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Sick of eBay? Try these alternative places to sell...

Sick of eBay? Try these alternative places to sell...

No one can deny the power of eBay: Since 1995, eBay has held it's place as the largest marketplace in the world. It has turned thousands of hobbyists into PowerSellers and allowed thousands more to run profitable, at home businesses. However, the eBay marketplace has transformed dramatically in recent years and various policy changes have prompted an exodus from eBay to other online marketplaces. Luckily there are other options to sell your items and build a business aside from eBay!

So what other options are available out there? And which will actually help you make money? Check out our list of the top eBay alternatives... 

What started as the world's largest online book store has exploded into one of the world's mot visited websites which offers millions of products across a range of product categories, not just books! Amazon gets good traffic but the main advantage is a much higher profit margins. Amazon shoppers tend to pay a lot more for their items than eBayers. On the other hand, there are reports that Amazon's returns policy can be ruthless. If a buyer complains – even if they have no proof of the claim – Amazon has been known to insist the seller refund the money. Another count against Amazon is the fact Amazon's fees are high. Still, if you can put up with these difficulties, Amazon is a good place to sell, particularly items such as electronics where the margins are practically non-existent on eBay.

eBid is emerging as a true contender to eBay. It has local sites in over 20 countries including USA, Australia, New Zealand the UK, Canada and Ireland. eBid sellers have reported that customer service and ease of use are great on eBid, but that profitability is not it's strongest point. Listing auctions on eBid is free, just pay for listing upgrades and success fees when you actually make a sale. This fees format makes it a low risk market to test out. 

ArtFire is a rising star in the eCommerce world. Back in 2011, ArtFire was the winner of the Seller's Choice Marketplace awards and this was when ArtFire really started to make a name for itself as a strong alternative to selling on eBay. However, ArtFire isn't going to work for you if you sell generic items like DVDs and branded clothing. Instead, ArtFire is where buyers go to find vintage, antique or handmade items. Selling items on ArtFire is free, but you can upgrade to a paid account for US$9.95 per month. This pro accounts, among other benefits, get your listings more exposure. You can get a free trial to ArtFire's pro accounts for 14 days to determine whether it is right for you. 

Selling on your very own website is the ultimate option if you want to increase your profits and build a business that will become a long-term asset. Selling on your own website used to be expensive and complicated, but eCommerce store builders such as SaleHoo Stores make it easy. With SaleHoo Stores, there's no need for technical experience or knowledge; you can have your own store up and running in minutes and with just a few simple clicks of a mouse. Best of all, you can try SaleHoo Stores for free for 30 days so there is no risk to you. Find out just how easy it is to open your own store and start making profitable sales. Get your free trial now


No one can question the almighty power of Google. Their product arm – Google Product Search (formerly known as Froogle and Google Products) - gets a lot of attention from avid Google users and it's free to list there if you have your own website. You can also incorporate Google Adwords ads to drive more traffic to your Google Merchant listings. 

Craigslist is the world's largest online classified website. It's a great way to sell locally if you are willing to organize pickups. There are no listing fees or selling fees, but Craiglist is a fairly no-frills establishment and there is less automation of the selling process compared to other eBay alternatives. However, Craigslist is used by a lot of people, particularly in the US, so it can be a very lucrative way of selling.

We'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences selling through any of these mediums - or tell us about one we haven't mentioned! Post your comments below.

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I don't understand Amazon, If anyone would like to give me dummies 101 for Amazon I would appreciate it. Reply
Site Admin
I recommend checking out our blog post about selling on Amazon: http://www.salehoo.com/blog/sell-on-amazon

You might also try the community forums: http://www.salehoo.com/forum/ Reply
I'm going to close my store as soon as they quit charging me for my store...right now to close it I would owe $31.90....I am guess by mid July...I am going to be taking everything off anyhow soon and just list now and then on auction even if I have to pay more...I am so tired of Ebay...I have sold for 10 years and these buyers just keep tearing my TSR down and not for any reason...not my fault...these sellers don't care how they tear you down...I have gone from selling a lot of stuff to practically nothing....I am now selling on another site....I am sick of Ebay and now the password we have to changed from what I hear on Ebay and Pay Pal because it got hacked.... Reply
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In addition to their unfair fees they protect the buyers and not the seller way too much.This is my letter to the President of eBay on May 7, 2014.

Dear Mr. Donahoe:

I am writing to you because I am upset with a transaction that recently cost me my 100% rating. I have been selling on eBay since January 6, 2003. I have had 690 transactions with sales of $19,469. Although I am clearly a small time seller on eBay I have taken pride of the fact that I have remained at the 100% rating level until recently when I dropped to 97.1%. This was due to a buyer who purchased a cell phone charger MOT-V3 for $2.99 and wanted to return it because it was the wrong item. Even though he sent me an email asking me if it would fit a MOT-V3CE, and I informed him that I was not sure it would work, he still purchased it. Although I did offer to return him his money when he returned it if it was not opened or used, PayPal sent me an email on April 23, 2014 telling me that that case (PP-003-090-337-164) has been resolved in my favor, meaning I would not have to refund him the $2.99 + shipping for a total of $4.92.

