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23 Sep 07 10:03:36 am
Ok, so everybody sais Link hidden: Login to view is great that they offer originals, new, good prices, etc...
Well what about their wholesale program ? Does anybody buy from them as a reseller ?
Sure, they give a % off their prices, but how much ?
Do you need to buy a certain ammount of $$$ or # in order to get that discount ?

I would like to know (and I am sure anybody in my position would) how does this reseller program work ? I noticed they need tax IDs and refferences. That means I need to bother some people and when I do that, I also know I am getting somewhat involved. So, I would like to know in a general ideea what's in it for me ?
Do they offer a discount that is worth looking at or a junk one like most other companies of 0.6% or 1.1% or some other useless thing
Do they put a Bible-sized contract in your hands ? (like Apple does: don't do this, don't do that, don't sell here.. etc) or is it more of a laissez-faire ?

So, please anybody with any answers, please post here, it will be greatly appreciated by all of us. :wink:


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