Advise on importing clothing pallets from USA to Spain

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21 Dec 09 01:57:06 pm
Hello dear friends,

I'm just so thankful to all of you, because thank to your cooperation I really have an opportunity to develop my business and be more competitive.

I have been selling electronics and clothes from China at and in my local market, but the real truth is that I'm so sick of getting low quality electronics and scamming my customers with fake clothing brands. That's why I took the decision to start importing pallets with clothes and accessories with famous American brands here in Spain like: Polo Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, CK, Guess..etc.

I have been looking around the Search SaleHoo tool and I have found some good suppliers, but my main fear right now is that I don't really know what I'm going to get into the pallet, What would you advise to do before buying a pallet of this features?

Do you know any liquidator here in Europe that could serve me?

Which liquidator is the most reliable for SaleHoo members?

Thanks for your answers and Merry Christmas!

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22 Dec 09 12:18:10 am
Hi Felipe,

First, if you're looking for authentic brand name clothes, electronics or anything else NEVER source through China. 9 out of 10 times these will just be counterfeits/copies/fakes/knock-offs call it what you want but these will definitely not be the real stuff.

Your decision to get these branded products through liquidation pallets may have a better outcome - if authenticity is your concern. But just be prepared since at times not all products inside a pallet is what you expect them to be.

Based on the various posts I have read on the forum, I'd say Via Trading would be a good supplier for you to check out. Here's their link: Link hidden: Login to view

Sorry I don't know of any European based supplier who can provide you with the pallets that you are looking for. You could try sending fudjj a PM, I'm sure he can help you out further.

Hope this helps a bit. Happy Holidays! :)


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22 Dec 09 07:14:27 am
Hi Felipe,

The company that Richelle has already posted above would be my suggestion for anyone just getting into the market. You will be assigned an accounts manager to deal with directly, and I more than sure you will find that lever of service very helpful, and really needed when you are importing.

Now they do have a good range of middle of the road brands like those you have named, so you should be OK there.

Now being surplus you do have to take care with what is in your load, and the cleanest loads of clothing you can buy is usually NEW OVERSTOCKS.

Now NEW OVERSTOCKS are shelf pulls from retailers that never made it out the door, they don't contain customer returns, so they are seen as the cleanest loads t=you can get in liquidations.

NEW OVERSTOCKS does not mean you will get a pallet of lovely new pressed clothes to sell, in fact you can still get damaged clothing in these loads, some with stains and what not, so always ask the seller for a breakdown.

They will tell you an about how much is clean and how much is damaged and those types of averages, just remember they will be averages, so allow for it.

I'm going to suggest you forget about shipping single pallets fro the US, and the liquidator should give you the same advice, simply not cost effective at all. Start off with carton buys, Via should sell you clothing by the carton, and that will reduce your shipping.

Now regarding shipping, Via do ship world wide although their quotes are never the best, so I would suggest doing the ground work to arrange your own shipping, should save yourself a few dollars there.

Link hidden: Login to view is an excellent brokerage if you want to run the load past them for a quote.

Unfortunately I know of no European based liquidator moving clothing loads at the moment, so the US may well be your best shot.

Good luck with it.

Mark (fudjj)

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