I felt it strange that the Buyer would spend about $1.93 to mail back a $2.99 item. But that is what he wanted to do. More upsetting is it appeared he opened this new item to try it, rendering it used. Therefore, my $2.99 item could not be sold at the same price. So I am glad that PayPal ruled the complaint in my favor.

But what I didn’t realize was that this buyer would be able to give me a bad rating and caused me to drop from 100% to 97.1%. If I would have known this was going to happen I would have just taken the loss and returned his money to keep my 100%. I made a call to PayPal on 5/6/2014 and they told me that I should be able to have my rating returned, but they would have to put me with someone at eBay who was an Escalation Specialist. This person informed me that he could not do anything for me and that I could do a few things:

1. Report the Buyer – eBay would watch him.
2. Block the Buyer. – Then he could not purchase from me again.
3. Reply to his feedback. – Then people could see my response to the bad rating.

The problem I have is none of this helps me out. I still get a 97.1%. I know this may not mean much to you, but it does to me. I lost a lot of sleep over this. It would not have been so bad if I would have been informed that by winning the case I may still get a bad rating, but nothing was mentioned that this could happen.

Mr. Donahoe, am sure you are way too busy running eBay for such an issue like this, but I felt you would be the only person to go to. I am sure there are other people like me with similar problems. I think there should be a solution for Sellers who win complaints to prevent retaliatory bad ratings.

I have enclosed my emails and dashboard information as evidence. Please let me know what can be done about this.
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I'm am sick of Ebay - I am a seller of handmade items - of which it is clearly stated in the listings AND my turnaround time of 20 days for creation. I have 100% positive feedback with 6 neutrals - all of which are people who are complaining that it takes too long to get their item (if they don't want to wait the 20 days, then please don't buy from me. Go elsewhere!). Well, now Ebay just changed their ratings to some stupid "defect rating" crap. I went from a Top Seller who was Above Standard to a Below Standard seller who lost the Top Seller rating. My dsrs are 4.8 and 4.9 in all areas except shipping time - that is 4.4. Buyers should NOT be able to leave a shipping rating if the item was shipped within the stated time frame. I have an Etsy account that is so much better....my husband tells me to screw Ebay (I am in tears because of losing my rating over this) and close it out. But that would be like cutting off my nose to spite my face.... Reply
I agree, I lost my Top Rated Seller status becasue of shipping. I ship my items on time, and go to the post office 2 sometimes 3 times a day. The post office has to do their job. It was taking some customer 2 or 3 weeks to get their packages. They can look at the tracking and see that I shipped the item, but don't care and left me low DSR rating. I called ebay and stated that was unfair, and the only solution was to ship priority mail. I ship first class and it's not feasable for me to ship priority because of the amount I sell things for. I explained too, trying to keep cost lower for the customer. She said customers will to pay more for items to get them faster. I have NEVER found that to be the case, they will always choose free shipping with the lowest price.
It's like talking to a wall there. All they will be left with are sellers from China. which I have been ripped off by twice, not sending my items. Ebay did not refund me, said they would send the seller an email. They must have been shaking in their boots. Reply
Sign this petition to help make ebay a better selling platform

https://www.change.org/petitions/ebay-allow-me-and-other-honest-sellers-a-chance-to-right-any-wrongs-and-reinstate-our-ebay-seller-accounts-2#ign this petition to help make ebay a better selling platform:

I've tried a lot of different sites, and so far Bonanza.com is the best. The traffic is a bit slow now, but if all you unhappy ebayers go to Bonanza it could get better.
Please don't give ebay anymore money, they have screwed me more times than anyone deserves. If i could sue them I would. All their customers do is rip off sellers, and ebay assists them.
I have tried many alternative sites to ebay but so far no sales :(. I really hate ebay and they continually make it harder for individuals to sell their stuff but at the moment its the only real contender. Reply
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I won't go into stories of my dislike of E-bay - like many I have my stories of why I'd like to find elsewhere to sell but there is not much out there that really gets the traffic. And a lot of sites proposed are American and if you're in the UK, you're unlikely to use them unless you plan on selling to the US (and charging people large custom fees!). I've tried E-bid and while I was hopeful I had items run and run again (and again), no bids, no questions - not much of anything. What I sell is generally sought after items - one in fact is quite hard to come by so desired by those who want it (here and in other countries) - nothing came through. I've had more responses on that item and others from preloved. I also have an e-crater account with some items that occasionally like maybe 3 times in 4 months get an enquiry and surprisingly had one sale. But again, I had more interest in my items there than e-bid. Of course, E-bay takes the large share with loads of views and sales. Obviously one could say that is the argument for higher fees for higher sales (volume and end price) but I'd still question it and beyond that, there are other issues, with a very buyer slanted perspective (I've been told I see a situation as a seller and not as a buyer...I have been a buyer (10 yrs!) longer than a seller (1 year!)) I wish e-bid could compete as they are a bid site, like e-bay, so if you aren't certain how to value your item - you can put it out there and the people decide! But with the traffic I've seen, I don't think items valued by the people (when the people seem to be few) will be a good representation of your item for sale and as a seller, aren't we all hoping for the best price for our item?

