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Sick of eBay? Try these alternative places to sell...

Sick of eBay? Try these alternative places to sell...

No one can deny the power of eBay: Since 1995, eBay has held it's place as the largest marketplace in the world. It has turned thousands of hobbyists into PowerSellers and allowed thousands more to run profitable, at home businesses. However, the eBay marketplace has transformed dramatically in recent years and various policy changes have prompted an exodus from eBay to other online marketplaces. Luckily there are other options to sell your items and build a business aside from eBay!

So what other options are available out there? And which will actually help you make money? Check out our list of the top eBay alternatives... 

What started as the world's largest online book store has exploded into one of the world's mot visited websites which offers millions of products across a range of product categories, not just books! Amazon gets good traffic but the main advantage is a much higher profit margins. Amazon shoppers tend to pay a lot more for their items than eBayers. On the other hand, there are reports that Amazon's returns policy can be ruthless. If a buyer complains – even if they have no proof of the claim – Amazon has been known to insist the seller refund the money. Another count against Amazon is the fact Amazon's fees are high. Still, if you can put up with these difficulties, Amazon is a good place to sell, particularly items such as electronics where the margins are practically non-existent on eBay.

eBid is emerging as a true contender to eBay. It has local sites in over 20 countries including USA, Australia, New Zealand the UK, Canada and Ireland. eBid sellers have reported that customer service and ease of use are great on eBid, but that profitability is not it's strongest point. Listing auctions on eBid is free, just pay for listing upgrades and success fees when you actually make a sale. This fees format makes it a low risk market to test out. 

ArtFire is a rising star in the eCommerce world. Back in 2011, ArtFire was the winner of the Seller's Choice Marketplace awards and this was when ArtFire really started to make a name for itself as a strong alternative to selling on eBay. However, ArtFire isn't going to work for you if you sell generic items like DVDs and branded clothing. Instead, ArtFire is where buyers go to find vintage, antique or handmade items. Selling items on ArtFire is free, but you can upgrade to a paid account for US$9.95 per month. This pro accounts, among other benefits, get your listings more exposure. You can get a free trial to ArtFire's pro accounts for 14 days to determine whether it is right for you. 

Selling on your very own website is the ultimate option if you want to increase your profits and build a business that will become a long-term asset. Selling on your own website used to be expensive and complicated, but eCommerce store builders such as SaleHoo Stores make it easy. With SaleHoo Stores, there's no need for technical experience or knowledge; you can have your own store up and running in minutes and with just a few simple clicks of a mouse. Best of all, you can try SaleHoo Stores for free for 30 days so there is no risk to you. Find out just how easy it is to open your own store and start making profitable sales. Get your free trial now


No one can question the almighty power of Google. Their product arm – Google Product Search (formerly known as Froogle and Google Products) - gets a lot of attention from avid Google users and it's free to list there if you have your own website. You can also incorporate Google Adwords ads to drive more traffic to your Google Merchant listings. 

Craigslist is the world's largest online classified website. It's a great way to sell locally if you are willing to organize pickups. There are no listing fees or selling fees, but Craiglist is a fairly no-frills establishment and there is less automation of the selling process compared to other eBay alternatives. However, Craigslist is used by a lot of people, particularly in the US, so it can be a very lucrative way of selling.

We'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences selling through any of these mediums - or tell us about one we haven't mentioned! Post your comments below.

