a son and two older girls. I've been working a 7-5 job for the past few years to try to support my family and a 50-60 hour w... Read more

Andrew Kowalchuk

"In a matter of 3 days I made my first real sale on eBay"

Hi, my name is Lyndon Irvine. I moved to Canada in 2002. I did not know a thing about computers! I learned to sign up for an email account by myself and struggled with that. Bu... Read more

Lyndon Irvine

"I have already tripled my investment and I do this part time!"

When I first stumbled upon salehoo.com, I thought, "oh another internet scam designed to take my money." I had an urge to make money and get started with my business,... Read more

Chris Fry

"I just received my first pallet of merchandise...thanks!"

A couple of months ago I began selling items around my house on ebay. When I ran out of items I began surfing the web looking for different ways to make money and finding site ... Read more

Eric Harris

"You have a really good online resource for anybody who wants to sell anything"

I just wanted to let you know that SaleHoo is a really great resource. I’ve found great suppliers that I’ve been working with. I really like the fact that suppliers... Read more

Annie Mac Gillis

"I cannot put enough words together to tell everyone just how wonderful SaleHoo is"

I am a retired disabled American paratrooper. I was wounded twice in Iraq. Once in Dec 2003, and again in Jan 2005. On both occasions my vehicle was hit by IEDs. In total I ser... Read more

WM Jarrett

"I would recommend SaleHoo to other motivated entrepreneurs interested in learning about wholesale."

My name is Mike and I have been a member of SaleHoo for several months. I was a bit skeptical at first about the site. Most of the sites that I have paid for in the past were w... Read more

Mike Palo

"Access to SaleHoo was the best investment I have ever made!"

I purchased a membership on SaleHoo in January 2006 and it was been a blast since then. I have shied away from buying at stores to buying wholesale products on SaleHoo. Having ... Read more

Ahmona Maxwell