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Frequently Asked Questions

We have more than 100,000 active members located worldwide.

We have more than 100,000 active members paying annual membership fees for unlimited use of the SaleHoo Directory.

We don't take cuts from purchases made by any member of SaleHoo. We just connect our members to trusted suppliers like yourselves.

Yes, you can choose not to disclose your MSRPs and MAPs but having them in your catalog can give SaleHoo members quicker time to decide and make comparisons among suppliers.


Since 2005, SaleHoo suppliers have received 137,000 customers
from around the world.
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SaleHoo Success Stories


Alejandro Vizcaino
Published Monday, November 6, 2017
Amazing company definitely

To use saleshoo directory was an amazing experience, the technical support and the assistant of the chat are wonderful and with a clear intention to serve, so I proudly recommend to enjoy them, thank you for the space and help.

Kaylee Larson
Published Thursday, April 20, 2017
This company "ROCKS" because of the …

This company "ROCKS" because of the great and fast customer service it offers. It has many resources for dropshipping and other wholesale needs. I'm always uncertain if companies I sign up for are going to be legit, this one definitely is; and so far a good one. Worth the money.

Bobby Marinus Van Peenen
Published Tuesday, September 19, 2017
Customer service is absolutely first class!

The customer service is absolutely top notch! I got responded back to immediately with the help I needed. A real person was exactly what I needed because no computer generated program could have assisted me and this type of support is beyond appreciated.

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