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I started selling on eBay in 1997 it was new and exciting and I made lots of money. I have over 12,000 positive feedbacks on eBay and consider myself a pretty good expert on the ups and downs and in and outs of how they operate. I have read through most of the complaints and agree with you all. However, you must remember it's all about the almighty dollar, as long as you continue to put money into eBay's pocket, eBay will continue to take the food off your table. Who said life was fair ? Either accept it or hang up your mouse ! Reply
I am a long time Ebay ( mostly buyer) but as of this week I will not be seeking to buy anything (but antiques) there. Ebay recently had a policy change and they allow sellers to hide certain facts. I have FOUR outstanding items. Two of them lied about where they are located ( china not USA) and have lied about tracking numbers and shipping. I have been waiting weeks just to get proof that they actually got to the P..O. Calling eBay CS was a joke - someone in broken English just kept repeating screed to me,not responding to my actual spoken inquires. So that's what it is like from the other side - being ripped off as a buyer with no real recompense. Back to Amazon! Reply
"Ahm,I am not satisfied with ebay because ebay doesn't automatically sync with my PC,or even better with my mind,so I can just think about the item,and ebay would automatically list it.And ebay doesn't list my items as the best of the best.Or the only ones.." If you are not satisfied enough,if you feel you can do better then this nobody forces you to stay on ebay,you can open your dedicated site and make bigger money. I don't think ebay was made so most of the buyers could run their own dollarstores with thousands of products with no cost. Reply
Huh,I forgot to say the most important thing. I am really tired of searching throw the listings of all professional bootloeggers and smugglers.It's almost impossible to find an item from an nonprofessional seller who is giving his own item. That is why I hate ebay now(as a regular buyer).You should all open your stores and pay taxes. Every stick has two ends. Reply
Ebay fees are getting way out of hand ... its hard to make any money there anymore ...they take one hell of a chunk for this, that & the other thing...how can they honestly take money out of my shipping fee's and make me short on all my shipping. I will soon need to charge the buyer more shipping just to cover my shipping fee's....shipping has nothing to do with ebays money...between ebay and there other buisness paypal it really makes me think about selling else where ..can't make any money on ebay anymore...you just make them rich the & hell with us... so one really needs to do something about this, isn't this molnopolizing the market. ( sorry for my spelling of the 3rd last word.) thank you. Reply
Sellers: Remember when SMI (Shillers Made Invisible) was launched? I've never been a seller; only a buyer. But it really appears to me that eBay is adding its OWN shillers to increase its profits! I look at a bid history, see that some "bidder" with a feedback score of oh, say 5, has placed 12 bids to beat mine (for an item under $5, to boot!), and the SELLERS are bumfuzzled as to what's going on, what do YOU, as sellers think? Oh, and "bidder" has 4 bid retractions in the last 6 months... Reply
Oh how i would absolutely loveeeeee to create a website that puts ebay in hell. I get goosebumpsjust thinking about it...... Nothing is impossible....wait for it Reply
Im with you. I am looking for people to band together and expose eBay, loudly. On Youtube or contact CNN or other news outlets and expose the eBay shananigans. Reply
I sold on ebay for years and had 100% positive feedback. Found out the hard way they have NO SELLER PROTECTION. A buy bought a mink coat from me and 3 weeks after she recieved the item complained it was not as described. Ebay took money from my paypal account and my personal account to give to her. They gave her a shipping label, which she claims she decided not to use and claimes she sent me back the item. Well....she did not. I payed ebay fees, paid to ship her the item, and she got all her money back without even returning the item to me. One of the supervisors actually said to me, "there is no such thing as Seller Protection". Then to 'dance-on-my-grave', ebay refused to close out my account with them, thereby refusing to give up rights to go into my personal checking account. It literally feels like I paid for a hooker, that did not deliver, and then said, 'so what are you going to do about it? Call the Police'. I have to close all of my personal money accounts to keep ebay away from my personal money...all because of a buyer that decided to rip-me-off. ........so this site it an ebay site too.....well f-me Reply
eBay has become a scam artist's paradise. I had someone return a Mickey Mantle signed baseball for a refund (after I specifically said no returns or refunds in the auction) because he was questioning the authenticity of the signature. I had a Certificate of Authenticity from PSA/DNA, which is one of the top authentication companies in the world as well as additional documentation that the ball was real. When the package arrived, the box was empty. Since eBay had been given a tracking number and the USPS showed it was delivered, the buyer was refunded his entire purchase price plus return shipping to the tune of over $500. Two weeks later, the ball was listed for sale on eBay but no amount of documenting similarities or calling customer service was effective.
Resolution centre my @ss, the only resolution ever achieved is for Ebay and some pretty dodgy buyers, I am a private seller, sell something maybe once a year but I'd rather donate to charity than to Ebay! Reply
I wish everyone would just quit using Ebay, they treat you like crap! and PayPal is getting just about as bad, I 'm not even going to write the problems I had had with these two, I would just be repeating what every one else has already said. Done with both Ebay and PayPal, like they care! Reply
