What is SellHoo?

SaleHoo is a wholesale supplier directory that brings together legitimate suppliers and online retailers.

SaleHoo is made up of a team of dedicated and passionate experts who love hunting out new suppliers and helping members run successful businesses.

One of SaleHoo specialities is dealing with an audience of varying degrees of experience in online retail and product sourcing. We cater to both new and more experienced sellers.

Many SaleHoo members are just newbies when they first sign-up, but SaleHoo's extensive resources and supplier directory help them grow into more advanced, successful sellers in no time!

How can SaleHoo help you achieve your business goals?

Our Supplier Directory

One of the biggest risks that online retailers face is the possibility of being scammed. We eliminate this issue right from the outset by only including trusted and pre-screened suppliers in our directory.

We also let our members review our suppliers after dealing with them so that everyone can get first-hand accounts of other members' experiences in dealing with them. In addition, we have a team of eBay PowerSellers who review our suppliers to ensure you get a very comprehensive picture of a supplier before you even make contact!

Most importantly, our long list of trusted suppliers means that you can buy from suppliers from all four corners of the world with complete confidence. Just wait until you see how cheap you can source items from overseas suppliers!

Market Research Tools

Another fear that sellers face is buying into an unprofitable market. All too often, new sellers make the mistake of not doing sufficient market research and buying a wholesale lot of a dud item that no buyers are interested in!

Don't let this happen to you!

SaleHoo's brand new and one-of-a-kind Research Lab can tell you all sorts of handy information such as the average selling price of an item, as well as the success rate that it has (how often it sells), the optimal number of days you should list it on eBay for, and the level of demand for that item. Plus much more!

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