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13 Sep 15 09:16:46 pm
Hey, I'm new to drop shipping and wholesaling and had a few questions about selling. I've recently just got out of reselling products from aliexpress.com because the products weren't as great quality as I wanted them to be for my customers. The pros of ordering from aliexpress were that the markups were great, I could purchase an item for 15$ and sell it for 40$ no problem. But with my brand I want to sell more quality product and I don't have the time to constantly fulfill orders with 100 different supplier sizing charts. Also, another advantage was that I didn't have to order an expensive MOQ of 100+, when one product was sold off my site, I simply ordered one product from the supplier at a time. Making my initial investment 0$. I figured in order to solve my quality issues and timely order fulfillment process I should get into drop shipping but I'm not sure they operate the same way. And if they do, how big would the markups be for me? I have a great eCommerce website with excellent traffic and am looking to resell items without having to buy in bulk. Thank you.

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13 Sep 15 10:03:33 pm
Hi Sean and welcome to the forum,

The previous set up that you mention sounds exactly like drop shipping actually, only difference was that they seem to be shipping to you direct, rather than shipping direct to your customer. Now typically you aren't going to make that type of margin on your average dropshipped product unfortunately.

Have you spoken to your supplier about the quality issue?

With that type of margin available on such a low volume purchasing agreement, I would be doing what ever I could to stay with the supplier if I were you. So if you haven't discussed the quality issue, it might be well worth approaching with them before looking elsewhere.

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14 Sep 15 02:39:43 am
Hi Sean

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