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Doba Review - Is Doba worth joining?

Doba Review - Is Doba worth joining?

Doba has gained a good reputation and has some great reviews on the web for providing a sourcing directory specializing in drop shippers. But does the reality live up to the hype? I decided to find out and review Doba to save you risking the time and money involved with finding out yourself. Here's what I found...

First Impressions

For first impressions, Doba gets full marks. It’s an attractive, well-laid out website and easily draws you in with the comforting promise of fraud protection and reimbursement of fraudulent orders for qualifying sellers - very reassuring for new sellers wary of being ripped off!

Doba claims an impressive 1.4 million products to choose from that can be drop shipped. This is certainly an appealing number. However, I would treat this number with caution because although there might be 1.4 million products to choose from, it doesn't mean all of them are actually viable to sell: Some products simple won't have good margins that allow you to make money and products that do have good margins will have many, many sellers drop shipping those items. This could make it difficult to use Doba as a product sourcing option. 

Remember that directories are a great booster to begin your selling career. They make it so much easier and faster to get started…and to get some cash in your pocket. But you shouldn’t solely rely on them to make your millions in the long term.

How to Use Doba Successfully

The secret to using Doba well is to use it as a way of getting started, rather than pinning all your hopes on it for the long term. Then, either work on developing good relationships with several of the suppliers you have found – until you get to the point where you can bargain for better prices – or, use the knowledge and confidence you have gained from dealing with these suppliers to branch off on your own research.

Despite Doba’s very tempting offer of allowing you to pay for goods only after you sell them, I recommend purchasing your items in bulk before you list them. Although Doba generally provides a good service, occasionally there are unavoidable hiccups with drop shipping, and it can be very embarrassing when a customer has purchased an item, but the drop shipper is out of stock. Let me be very clear that this is not a problem isolated to Doba – all drop shippers can suddenly run out of stock without warning leaving you in the lurch unless you take precautions.

I was very impressed by Doba’s great selection of free articles. They are interesting, informative, and very focused on Doba’s target audience - anyone interested in taking advantage of drop shipping. These are well worth a read!

Doba also provides a newsletter and regular press releases keeping you informed and up to date.

All in all, Doba is a good product. Although the price is steeper than other directories, members with reasonable expectations feel that it is good value.

Doba compliments SaleHoo fantastically by focusing almost solely on drop shipping, while SaleHoo provides a broad range of trusted wholesale suppliers, drop shippers and bulk wholesalers. Learn more about SaleHoo now