Ebay the criminal buyers' first choice. I have over 1600 sales and several negative feedbacks that are not deserved. I followed every eBay rule from A through Z to no avail. I received negative feedback from a criminal in Florida aka Oscar Silva because I refused to give him 280.00 dollars in extra diving equipment. I have a hard copy of our email exchange that I presented to his enablers at eBay, again without a resolution. eBay enables buyers to extort sellers daily and this is just the tip of the old ice berg. One week ago I sold an item to a person and recognized the address was the same as two others that had left negative feedback. I contacted eBay giving the FIVE screen names all from the same California address and same person. Needless top say they restricted me from selling today. eBay is into many criminal activities lying cheating and yes stealing shipping money at a tune of 10% after each and every sale. Just think for a moment........First they charge you listing fees whether you sell or not, then they charge you after sales fees if you do sell an item, However that's not all they combine shipping and after sales fees then deduct 10% of the total then you the seller have to make up that 10% in order to ship the item. NO!! "MAKE NO MISTAKE EBAY SUFFERS FROM INSATIABLE GREED"and have schemes going as I write. Global shipping an ebay SCHEME where they charge people in Canada 48.00 for shipping after they pay the seller another shipping fee for shipping to eBays KY, hub. We need a Class ACTION I have contacted the FBI concerning Oscar Silvas attempted extortion and again the FBI is here to protect the BANKSTERS and not the mom and pop business! Peace! Reply
I"m a 13 year Ebay Seller. I have close to 3,000 positive feedbacks. I have 4.9,4.8 on all DSR scores with the exception of Shipping time which is 4.7. This is only due to recent surgery with comnplications and a follow-up surgery because of an infection. During this time my granddaughter helped me to list and to ship. We offered all Buyers instant refunds. Most wanted to wait and refused refunds because they had lucked up and received good deals in the process. Some Buyers had to be forced to pay with Non-Paying Bidder Cases. Some buyers left low DSR shipping time scores during this period, most left positive feedback as well. Ebay has now restricted my Paypal Account for 21 days because I refused to send in MEDICAL RECORDS of my surgery which is PRIVATE to prove to them I'm not lying about my hospitilazation. I was willing to send in receipts\invoices from the Hospital showing my Surgery, the date, surgeon,costs and my personal info on each bill. All this would have been easily checked. But NO, this was not good enough for Ebay. They say I have to send in MEDICAL RECORDS. This is unbelievable. Ebay will never get my personal MEDICAL RECORDS. This is my business. I still have good feedback, good DSR scores and because some Buyers left low DSR scores out of retaliation for getting Non paying bidder alerts they punished me for having a Surgery in which I could have died. I had an Ebay Customer Service Associate tell me, "Well, anyone can say they went to the hospital." Oh but all Buyers are to be believed and are perfect angels in their Feedback comments???? I don't think so. Over the past 13 years I've seen Ebay slowly but surely take away more and more rights of the Seller only to make it easier and more comfortable for Buyers so they can rake in the dollars from the Buyers. For example, Sellers can no longer leave Negative Feedback-giving MANIPULATIVE Buyers more power than ever. Sellers have to have a Buy-It-now price 30% higher than the starting Auction price-thus dictating more rules for what Sellers can and can't do. And, now that they own Paypal their Greed and unfair, SUBJECTIVE treatment has escalated with higher listing & Seller Fees. At every unfair turn, I've tried to adjust as a Seller on Ebay. But taking away my right to collect my money from Paypal on items I've listed and sold when I still have an EXCELLENT track record is too much. I'm switching to AMAZON, EBID & ETSY FOR A WHILE. I'M SICK OF EBAY. Reply
To Sick Of Ebay, you should sue them, seriously sue them, it is against the law for them to require your medical records, they are NOT the FEDS, or NSA, or Government they are just a piece of crap called Ebay, their ego is so far inflated that they think they have the right to your medical records, even those in high positions dont have the right to flat out have your records, you could sue so much to almost own ebay for that. Why dont you get an ACLU Attorney and pursue that. Its ILLEGAL and Unconstitutional, against the Bill of Rights and a whole slew of things. You dont even know what they would do with your information if you did send it. They figure they are rich enough where they can't be touched even when breaking the law. BUT the ACLU and others do take cases on contingency and I suggest that you have a heck of a lawsuit. They think they are untouchable because of the money they pay off Judges with but the ACLU will take it and go all the way. Ebay deprived you of your Constitutional Rights of Protection. Reply
I have had the same problems when sell on ebay and it looks like a lot of sellers are leaving to sell else where but with all of us sellers not liking ebay whats stopping us from opening our own buy and sell web site? that can go head to head with ebay you know there would be 100s if not 1000s of sellers willing to move to our web site where it would be run by sellers not some fat lard ass a ebay corp with nothing better to do they have no idea that if there were no sellers there would be no buyers and that's my two cents Reply
eBay fees are 10% and PayPal 3% + 20p? WRONG. Depending on the sale price, fees can be over 25%!!! These figures comes from the following Buy it Now example:

