Problem with listing on ebay.

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30 Dec 07 01:19:47 am
I am completely new to ebay, however managed to find a dropshipper who agreed in writing (email) that I could use some pictures that they sent me to list the products on ebay. My first listing just before Christmas was removed and cancelled by ebay and warning emails send to bidders. I was not given any explanations, I was only asked to read the ebay listing policy and copy right policy. Question: How does one using dropshippers list on ebay without trouble? I have subscribed to Salehoo in order to find a dropshipper which I did but it does not seem to be working for me.
I need some help here guys.

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30 Dec 07 02:06:27 am
I would have to see your listing in order to tell you what you did wrong for eBay to pull your auction.

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30 Dec 07 05:01:01 am
More then likely someone complained about the pitures you used on the auction.

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31 Dec 07 05:30:32 pm
Well more than likely it was a competor that got your listing pulled using ebays wishy-washy shoot first and ask questions later policy.

Unless you have a powerseller status, it will be kind of hard to get any kind of answer or result from ebay. However if you have found a product which you think is going to work well for you, I could suggest two things:

First start saturating ebay with emails about exactly why your listing was pulled and include a copy of the email from the dropshipper stating that you have permission to use their photos. It may take a ton of emails, but eventually they will get tired and answer you. Keep doing this until you get a resolution. 'the sqeaky wheel gets the grease'.

Second, order a couple of the items from the dropshipper and take your own photos. It never hurts to have a few on hand in case the dropshipper runs out of stock and sends you the dreaded 'on backorder' notice anyway.

Copyright is a very vague definition. It can mean anything from using a vero's photos, to using their descriptions of the product to selling the item without being licenced by the parent company..

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2 Jan 08 06:42:16 pm
I think that your item was pulled
from ebay because you mentioned
somewhere in your listing that it was
a coming from a dropshipper...

I sell products from dropshippers
but never mention that it is a drop
shipped item. Ebay terms...

Just guessing the reason.

John(aka bacpro)
PS: I use their pictures & have never
had an item pulled.

J Baca


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