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Hi There! I agree with the majority here. I joined DOBA last month and cancelled within 3 weeks. I called and asked for a refund of almost 400 dollars which was charged to my account and they told me I had to wait until January 2013 and they had to see that I had made an effort to sell on DOBA before they would refund me my money....I informed the person how there was nothing on their site I wanted to use and thought they were ripping off people. Since then they have called me a few times to try and get me to rejoin....Save your money. They just rip people off. Reply
Don't get scammed by Doba. They don't deliver half of your items, and you will not be able to get a refund. It is a scam. Reply
I wish I saw this website before signing up with Doba. Over a year ago I signed up with Doba after which they refuse to cancel my trail and convince me to get my money back if I don`t make it selling their product. Guess what their product costs very high that I didn`t sell a single thing on eBay. I called to cancel before they renew my account. The person was very rude, and refused to give me my money back because according to her I had to log in every month to get the special (Money back), then hung up on me. Please learn from this and don`t sign up with a scam company like Doba. Reply
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I made the same mistake of signing up with Doba. I still have until August to attempt to get my money back. I am trying to make it work though. I research through their items and try to come up with a few items to list. Their prices are high and if you do find one that you think you might be able to sell, watch out for the shipping costs. An example is a baby stroller that was priced at $69.95 but had a shipping cost of $150. I have been with them five months now and have actually sold a couple things, I made a whopping $35 all together. I'm anxious to see what kind of excuse I get when I try to cancel my membership. If you don't make at least what you spent they say they will refund your membership costs. I will be shocked if they give me my money back $420.00. My advise is stay clear and don't waste your money on Doba. Reply
I agree with storeonlineshop, need more high end drop shippers , so we can have more choices. Reply
I would not recommend anybody to use DOBA. First, look at their merchandise prices it is at retail value and how you going to make a profit. Secondly, their customer service, if they do have one is terrible. They are not a good patnership for business. Reply
I am so glad to have found this site. I, too, was looking at Doba. But that little voice in the back of my head said to check it out good. I don't need anymore rip-offs to do business with. I have in the past. I will continue to do my research to find what I am looking for. Thank you again for this blog. It has surely saved me hundreds$. Reply
I just joined Doba and prices are crazy. I won't be able to make any profit. I was comparing prices in eBay and this is terrible but I had waste my time with this people. I will cancel my trial right away! GRrR im so mad, mad, and mad. I only want a way to make some money. :( Reply
Well I'm glad I read this blog because I was intrigued about their persistence in calling me to get my business. They called me almost everyday for a week but I never answered their call. Always, be prudent and cautious, however, for every misfortune there is a hidden fortune. Learn from your mistakes and move on to greater things. Reply
Please stay away from this company, I so agree with so many of the comments above, I did the trial and lost money because their products did not sell and I missed canceling my trial by less then a day and they charged me for another month and refused to credit me back !! Warning stay away !!! tThey are out to make money for themselves, not to help you. Worst drop ship site on the web. Now I'm in a hole already and have not even sold one product, PLEASE read all the posts above and see how many people agree.....all i can say is STAY AWAY, DO NOT SIGN UP WITH THEM !!! Reply
Gosh- I should have read this before signing off the trial account. Hope they don't charge me now, I will cancel my trial the first thing tomorrow morning. I should do a thorough research in any online stuff....This is so crazy. Reply
Wow! I received a phone call from MaxEbiz, they were running a special to build a website and get 3 months free doba trial. I'm just getting started and had heard of doba on webinars through my coaching department. So I thought I'ld give it a try. I told the sales rep on the phone what my niche was going to be for the site I was building my self. He said no problem Doba has them. NOT!!! not a one. So up went my site in two days and then I went into panic mode trying to find something to put on my store. I was excited; spent everyday I had off, 14 hours a day non stop, searching Doba's catalog for a different niche. Posted 800 items, priced them, and THEN researched my prices more thoroughly. What a joke! So I sent emails to Doba questioning just what everyone here has been saying...HOW CAN YOU MAKE MONEY WHEN THE WHOLESALE PRICE IS HIGHER THAN WHAT THE PRODUCT IS SELLING IN OTHER STORES, ON-LINE AND OFF!!! The response was not even close to the question. They talk around the problem too many times. After reading this site I'm done wasting my time searching for that one and only product that MAY make me a profit. I'm going back to my original niche and contact the wholesalers I was working with when Doba rudely interrupted me! Thanks for all the info everyone you save me a lot of money. Good Luck to us all. Reply