So does anyone have any suggested sites for Brit sellers who don't want to use e-bay?? Reply
Hey Ginny. I am in the exact position as most on here! Ive been researching 'better' alternatives in the UK all week and so far, it seems, that ebid is the one to go for. Gotta say, I've only put 3 things on so far as a test but its very very easy (way easier than ebay!) and I'm just hoping that the traffic is good. eBay have us all by the balls because of the amount of people who use it... but I refuse to sell on there anymore. My research suggests us UK sellers should go with ebid, they are 2nd in line to the throne!! :D x Reply
Bonanza is the ONLY real alternative to Ebay and Amazon right now (June 4th 2014).

Why don't all WE Ex-Ebay seller's just go on Bonanza, where most of us are anyway and PRESSURE BONANZA to Advertise our listings.

Bonanza is an awesome site. Very easy to upload your listings, and easy to edit and offer combination sales too. Fee's are much lower than Ebay and Amazon as you've heard from others above.

Bonanza, like Most of it current users say, Just Has To Advertise More and Ferociously Hard to compete with Ebay and Amazon.

I have One Huge Hang-Up though with Bonanza;
Bonanza HAS an ODD COSY RELATIONSHIP with Ebay, and Amazon.
1. For some reason, they seem to want to be associated with Ebay quite a bit, which is odd for a competitor. Their systems seem to be very integrated, for competitors.

2. Bonanza also display's load of products from Amazon. For instance, if you search for a product and they do "Not" have it on Bonanza(which they actually do, it just takes a more exact word searching), they will show results from Amazon.
Try searching for "Perricone MD" products or "Kiehl's" products.
Bonanza's search results will say: "No items found searching for xxxxxx product"
Yet there are seller's with those product or, if Not the exact product some other product by that brand or manufacturer. So why Not list Bonanza's sellers/(Paying Members) products of that product line or other similar product's before jumping out to a competitor's site( Amazon), and listing Amazon's products?
The ONLY reason, they would do that is because Amazon is paying them.

Here's what Bonanza search results say,
"When we don't have many items that match your query, we automatically search our partner sites to help you find the best deal.
See all Amazon results"