eBay charge 10% of the final sales value + 10% of the postage costs + £0.40 Buy It Now charges.
PayPal charge 3% of the final sales value + 3% of the postage costs + £0.20.

So both eBay and PayPal are both charging a percentage of the total amount paid. This is double-charging on the same amount.

How does this work out?

For an item that sells for £5.00 with postage of £2.00 (total £7.00)

eBay charges are 10% of £7.00 + £0.40 Buy It Now Insertion fee.
PayPal charges are £0.20 + 3% of £7.00 = £0.22
Total charges are £0.70+£0.40+£0.22 = £1.32

Now apply these charges to the sale price of your item (excluding postage):

Charges = 1.32/5.00 = 26% !!!

Not surprisingly, if you have a lower value heavy item with high postage charges you're not going to make much money.

The hidden portion of the charges comes from repeatedly deducting charges from the sale price, but basing the percentage charges on the full sale price. This means that:

You pay an eBay final value fee on the insertion fee
You pay an eBay final value fee on the postage costs
You pay a PayPal fee on the insertion fee
You pay a PayPal fee on the insertion postage costs

See how do you get from around 10% to 26%?

Daylight robbery!

I was also banned from ebay,ive been trying to sell my stuff on other sights but its not going so good, does anyone have any good sights that draw in a lot of people? Reply
There is a new site that is up and running and looking for new traffic they are adding new things daily to make there site as good as e-bay and they are looking for feedback try http://www.ebuyermarketplace.com, they were E-Bay and Amazon users and are now making there own site it has just opened so give it a chance. Reply
I have sold for nearly 5 years, I am a 100% seller with NO negative or neutral feedback, my feedback is glowing. In July because my items are tiny I bought some boxes, I didn't realise the seller was on holiday for a few days. I contacted my customers and asked if it was ok, they agreed, seller was late posting me the boxes and I got banned for life. I think it is disgusting the way I and many others are being treated as we all know you can buy stolen or fake items and those sellers get away with it! Shame on you Ebay! Reply
I have a different type of story. I have had an Ebay account for years and years with no negative feedback, no complaints and paid my bill on time. My son had his own Ebay account but he didn't pay his Ebay bill one time and they shut his account down. One month later, they shut my account down and when I called to see why, they said it was because of my son's Ebay account being past due. My son lives in my house but is 27 years old and I argued with them that he is a grown man and I am not legally responsible anymore for his bills. (Before anyone answers and says that I should have raised my son right and that I should have taught him to pay his bills....I did raise him to be responsible for his bills.....he didn't pay that Ebay bill because of a situation he encountered that he did not think was fair.) So for you out there that have more than one account in your household ... BEWARE... whether the other person is on your account or not, they will go by the address and connect you. I refused to succumb to their blackmail tactics of holding my account ransom for my son's bill but I have lost the ability to sell on Ebay. Reply
They will also connect eBay and Paypal accounts by the IP address used and not just the street address. Reply
marthabelvedere, I was just informed that my 120+ listings were cancelled and i am restricted from selling on Ebay. I have 2 negative comments from buyers who purchased from me. I have fought both. I have been selling since 2001. I always say no returns, however if the buyer complains they are given full refund and they return item (clothes/acc) One instance brand new skirt with tags, was worn and damaged by buyer and still got money back and I got A NEGATIVE FB. Now, I have to find a new site to sell my clothes and accessories. Any suggestions? Reply
I just got kicked off ebay from selling because I could sell upto $36,000 and they wanted me to sell 10%.I was selling artwork and the market is down.I wasn't going to give it away to sell it.
When you have pieces worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and you can only list it for 36,000 it is not worth it. Reply
