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What are good products to sell on ebay?

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25 Dec 06 11:11:21 pm
What good to sell on ebay?

I don't want electronics beacuse it to flooded. I was think maybe dvd and toys. What your suggestions?

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26 Dec 06 06:09:35 am
In response to your query I would really appreciate if you please go through SaleHoo Bonus software. I would also like to suggest you to check our Auction Inspector web site.

'Auction Inspector inspects posts on the eBay 'WANT IT NOW' section and tells you which products are wanted most often. Not only that, but it also analyzes responses from sellers, so you can immediately see the areas where sellers are already swarming, versus the areas where there are clear, open pickings for you!'

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5 Jan 07 04:45:20 am
You can also try more just general goods that not everyone is trying to sell. For example roadside kits for you car, or tumbler mugs. I have some customers that have had some success on ebay with my products. Good luck.

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11 Jan 07 01:42:13 am
Focus on niche products because there will be less competition in that area.

For instance its not always good to jump right in and sell ipods because there are plenty of other sellers buying these items generally in bulk and getting a very good deal if you were to try and sell one from a dropshipper.

There are plenty of niche product areas you can go into.

For example, what about baby strollers? May not seem like a fun thing to sell, but some types are in demand and less competition selling them, so more profit margin.

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12 Jan 07 08:16:31 pm
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