But back to other options to Ebay for selling.
Bonanza is it, and I think the Paying Members should demand better advertising and exposure on Google and Bing search. Bonanza already had an in with Google on the Shopping link. We need to get Bonanza to have our products show on the main Google search page like Ebay and Amazon do.
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Selling on eBay since September 15, 2013 100% do everything I can to resolve any issues. Recently 1 buyers opinion, Which was returned for full refund has knocked me out of my status my fees are thru the roof and I have put all my focus on making my eBay selling #1. My fees are almost the amount of sales after all the fees and shipping deductions. Going back and forth with support is a joke! They pushed so hard in the beginning for me to sign on to a store and now even if I pull my items and find another site, I will still be in debt to eBay for the closing cost of the store. They change things daily it seems and are just running the sellers away. Store can be ran to an extent by the sellers, "I was told" now that I started the store policy changes are turning my items into more of flea market finds. I can set up at a flea market for a lot less than what I'm paying them to give my stuff away. I really wish I would have stumbled across all these stories earlier. I was looking into Bonanza earlier today. I am very concerned about switching over and putting myself in a position where I owe 2 sites fees at the same time. Any input ???? June 16, 2014 Reply
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We currently sell on both eBay and Amazon and are considering a few others to sell on. Fees, customer returns and dealing with rude people are all a part of selling online. My Dad always told me when I was a kid, "Don't put all of your eggs in one basket". This holds especially true for selling online. Just pace yourself and keep good track of your products. We will list slow moving items on both sites and as soon as it sells on one, remove it from the other. The more exposure you have, the better your chances of selling. Fees should not be such a huge problem if you properly maintain your margins. I have been selling online for over 15 years and I have learned through experience that it is better to concentrate on making an actual profit than being the lowest priced seller struggling to make ends meet and overwhelming yourself with keeping up with service. Everything eventually sells because the dynamics of available inventory on these sites is alway changing. Just because 50 sellers want to sell some item for a $10 today does not mean you won't sell that same item for $20.00 in 2 or 3 months after they all run out or quit selling because they are not making any money. I can also tell you that the interest level in items is down significantly over the last year. Consumer spending is down and the economy sucks despite what they are trying to convey in the news. This has caused some dramatic price drops on items as sellers are competing just to move their stuff. I rather sell 10 items at 50% profit than 50 items at 10%. Anyways, that is the way I see it. Hope that helps. Reply
That was helpful input. I have sold some things on Ebay, local Facebook sites and at a local antique booth. I would love to make a living buying and selling. I like vintage, primative and household garage sale finds to sell. Any suggestions how to make a living at it?
how is ebay gonna make you pay after you leave? Take you to court? Hound you at your house? Not likely. Just leave ebay and close down paypal. Reply
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Have you tried The Early Years Boutique, you can sell baby related products and gifts online with them.
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I have been selling high brand items on Ebay for a little over two years. I have almost 5000 feedback with a perfect feedback score and no negative feedback. Two days ago, they suspended me for one year because they are saying that some of my items are not authentic. Which I am very careful when I list an item. And I never list an item if I suspect it may be fake. But all of the items they are saying are fake, are all items I had previously purchased off of Ebay!!! What a joke!! I told them that if the items are not authentic, I honestly had no idea!! And I truly did not!! Actually, I am not sure if they are authentic. They look like it to me!! They have totally screwed me over. I was making about $15,000.00 a month by selling on Ebay and now I have no income whatsoever!! I am completely lost and do not know what to do or where to sell. I need an online site that will produce good business. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you!! Reply
I have one ebay account that is 7 years old. I have 100% feedback. I use that account for hobby selling. Nothing business related. Five months ago I opened a 2nd ebay account. I am selling little crafts for $10. It's been a bit frustrating because they set limitations on new accounts (even though I have a long-term positive track record with 1st account.) The limitations are NOT seller friendly, at all!! Basically, each item has 22 different sizes available. However, if I make all 22 sizes an option in the listing....my allotted 150/mo. limit drops down to 128. This is very inconvenient!! It means I have to choose between listing only 6 items per month (but with all proper size options....which is easier for customer) OR if I want to list more items...then I have to limit the number of sizes available and explain within the listing that I offer 22 sizes but if they want any of those they have to email me and make a request. I can tell you that most people aren't going to bother themselves with all that email requesting/communication and so forth for a $10 item. In the meantime, Ebay has allowed me to call them every month to request 150 item monthly increase. In other words...I have to prove myself every 30 days which, I've found hypocritical because somewhere in the verbage regarding "requesting higher selling limits" it says that if you have another account in good standing that they can link you to that they will raise limits. I have not found this to be true!! They trust me with my 1st account enough to allow me to list up to 15,000 items. Not kidding! However, they make me call in EVERY month to beg for 150 measly more items on my 2nd account. What happened to "linking accounts?" So, like clock-work.....I call EVERY month. "Please give me 150 more items!" After verbally sizing