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General Selling Advice & Tips

Discussion and tips for those starting out online or not sure how to get started. Jump in and say hi :)

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Products For Sale

SaleHoo Members: Get exclusive deals on products and major brands from approved suppliers.

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Supplier Wanted

Looking for a supplier of a particular product? Post your request here and we'll help you find the perfect supplier! Make sure your request is as detailed as possible please :)

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Importing & Customs

All the technical details around importing: Payment methods, shipping, customs duties, reseller IDs and taxes.

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Selling Products Online & Marketing

Sell on eBay, Amazon or operate your own store? Discuss techniques and strategies to improve your sales.

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Drop Shippers & Drop Shipping

Everything related to drop shipping: Hunting for a drop ship supplier? Not sure how to get started with drop shipping? This is the place!

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Supplier Reviews, Complaints and Scams

Not sure if the supplier you found is safe or legitimate? Post details here and we will offer you some advice. Please keep any allegations about a supplier factual (you're legally responsible for your post).

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