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Many eBay and online retail experts have given very positive feedback on SaleHoo that really highlights the value that it offers members.

Numerous experts have said that the high quality resources available to members are truly outstanding, and they highly recommend SaleHoo as the #1 supplier directory on the Internet.

SaleHoo provides the truth about wholesale sourcing and online selling, and doesn't shy away from revealing the good and the bad.

In particular, SaleHoo feedback has acclaimed SaleHoo's customer support. Where many other wholesale directories fail, SaleHoo truly succeeds.

By having support staff available for 12 hours per day, 5 days per week, SaleHoo members can expect prompt replies to their email enquiries, as well as comprehensive answers to their questions on the SaleHoo member's forum.

Customer Feedback on SaleHoo

Everyday, we receive feedback on SaleHoo from some of our 75,000 members. We love getting feedback on our services; both good and bad. It helps us to continue the great work we are doing, and work harder on areas that we can improve.

Many SaleHoo members have given very positive feedback about the SaleHoo support system. In particular, members are surprised that they can ask SaleHoo staff to help them find suppliers in their directory, or they can even do a background check on suppliers outside of SaleHoo that members wish to use.

We have countless members who came to SaleHoo as new sellers who were eager to learn how to start their very own online retail businesses. You can check out some of their testimonials here: SaleHoo Success Stories

We also provide plenty of free and highly valuable resources to non-members. If you want to get a feel for SaleHoo's quality before you join, you can sign up to our newsletter series here:

Negative SaleHoo Feedback

You may have come across negative feedback on SaleHoo. Most companies have some negative feedback about them on the Internet. We appreciate that the Internet is a place where people can air their views on anything, and are pleased that we have 75,000 happy and successful members, and only a small handful who have placed negative feedback about SaleHoo.

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