up my account to me they always determine that I deserve my 150. Get ready for the BIG ONE!!!!!! So, today I made my monthly call. YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE WHAT I WAS TOLD. I am absolutely dumbfounded!!! They guy said, "I need to put you on hold. There's a little thing I need to investigate." He returned minutes later and said, "You have an account, from 14 years ago, that you owe money on." ???? I had NO idea what he was talking about. He was not able to give me any details about it. He said THEY canceled the account years ago. He couldn't even tell me what amount was owed. I asked if he could tell me which email was connected to it. I mean...I was going to need to be provided with something, anything, to help trigger an account from when I was 27y.o. I am 41 now. Jeez. Really? He couldn't give me any info. He said, "For security purposes I can't release any account info to you." I was said, "You are telling me that I owe money, but you don't know how much, and you can't tell me the account name or provide anything relating to it??? How am I supposed to rectify this? He said, "You have to email the resolution department about it." I asked, "Why are you NOW, after 14 years, coming after me for supposed money I owe? I don't even think that is legal. I think a company has a given amount of time and if they don't pursue...it is assumed that they have no issues. I don't know. Anyway, I said, "I've had an active, good-standing account with you guys for 7 years? Why was I allowed to open that if there is some problem. You've had my contact info all these years. I've received nothing from you regarding this 14 year old account!!!! You allowed me to open not one, but two accounts and all has been well." The convo continued for some time because I truly was dumbfounded. There is no consistency with Ebay. Of-course, there is no way to contact the resolution department via phone. The only option is to email. How convenient for them. I called back and said, "I'm not emailing. After all these years of loyalty and all the time and money devoted to your site....sellers deserve WAY more than this. I need to speak to someone on the phone. I'm not going to sit around and wait for Ebay to turn-around an answer on something that they can't even provide me basic info on over the phone. I mean....how well-written would that email sound?? i.e.) Hi, I'm told I have an account from 14 years ago but I wasn't provided any info on it but I trust you to tell me the truth about how much is owed. Duh! In the meantime, my "punishment" is that they will not increase selling limits on my 2nd account (even though they did accommodate that request 4 other times). So, screw Ebay. Unless they surprise me and close my accounts....then the loophole will be to take potential listings and sell the darn things on my 1st account. What a circus! I do sell on Etsy and I find it to be WAY more seller/user friendly. Only .20 cents to list, each listing valid for 4 mo (or until sold), no listing limitations and I can make all 22 sizes available for each item. The only con I've run into is that Etsy doesn't have as much traffic as Ebay. It really does take having both to round out my sales. I would love to drop Ebay but....I do make money off them. sigh. Reply
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AuctionMyStuff (www.auctionmystuff.com) is a great website for selling art and collectables. You get your items valued first, so that you and potential buyers know the market value of the items. It's really useful to learn the value of an item so that you can price it appropriately and learn more about the piece before sale. I've sold a number of things through them and it's been a really good service. Really good rates too. Reply
I was on eBay for 3 weeks or less and suspended indefinitely. I called customer service and they would not state why. I spoke with 2 reps and neither would explain, but stated I never would be able to sell on eBay. Whatever next....
Hey I just sold some stuff on e-bay , i was charged 44.60 for some items i sold last month, i was charged on two instances of shipping , i was chargerd a few on two items that sold and to top all that off they took 9.41 out of my checking and no one can tell me why or what its for .
To make matters worse ,payments are supposed to come out of my checking account ,the one item i sold for 57 dollars is like i just gave it away because not going to see a dime of that they took it already . out of the 267 .00 may end up with about 90.00 because of all the fees e-bay charged.
It just comes to this E-BAY SUCKS Reply
Thank you for the info. I sell on ebay, but honestly there is no protection for sellers :(
I think when you have photo evidence that proves your defense, but any thief, scammer or whatever, can make untrue claims and be backed 100% By ebay, maybe it's better to sell elsewhere. I have 870 possive feedback, & only 1 negative, but several times I have been a victim of thieving buyers :( So thank you for this site, when I have a chance I will definitely be looking into this :) Reply
I think we all have various bad experiences with eBay, but, in the end they are still the #1 auction site with the most traffic. I have been buying and selling comics, diecast and related items thru them since they began in 1995 and with around 4000 + feedbacks not doing to bad for just playing around with it. I have noticed a huge decrease in traffic though since the password issue as well as sales, I have went from around $1500.00 a month to around $300.00 O.o. I have tried many other sites and I still use a few others so I get more exposure but the fact remains...eBay is still #1. I agree they have high fees, but, if you work it right you never have to even pay insertion fees as they constantly have listing promos. I myself haven't paid a listing fee in about 7 months. I was suspended once in the past back in 2000, however, it was my fault. I have not had many of the issues I see others have. I do agree it would be nice to have an alternative but that is up to us, if we do not make the move to a site and give them the traffic, we will never have the alternative. Good luck and happy selling all!! Reply
How did you manage to remove your suspension. They won't listen to me. Reply
Ebay stinks. I have been a selling for over 11 years doing TONS of business and they have banned me!!!! Because there were 6 people in the last year (out of hundreds) that had an issue, and even though I resolved the issue and even gave my customers extra free products it still counts against me.