I have never tried Doba, but as I read your blog about this I guess this is not worth joining for a newbie like me. I usually use eBay cause it has equality maybe. Reply
Hi I got a call from Doba Rep with MaxEBiz and he talked me into signing up for the trial and to use their website builder. I got a confirmation email but the charge hasn't showed up on my credit card. The email also said to pick a template for my website which I haven't got the time to do so. This was 9 days ago. Now seeing so many negative posts about Doba's bad prices and shady customer service, I want to cancel. My question is, technically my trial has not started due to me not picking out a template. Do I need to call and cancel? Reply
Thanks for all the reviews. I started looking at Doba because some affiliate presented a mostly positive thinly veiled review pointing the user to the free trial. The rest of the internet is FULL of bad Doba reviews too. The consensus is good enough to make an informed decision. I will not be trialing Doba. I am completely new to drop shipping and don't want to start off badly. It doesn't take much brains in order to smell a rat which stinks as much as this one. Reply
Thank you all so much for all the comment. You save me the money and the time. I was about to sign up for their services but I Google their review and then I came across this site. Good luck all. Reply
I joined Doba in 10/2011. I setup a website using 3XP Website builder. I also setup a Merchant account with FDIS. After 9 months on my wesbite, posting to Ebay, Webstore and marketing my site using various advertising site both free and paid I wasn't able to sell one thing. LMAO. Don't waste your time and $$$ because the long and short of it is Doba doesn't offer price discounts to you that allow you to be competitive. Each and every item I tried to sell I was able to find the same products much cheaper online by doing a simple search and not much effort. I liken Doba to opening 20 Walmarts on the same street. They are all selling the same products but they are now competing agains each other. Just browse Ebay and you'll see many people selling the same brands.But then again eBay and PayPal have their own scam going but that's another story all together. So trust me don't waste your time. Reply
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We are developing a drop ship site for our business right now. As this is our first real venture into this method of selling, we would ask that if you have any words of wisdom, or knowledge of the drop shipping game, please do share with us at support@southwestbargains.net. We are currently creating a site that can only be accessed by members. We are not sure what the fee will be (or even if it will be annual or monthly), or whether or not we will be charging a drop shipping fee. Some good news is, we offer FREE shipping on a majority of our products, and this may be included in our vendors orders too! For the initial phase, we will be offering all of OUR products at discounted prices so that our "drop ship members" will receive fair pricing, and still make a profit. All of the products that we list will be available, in our warehouse. We will ship using a generic packing slip until we can figure out how to incorporate each vendors packing slip. Prices will probably be at least 25% below our retail prices. It may even be lower, depending upon the product. For anybody interested in this program, please do feel FREE to contact me at jmeyn@southwestbargains.net. I will try to answer your questions as clearly as possible. We don't want to deceive you into working with us. We want open, mutually beneficial relationships with our resellers. We don't currently have a time line on this project, but the more responses we receive, the faster we will work to complete the site. Reply
Thanks for all those warnings about DOBA, I was planning to start a dropship business, due to unemployment. I did read some articles about how good DOBA is and I was going to sign up with them, but I wanted to do more research, thank you all for all these posts. Reply
I signed up with them like an idiot then realized I shouldn't have. Their prices suck and their customers service is horrible. I had to tell one girl off. And as soon as I start getting into their prices and that I'm not happy they hang up on me. So rude. I so wish I didn't sign up. And oh boy I wish I read the reviews before signing up. I'm trying to dispute the charges now. Lets see if it works. They suck. Reply
Worst customer service ever. Do not even bother with trial. !00% service satisfaction is literally a joke. The customer service they offer you is hanging up your call and not returning your calls and making it impossible for any refunds. Not to mention automatic billing for trial members. And if you are in disagreement, know that you are "never right" and that you should read every line of every Terms of Use. Reply
Don't use Doba ! Their prices are not wholesale at all. You could do the same thing by drop shipping from a Sears, J.C.Penny, Wal Mart, ect. catalog. Don't waste your money with Doba. Reply
Doba is shit - paid $690 for the package and paid subscriptions on Amazon, eBay, Sears. Wasted a shit load of money on this only to find Doba's prices are complete shit - you can purchase products on Amazon cheaper than you can on Doba. When somehow you do sell on Doba, more often you find the products they have listed are incorrectly listed in stock, so you have to cancel order, damage company reputation. customer service is shit. DO NOT sign up - it's not worth the trouble. Reply
