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You asked for jokes so here goes........................

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An old lady goes to the funeral parlour to discuss the arrangements for her recently deceased husband. She is discussing these with the undertaker who comments on the suit her dear departed is wearing,

'That is a very fine suit, he looks really good in it.'

'Yes,' replied the new widow, 'But i always thought he looked better in blue. In fact here is a blank cheque please buy a nice blue suit we can bury him in.'

'But if we keep the same standard as the black one he is wearing now, that could come to a lot of money.' said the undertaker.

'Not a problem, please, money is no object. Just buy what you think is suitable.' she says.

'Very well madam.'

The next day the widow goes to the funeral parlour to find her dear departed, wearing the most wonderful blue suit.

'I am very impressed with your taste, my husband looks wonderful in that suit. I can't thank you enough.' she gushes.

'It was no problem madam, here is your cheque back.'

'But why? That suit must have cost a fortune.' she exclaims.

'No there is no charge my dear, we are just happy to help.' says the undertaker.

'But I must recompense you in some way, how about a donation?' says the startled widow.

'No, no please it was nothing.' he said


'I'll let you into a secret.' he said. 'Just after you left yesterday, another gentleman was brought in wearing that blue suit your husband is in now, and his widow wanted him in black. So all we did was........'

'you simply swapped.................' said the widow

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'Thats right' said the undertaker,'We simply swapped their heads!'

cya steve

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