Very angry at eBay and will NEVER EVER buy anything through them again. I will find a site that I can sell on so that I can make my customers happy without worrying about wrath from eBay Reply
you could always try www.free3bay.com. it's seems small right now but me and my friends have joined up and the site seems to be growing very quickly - completely free for standard listings and nothing to pay when you sell. Reply
yeah, ebay has gotten way too big for their britches. I've had some serious issues with them the past few years and their site is getting slower and crashing more with too much layering. I had them just delete 200 of my listings for some supposed violation...ok, well I'll correct that and relist...no! they actually deleted every single listing and cannot recover it and were unapologetic and it took weeks to redo them all. They make bad decisions on disputes and the list goes on Reply
ebay is full of you know what, I am sick of them waste of money and time smh
I have switched to eBid - the volume is low, but it's cheap.

a LOT of people selling low cost collectibles (like stamps or trading cards) use eBid because of their fee structure.

Another place to sell Smartphones is Swappa.com

I also trying new sites with pro features that shown some potential, one is eBid.com and the other I'm trying is ElephantBid.com
Traffic has no compare with Ebay but they cheap, ElephantBid has Free listing and only charge 2% on $500+ items, it opens another windows to sell, I hope they maintain same price rates when they start to get better traffic.
You can also sell on onthehound.com
It's free at the moment no selling fees Reply
I've been using neatstacks.com for a while now. It's good way to get off the eBay monopoly and I sense it's going to take off very soon. Reply
I absolutely hate e bay . I have been a great seller for 4 years averaging $1,000 a month . Until two months ago my primary business took off. Needless to say , I quite selling on e bay for those two - two and a half months.
This month (November)is slower for my primary business, so I decided to pick up e bay traction again. They put a limit of 5 items that I can sell a month because I have not been selling enough products ##@$#@%%$&%^&. WHAT !!!!!?????
I called the rude and unhelpful help line to be told that I need to sell more items . I told her I am trying to sell more items but you will not allow to do so. She said there is noting I can do about it , but I need to sell items. Why do I feel like I am talking to idiots ? How can I sell items , if you will not let me . Besides , last time I checked a business was about making a profit , huh . Reply
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I was a happy ebay seller. Gold star rating, the works. Then one day a buyer decided he didn't want to pay. He lied to ebay about what he got and they returned his item without even checking into things. I took a hard hit, my paypal account was screwed and then locked. I tried to talk to SOMEONE at ebay but was ignored. Never mind the listing clearly said no returns and had detailed pictures of every type. The person selling their item is gone, the buyer has what he wanted, and I'm screwed out of $250 plus listing fee plus my account. My sellers rating is hit, my paypal account is locked. What a bunch of crooks! is there any legal recourse for ME? Reply
ebay can be bad but paypal sucks. if they make a mistake they say sorry or we will train our reps better. thats like me saying we have a new cook. if he is i need to be back there watching and training him Reply
WRITE A BOOK about Ebutt...just don't use their name and then list it on Ebutt. I do not know of even one business that is totally honest, totally legal, fair, reasonable or really dedicated to the people they serve... Some come very close however, most of these are small family or privately owned. Amazon charges sellers more than Ebutt and they do not carry the creative, handcrafted, unique or artistic items that can be found on Ebutt and other on-line sales sites. I would probably be one of the homeless if online sales sites were not available. By the Way...Amazon charges sellers More than Ebutt by as much as 20% more depending on what you are selling....Also: Ebutt owns aproximately 35% + of Craigslist is and I can already see from the changes on Craiglist selling pages that Ebutt is involved> Reply
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I've been selling on Ebay for about 2 1/2 years, I also sold on Amazon. All and all, they both take about 15% off the top when you combine paypal fees etc.

I too was a Top Rated International Seller until the new Defective DEFECT POLICY went into effect. I spent about 40 hours auditing 900 transactions and discovered many of Ebay's flaws. For example, if you are not using one of the top Four (USPS, UPS, FEDEX, or DHL) ebay does not capture tracing information from any other carriers and your shipping times will be defective. They will accept OTHER carriers where you update the tracking, but they don't capture the data so it will count against you even if the person received the item, on time, is happy, and left you positive feedback.


As well, I discovered that they would not correct any of their own errors (after I was promised that they would remove the defect and countless hours on the phone with Ebay Customer Service) if their error was over 120 days even though they are RETROACTIVELY counting defects the entire year prior to the August 20, 12014 live date (that is if you had under 100 transaction per month for the prior 3 months).

With the loss of the Top Rated position in September 2014 (right before our busiest selling season as you other sellers know), I am now in the position of digging myself out of retroactive defects that were considered defects a year ago. What a mess.

Regarding Bonanza... I have tried to purchase from them a couple of times and the orders are always cancelled because the sellers don't have the items in stock.

It reassuring that while I am selling less, I've decided to make more profit per item and not try to be the lowest price out there like I used to.

I agree with you "Posted by Martin on 3:27 28 Jun"... buy low and sell high and make sure you make more money per month than Ebay makes off you! Reply
I recently opened a seller account with Ebay. I sold 3 items all with a 5 star rating. I check my account this morning and have a message saying that my account was suspended indefiently due to suspious activity. When I call Ebay I still get no explanation as to what's going on!!! All I was told was that My account was closed and I could NEVER sell on Ebay again and no one in my household could sell anything either. How can they do this when I have never recieved any complaints what o ever? Reply
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Had Similar experience - Sold Factory Sealed Item... printer. A couple of days after receiving product - Buyer - said it doesn't work - I want refund.. I contacted him back - and asked if he removed all the packing materials, Since there are 6 ink cartridges I asked if he put the proper cartridges - or snapped them in place... He said the ink wouldn't charge, etc. I never heard from Buyer again - but he filed a Refund with Ebay.. Then he filed a case.. Buyer did not communicate, etc. I had no refunds, etc. Ebay sided with Buyer - They wouldn't even give me anything. I am very upset by this.. Now tracking said the item is at my post office returned.. I went to post office there is no notice of item, etc. I even went with film crew - to the post office.. If I end up - receiving the item. And check that it has been manipulated, tampered with.. Or buyer has switched out parts - I will fille a police complaint - for theft, etc. Since I am in the media - I will not tolerate any fraud, etc. I will have things documented - opened in front of film crew, etc. Maybe this will become a example, etc. Why won't Ebay fight for the Seller?