Thank you for all the comments, you just saved me, not only money but aggravation too. Reply
Doba is a scam - I signed up and paid the annual membership and posted almost 50 items on eBay and haven't sold anything. The prices Doba charges for their products after you pay eBay's insertion fee, selling fee, paypal fee, dropshipper fee there is no profit to be made, you are working for them. All the items Doba has listed for sell all the other people who were suckered into this are selling the same items as cheap as they can on eBay. Now they offered to setup my own website to push their products, the cheapest web site setup fee is $895.00. They must be smoking some good stuff... Reply
I can't thank for to everyone who have taken his/her time to write in here. I want you to know your contribution is fortunate to those like you and me who try so hard with entrepreneur spirit. I was looking in to sign up and even called the Doba telephone line to schedule an online introduction to their services, then I went to the beautiful wonder of Google and started to do my research and found these valuable comments. Again thanks to all of you for your contributions, they are priceless. These really are eye openers and we should do our home work before we jump on this. I almost bit the bullet and thanks to you guys I did not. I am going to continue and won't give it but sometimes I think is maybe better to get a $1000 on a credit card and do things littler by litter. You buy you ship and make your brand slowly but surely, there will always be something to sell out there. Never give up. Reply
Your website is great and is a great source for entrepreneurs like me and others. Thanks!!! Reply
Thanks for one's marvelous posting! I seriously enjoyed reading it, you may be a great author.I will remember to bookmark your blog and will come back in the foreseeable future. I want to encourage you to definitely continue your great job, have a nice evening! Reply
Two months ago I bought a 10,000 product package from Doba and MaxEbiz charged me $2,000.00 for equipment and webpage design. I have not turned a profit since then. They suggest selling on Ebay and Amazon. It is not working out very well at all. Right now I'm paying for the equipment, leasing, and other charges. I am TOTALLY screwed because I signed contracts that sounded so good I just went along for the ride. Now I'm paying dearly without making any money. I will have to payoff the 2,000.00 somehow. My contract is for four years for the equipment that I cannot get out of. Do not join DOBA or MAXEBIZ, They will rip you a new one for sure. Reply
I signed up because I was redirected by the other site.Ii am new to all these, because I want to see the company I was targetting to order from. I had to upgrade for 6months. Of course on the free trial, there was nothing on there, otherwise they won't make money because people won't upgrade. When i tried to cancel that membership 3days after, they wouldn't refund me the money so i was tied up to them and i never even used the site once! how ridiculous. Reply
Thank you! Your comments/input just saved my family a lot of time, money and discouragement! Reply
DOBA is the biggest scam ever. I went to cancel on the 14th day and they will not refund me. Wasted $60 for nothing. They will not refund my money. Scam artists / damn joke of a business. Thanks for stealing from me. Reply
WOW..I have been trying to start my own business for a couple of years now. I was online looking for wholesale copmanies so I can purchase produce and resale it. I came accross Doba and thought my prayers have been answered. But I make sure I do my research before I dive into something. I am so glad I have read everyone post on this company. I will continue to search for a profitable business of my own Reply
I have had great success with Doba and recommend it to anyone. Ha, I think some of the comments on here are funny though like Ryan's and George's. You cant expect to make money by only posting 50 things. That would be a "Get rich quick" kinda thing if it worked that way, which it isnt. As for people who are charged after the trial, its because they are too stupid to remember to cancel if they are not interested. I highly recommend Doba to anyone, as long as they don't think they can get rich without work. Reply
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I am still in the trial, but after reading the comments, I am concerned about the company. Do you sell on ebay? Do you pay cash for your products? Do you only buy from the wholesalers? How do you make it work?I understand their prices cna be high. Reply
Looked for dvds and blu rays on doba to sell on ebay, the "wholesale" prices of these are more then best buy. How do you make money reselling on ebay when the amount charged is more then the price at any local store. $60 for boardwalk empire first season, less then $40 at best buy. I have yet to find one good deal on this site. Reply
Doba has no customer service, and therefor will kill your business in the long term. I've been with Doba for some time but had to drop them, i had 20% of the time where they would cancel orders on you or just not replying or help you when an order was received damaged. Many suppliers there are scams and would send the wrong stuff, but the bottom line fact that Doba has no customer service will always keep you in the dark and many customers upset at you. Reply
