SaleHoo vs. Doba Comparison

When comparing SaleHoo vs. Doba, we could show you one of these…


...But how about you read what real customers say? Let’s compare the real customer reviews left for SaleHoo vs. Doba...

On, Doba has mixed reviews with 15 positive reviews, 1 neutral review and 9 negative reviews (source):

Compare that to SaleHoo, which has no negative/neutral reviews and has 31 positive reviews (source):

When comparing SaleHoo vs. Doba, we like to let the customers do the talking. Let’s take a deeper look at Doba’s reviews…

Hard to Find Cheap Prices

Reviews from previous Doba customers on and SiteJabber reveal that the prices of the items in the Doba catalog are higher than the going prices on Amazon and eBay:

“My experience with is that I seriously looked into as a source for items… Their wholesale price points were not competitive enough to make an investment in their company worthwhile.”

- Steve M (source)

“The “wholesale” cost of items through DOBA are consistently higher than what you can buy the same item for through other online sources… We closed our site after 4 months of no business.”

- K. G. (source)

Difficult to Access Refunds & Support

Customer reviews show that if you want to get a refund with Doba, you must call the company on the phone to cancel. Doba will not accept requests by email. Previous customers have indicated that this phone support was not very active and they were waiting on hold for a long time:

“I have been on hold with this company for 30 minutes because their Terms of Service state you must call this phone number to cancel. That’s fine if someone will answer. I emailed support. All they did was point me to the TOS.”

- Trudi G (source)

“Every problem I had took forever to get a response IF they even responded at all!!! I had placed several support chats or support emails that they NEVER responded to.”

- S. T. (source)

Aggressive Marketing Tactics

Previous customers have indicated that Doba has aggressive phone marketing practices, and will call you after the initial sale to try and upsell you on products that cost hundreds of dollars.

In 2014, Doba violated the Telephone Fraud Prevention Act in Utah for making or causing telephone solicitations while unregistered to do so. The company was fined $15,000 by the Utah Division of Consumer Protection.

“[Their] claims of having the best online wholesale price is false… [they] up sell you after sign up. [O]h yes they do with phone sale to the tune of almost 500.00 USD... Customer service is rude when you do inquirer [sic] about the return of YOUR money.”

- Edward V. (source)

Now let’s compare that to reviews customers have left for SaleHoo…

Prices & Quality of Products

Customers have left positive reviews on the quality of the wholesalers/suppliers in our directory:

“They have so many good wholesalers and it is so hard to find REAL companies like the ones they have listed on your own. Really. I have looked for years… It [is] definitely worth the money.”

- Toni G. (source)

“I have used SaleHoo for a year and come up with some very good suppliers… I recommend [it to] anybody interested in commercial business.”

- Taskin B. (source)

Refunds & Support

Here at SaleHoo, we have a 100% guarantee of a refund for any reason. Getting a refund from SaleHoo is very easy and can be done over email — no phone call required! Customers have also left many positive reviews on the quality and level of customer support we provide here at SaleHoo, something we greatly pride ourselves on:

“I don’t have anything bad to say about this company… I ask for a refund because [of] financial issue[s], and I [got] a full refund”

- Hussameldin M. (source)

“The best customer service I have received from a company in a very long time.”

- Angela W. (source)

“East to deal with. First class service.”

- Kamrul H. (source)

“I have always had good experiences with SaleHoo. Customer support is positive… I would recommend them in a heartbeat.”

- Dan D. (source)

Let’s compare the customer complaints for SaleHoo vs. Doba....

Doba has received 180 complaints through within the last 3 years. Less than 50% of the complaints were settled to the satisfaction of the customer: breaks down the Doba complaints by how satisfied customers were with the response:

In comparing SaleHoo vs. Doba, the contrast is apparent. SaleHoo has received no complaints in the past 3 years:

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