When I called Ebay they seem like nice people. But I don't know what is going on.. I have been selling for years - have hundreds of positive feedback, etc.. The buyer has less than 20 feedback's since 2006.. Buyer wins - no matter what... Why... Does the no return policy mean anything? Is there any legal remedy, etc.. So we can say no returns, but because of Buyer protection - that over rules? Something has be done about this..

Like I said - Ebay did not fight for me as a seller at all - just said - Ebay has decided in the Buyers favor.. Reply
I sold an item on ebay and as soon as i despatched it ,the buyer decided he didnt want it and told me to cancel delivery which i cudnt,then when he got it he said it was faulty and got a refund from ebay ,i didnt even get my item back. Reply
Hi, check out www. eBuyersReviewed.com. It’s a place to read reviews on online buyers, provided by other sellers who have already sold to those buyers. It also allows sellers to write and post reviews on their buyers for the benefit of other sellers. Sellers can make the Internet a better place to transact! Reply
Ebay...I feel like they are pimps at times, on etsy seller are allowed to talk about themselves, list their Site, etc. They don't ask (etsy) for 100$ down like Ruby Lane, Bonanza has an 8$ a month option but you have to pay up front for a year plus the lower cost plans don't carry the free trial thing, which is another deal wreaker with me. I have my own Store but not eBay's steel planted foot. I can't deal with non paying bidders, they cheat sellers essentially and basically ebay does tolerate it. I ran a little self effacing experiment. I have my prices and ship. at baseline affordable, for both seller and buyers. I never overprice but choose a more reasonable number on the price that best aligns to the product. I dropped to .99 then all the way to a penny (who CAN go lower than that? NOBODY. No fight, buyers, sorry.) Wwhew, the Watchers started popping up. Even the Bargains just sit around unclaimed, unbought, disappointing but certain buyers in certain online storefronts just expect near freebies. But who really pays for it, WE do when we are sellers. I would recommend etsy first but I myself am eying the "market" for successful sites to sell, that DO have a high visitor volume. Reply
Oh- and another thing. Amazon doesn't disperse payment (reimbursement, seller earnings) like they used to. Also, I'm restricted from certain listings such as DVDs/Music. It used to be I could confirm shipment then initiate a Transfer from them, instantly. That was last year sometime; not anymore. I shipped via UPS a sew machine which cost over $65.00. THREE MONTHS, it was 3 months until amazon "paid" me. How could I have shipped to their customer had I not had my credit card? Now they owe me again another balance, close to $20.00. Their email HELP is pretty much a very frustrating waste of valuable time as there is no way to get a specific streamlined request, and then of course they have you repeat everything- or ask you do. I don't carry it that far as I know bette, at least now. Best thing is to call...but I don't know what kind of specific (or general) explan. they'd give the seller why they are not being reimbursed/paid. Reply
I found a new alternative, with lot of features but free and they only allow paypal witch is ok with me, because it gives some confidence to buyers.
Elephant Bid Reply
I've been with eBay since the beginning and I too am sick of the rail-roading sellers are getting hammered with. One eBay worker posted in a forum that they don't punish buyers much because they're afraid they'll go somewhere else. I just got scammed by a buyer who used a loop hole to not only keep my item but get a refund too. Then the scammer added a nice negative hit-piece to my 10 year long standing 100% feedback. And the ebay system for filing complaints on a retrobate buyer is a waste of time. Nothing answered, nothing done.

And when I had to call customer service a few months ago, I couldn't even understand the person who had a thick non-english accent. An hour on the phone and she couldn't solve my issue - just "i've made a note on it regarding your account and it should be worked out within a few days." Never was.

I can't believe someone out there hasn't started an auction site that actually helps sellers by now with lower fees. I sure as h can't go on dealing with the aggravation & charges. Glad to see some ideas here though. I'll try some of them out. Reply
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Ebay seller also, account restricted also, sat here waiting for some explanation why while reading “your invoice for January” which turned up no problem. We’ve held a relatively short term account but we had accumulated great feedback until the rug was pulled from under our feet with no explanation other than “below average seller status” after being advised to open an eBay shop!
After a brief chat with eBay reason is that orders have been cancelled. My explanation, in writing, was being as we are manufacturers of our items we had a pre-Christmas mechanical breakdown and not wanting to let anyone down we cancelled the orders, (nine), along with messages to explain why, everyone responded and understood our dilemma along with a high percentage stating if we got back to business then carry on with the transaction. Unfortunately we could see a way through so reimbursed all via paypal with charges incurred, no cases where opened or no bad feedback was left on our account.

I must add that all orders where sent and in time for the festive season and free of charge, which must have boosted eBays’ reputation for buyers no end and at our cost.

