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Query about the Market Research Lab

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7 Jan 15 06:01:45 am
OK, just to understand the jargon on the Market Research Lab page – Hypothetically I am planning to sell a pair of BOSE Freestyle Earbuds (RRP $AUD179). When I enter this info into the Product Analysis machine, it comes up with 83% Success Rate, Low Competition Rating (both of which I get).
What I don’t get is: Average Sale Price 104.73, Average Buy It Now Price $97.00.
Are these two figures what a potential buyer would pay? What are these two figures about?
How much then would I need to spend buying this item to generate a net 15% profit?
What is the Average End Price of $104.73?

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8 Jan 15 06:17:06 am
Hello Cecile,

Average Selling Price refers to the average price of an item sold on eBay. It can either be used to coin the following:

1. The average selling price of one kind of item or of items in general sold on eBay as a whole, across the entire website, as a measure of eBay's performance and status as a marketplace, or

2. The average selling price of an individual seller's items over a recent period, as a method of monitoring sales performance and business health

The Buy It Now price is a set price you can buy an item for. A listing with a Buy It Now option does not mean that the bidding has a reserve price, though the two features can be used together in one listing.

Usually the profit would range from 15%- 20% so an estimate would be about $77-$80 per item. Although, again, it's all dependent on your suppliers, how much you will be ordering (for bulk quantities), and the location of your supplier and where the item is to be shipped.

Here are a few articles you can look into:

Link hidden: Login to view
Link hidden: Login to view

Hope this helps.

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