I would have read this page before signing up.. please do not waste your..valuable time, money,etc
DO NOT WASTE your money or time with Doba. Total ripoff. They charge $400 to $900 every year for a membership to access their directory. You won't make any money to even pay for the membership. You can't compete as their products are expensive because they add their own margin. Products are NOT wholesale as they claim. Go directly to the distributor or the wholesaler to get a better price. Reply
I read a lot of bad reviews about doba.com. I'm sure things are not quite good. I suggest you to research very carefully before choosing a program. I'm using http://www.cellz.com/drop-shipping.html and they are very professional. They require No upfront expenses or signup fees. Plus, they take care of the shipping.
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DOBA is a Fraud. I did the "free trail" and they charged the first month. I contact the customer services and were so rude and I did not get my money back. Stay away of DOBA. Reply
DOBA found us at the Hardware Show .I checked the Web site but could not see the catalogue without applying for a free trial .I was told I had 30 days free.. Once realizing that our products Don't suit DOBA I cancelled my Free subscription by email .I was then told I had to call customer service to cancel .I waited 40 minutes on hold and finally was told it was only 7 days and tough luck as they charged my credit card already .IT IS A SCAM!!! Reply
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There are so many fibs in here it is ridiculous. The problem is you guys are looking to get rich fast with little work. Newsflash, its not gonna happen. I have been with Doba for over 3 years and I profit almost $40,000 per year. You just have to know how to do it right. On there website, it states in plain english about everything you all are complaining about. You cannot be successful with Doba, or any dropship company for that matter, if you do not know the niches of online selling. Reply
I thought I would read the reviews before signing up for the free trial, I guess it's not worth the try. Thanks everyone for your posts. Saved me time and money, wonder what the originated blogger Alice Moore thought about the reviews since she thought very highly of Doba. Reply
Like everyone else here I agree this place is nothing but a scam!! My brother signed up when he was ill to try to make some money from home and all he did was lose money. I took it over and tried for him and did nothing but waste my time and money (on listing fees). There customer service sucks as well. I did have an item sell (would have made a whole 14 cents profit) and it got stuck in their queue. When I called about it they said I had to wait another day before they would do anything. Called the next day and they sent an email off to some dept but the item is still in queue. After a week I just had to eat the cost and refund the buyer. Glad it was a cheap item. Now I have a bad mark though on my Ebay store and before them I had none. PLEASE STAY AWAY!!! Reply
You should use gorillaitems.com as an alternative for dropshipping some products. They're smaller but the prices are pretty good. Reply
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I joined Doba for the free trial just so I could see their products. After I was able to look at everything I was very disappointed. The products looked like something that a dollar store would sell, the items were priced very high too. I joined because I wanted to open my own store on Amazon, and Doba said that I could drop ship on Amazon. Once I joined Amazon and got my web site ready, I couldn't get any products to load. I emailed Amazon tech support and asked them why and they said that it is because you CAN NOT drop ship on Amazon at all, unless you have an FBA store, even then it's your own stock and Amazon is just holding it for you in their warehouse. I'm not sure if this counts as false advertising or not but I canceled my membership right away( I did have to call every day for two weeks to get a human and not an answering machine though). Salehoo is so much better. I now have my website, suppliers and wonderful tech support! Wholesale-help.com is also wonderful! Reply
Thank you Everyone. I was looking into it and was going to sign today. Now Good Bye Doba. They seem like scammers. Reply
Rip off! Don't do it. Free trial means we'll charge your credit card. Won't refund the money either. Will have to dispute through the credit card company. Sales staff will not let you know the only way to cancel the trial (have to call one number which doesn't get answered - there is no way to cancel by email, through your account, nor through the sales person you speak to). Prices are over priced and the time wasted going through all the junk is not worth it!
This company is a rip off and a scam. Product prices are way too high to make a profit, their vendor processing times are ridiculously long, and their customer service is horrible. I was supposed to receive an orientation phone call as part of my account subscription and never did. Then they charged me for a full subscription 1 day before my supposedly "free" trial was supposed to end. When I contacted them about the early charge, they refused to reverse it and the rep gave me a FAKE email address to get in touch with the management team. Don't waste your time and money with this company and their horrible business practices. Reply
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