This was explained to eBay customer service who said they understood but it would have to go to the “special team”, (probably ex-gangsters?) who stated rules are rules so nothing could be changed, which was disappointing to say the least, but the disappointment only lasted one week before they trashed all our hard work and the account. Anyway at least I know now from reading the above messages that it’s hardly worth sitting here waiting for good news as I don’t think it’s worth the hassle being with ebay anyway. If they can’t see what the problem is with their selling site then I’m not stepping forward to tell them. Yes it is the No1 selling site but with what we all know in business if you run something like that it should by rights fail. I feel really sorry to some of the people that have been building up business for years so the best luck to everyone here in finding a better alternative.
Dave (Laser Cut Design)
I am also an ebay seller and have been for a mere 7 months. It used to be a much better place to sell as I am not a big item or a large quantity seller. I sell collectables, which average about $15 each. Although I don't have a higher quantity of listings than I did 4 months ago, my monthly bill has now increased 300%. I used to pay $300 per month, now I pay between $800 and $900. It's ridiculous. Because of the items I sell, I am now working all month just to pay the outrageous fees. So... Today I started moving my listings over to rbiz. It's free to list and they charge a small final value fee of 5%. I like the site so far, but as with many others, it just doesn't have the traffic yet. Hopefully it will soon, and my listings will be there from now on. Reply
Try miklist.com , another free alternative to eBay where you can advertise what you want for free Reply
After one year with ebay I closed my store, I am tired of buyers keeping items , and ebay giving them their money back, tired of the high fees and changing rules. Tired of spending hours on hold trying to get answers. I have now moved my items to Bonanza where at least if I don't sell anything I don't have to pay anything. I just hope Bonanza does not become like ebay. I hope we can get enough sellers to go to Bonanza to make it worth it. Reply
Nice list, but let me add one more. There's a free online marketplace called artsy.us
It's like Etsy but free! Reply
eBay and Paypal now charges a combined 13% for everything you sell. Sold something for $1000 bucks? Guess what, they're taking $130 bucks from that sale. Ugh. There has to be a better alternative. What happened to selling something that much and eBay only charging you $12 dollars? Reply
i am sick of ebay. i have a store on ebay and every day they remove some of my listings because my seller performance is low. w-e-l-l hey, you can"t make someone buy from you. i have fantastic feed back but yet they are removing my items. but it is o.k. because what they are removing i am putting on another web site out of New York and doing good with it. when they remove all my items i am going to be through with ebay. everyone selling on ebay should be looking for alternative to sell on., thanks. Reply
Thank you everyone for the advice and I too am hopping off eBay for just about every reason that has already been discussed here! I can't wait to dump them. I remember back in the day when fees were nominal but they back door charges on your shipping as well! eBay SUCKS! Reply
I would definitely not recommend Amazon to sell on to my worst enemy. I opened an account there and started selling, in 1 day I sold over $1000 and then they froze my account. Told me they had to make sure everything was good with fraud protection and that the hold would be released within 24 hours and i could get back to selling. Shortly after that they suspended my account and said i was not aloud to sell vaping supplies although there are still 100's of people selling them on their site and have been for years.

Now they are holding my money for 90 days and have closed my account. But yet 100's of others are still selling the same items as we were selling....seems they can do what ever they want and think they can get away with it....have spoken with class action attorneys and they are looking into the possibilities of a major payday...how does this sound to you?

So I recommend that everyone just stay clear of Amazon!!! Reply
Today I called ebay and questioned why they have changed the "free listings" from 50 items to 20 per month...I was told twice by ebay's foreign representative that I just needed "deal with it". How's that for customer service to the sellers that pay their fees / salary ! ! ! Reply
Its all about EBAY GREEDYNESS!! They need to wake up Reply
I have been selling (started buying first) on EBAY since around 2002. They are definitely PRO BUYER , FEES ARE BECOMING OUTRAGEOUS. SOLD A USED PURSE TWICE AND THEY REMOVED THE LISTING said it wasn't authentic, ok well let's wait till the buyers bid and win and expect to receive item. CRAZY!! I can deal with that, I bought it used. I never said it was authentic Because I really did not know. MY PROBLEM is the always INCREASING FEES even taking part of your SHIPPING COST. I buy the item , prepare item to sell, wash etc, take my time to list said item and ebay ends up with 15 + % and paypal & Ebay. There really NEEDS TO BE A COMPETITOR that WE RESALERS selling NICE USED PRELOVED ITEMS ONLY. No big stores selling hundreds of new items. Let's go from 50 free listings to 20 free listing and tell us that's better Ebay , really? YOU ARE MAKING BILLIONS!!!!! Let sellers make some. Any ideas ?? Thanks Reply
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I was a Bronze Seller with over 20,000 positive feedback for over 14 years and during Christmas had a flood and had to refund 6 customers for product I could not deliver. I was shocked, to say the least when I was informed that after 14 years I was now banned, not suspended for a limited time, BANNED FOREVER. I appealed but they refused to even consider letting me back on. Ebay does not care about the customer or the vendor. Sell elsewhere. I now do twice as much business with even more profit on Amazon, Bonanza and anywhere I can sell. Ebay can go ....... Reply
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