An idea I'm implementing, and one I'm considering

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27 Jun 07 06:59:27 am
I have never really had much luck selling 'wholesale' and 'dropship' items on ebay as the ebay & paypal fees usually eat up a lot of the profits. However, I'll not argue that it can be done.

I feel I can share an idea that I've recently had with you in hopes maybe it will work for you as well...


It's garage sale season and I recently put an ad in the local paper offering to buy unsold clothing leftover from garage sales. Most people have responded greatly to this as they were going to just donate or dispose of whatever didn't sell. I've spent less than $50 so far and have literally hundreds of items that I can sell on ebay for atleast $1-$10.

I'll be spending the next few weeks taking photos and inventorying everything before I put them up for auction.

Just a thought for some of you who are looking for an easy buck.

Another thought I had with garage sales, is to buy a 'lot' or 2 of clothing from or simlar where I can buy articles of 'NWT' (new with tags) clothing for less than $3 and see if I can have a local garage sale where I advertise 'New Designer Clothing' at $9.99 for jeans and $5.99 for shirts ect.

These ideas may not make you rich, but they should help to make you a few dollars closer.

I would appreciate any suggestions, or feel free to share an idea or 2.

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27 Jun 07 12:46:56 pm
The designer clothes idea at a garage sale may not fly because people are already looking to pay $1 at the most for clothing items regardless if they are name brand because many garage sale shoppers could care or less of they are name brand.

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27 Jun 07 08:54:47 pm
You have a valid point and thanks for the reply.

My girlfriend and I are frequent garage salers and I dont know how many times I've seen jeans going for $10 (used) at garage sales. I live in a small town (about 7,000) in the midwest and buying a pair of brand name jeans requires an 80 mile trip to the city. So people are somewhat willing to pay a little more at garage sales if the jeans are brand name.

I'm not saying it will work for everyone, or even for me. However it is an idea I'm working with.

The first idea of buying unsold garage sale clothing does seem to be working for me. I hope that by me sharing this idea with all the salehoo members that at least 1 other person can benefit from this idea.

Good luck with your future.

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27 Jun 07 09:06:24 pm
Me and my wife have actually made quite a bit of profit selling designer clothing through yard sales. Just make sure you put an ad in the paper and dont schedual your sale when local events are going on. We have purchased lots of clothing for around 2.50 and resold them for 6-10 each. Keep in mind they are brand new items with tags,

We also accepted checks and credit card payments using our laptop.

We ran one sale in my parents town when the whole town was running yard sales. We borrowed 7 tables from our church and loaded them up with over 400 sets. I was at work but my wife cleared out 65% of what we were selling making us over $600 in profits. Not bad for a days work. When people saw that all of our items they asked us about them we told them we were ebay sellers that had a hard time clearing out these items on ebay and they jumped thinking they were basically robbing us for brand new clothes.

But in a side note our average sales bring us $120 to $230 on average. We run approximately 5 average sales per year.

I have tried using used clothing but I can barely sell them for over 1.00 in a yard sale.

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