I created a site similar to ebay, not as fancy but serves the same purpose. Its all free, no listing fees or percentages taken out. I need more sellers on the site if anyone can help a small business out. www.chopinblock.com Reply
I can feel the pain of all ex-eBayer frustrations. We really to need get together and have a Class Action Law Suite against eBay for their unfair business practices and monopoly with their own PayPal corporation.
Our own a Computer Company, has been in business since 1985. We had over thousands of sales and positive feedbacks. We maintained 99.9% positive feed back but one day one of our competitors purchased a part and later returned, we gave full refund including shipping to buyer. Since that competitors gave us a negative feed back, eBay restricted us selling items. I have tried to explain like many stories you read in this forum, but no luck. I can not sell anything thru eBay for last 2 years. Thanks GOD we have a retail store and website, we are still strong and selling locally and thru our website. eBay sucks!
Wow I can't believe there are so many who share my experiences and opinions about eBay. A couple of other places I posted this:
EBay needs to change their feedback "policy". Too many buyers have figured out that if they don't specifically mention giving negative feedback in exchange for something, then wait until a seller either refuses to bend to their subtle demands, or relents, then post feedback, they will get away with the negatives, and eBay will not remove the negative even if the seller has done nothing but enforced his or her return policy. A year ago I was just a buyer. Since becoming a seller I have been sworn at, called dishonest eleven times by the same buyer, told that someone was outside my door ready to kick my... you know, had frivolous cases opened against me where a buyer says the item was not as described when it was, and finally as above an item "broke" (or maybe was broken), and was clearly listed as no returns or exchanges, and because the negative said the item "broke" (45 day after purchase) eBay will not remove the negative feedback because it refers to the item. Really?
I'm not saying I have not made some money with eBay, but I have spent many... many hours on the phone with eBay personnel who read from the same script. They all understand my position "and wish they could change the feedback", but it doesn't fit what the policy states.
And to think I was just a regular guy a year ago... not a liar, not a (you fill in the vulgarity, or subtle reference), or dishonest, I didn't misrepresent anything, and didn't need my... well, you know what kicked.

I left out one "buyer" ( who never bought anything by the way) thought I was crazy... my price.
I'm really surprised that EBay has so little competition, and I do hope that there is something to sue them over. I do not support senator Blunt's internet tax (and I told him so), but secretly eBay can go... Reply
it started as a hobby and the rules were simple as I speak to customer service the rules change also words need to be chosen right like we as seller must be plain as possible they aren't so somewhere from it being a online garage sale I am now eBay employee who if doesn't meet either quotas or sale and if someone can't read the description I end up being penalized how is this far again Reply
Talking about immoral fees... E-bay encourages sellers to ship at actual shipping cost, and then they turn around and charge you back 10% of the shipping fees paid by the buyer! I called them to tell them that they are ripping the sellers off, and they claim that they charge the 10% to punish sellers that over charge on shipping. How that heck is that supposed to fix the shipping problems for the sellers that are trying to provide a good service, and ship at cost. Just to ship at cost now we have to add 10% to our own shipping charges! The only ones benefiting from this unjust charge is E-bay. E-bay sucks!!! Reply
There IS an alternative, but ONLY if we actually start using it. If we don't use it, it will dissapear like all the others. WE have to VOTE with our mouse, so come on, SIGN up and lets do BUSINESS.


I have alot of goods to sell like spices utensils cookery things and much more Reply
ebay is a bag of s**t.. and i would love to see ebay go down, i have had too much bad experiences with ebay not to mention the over rated fees they charge, i mean wtf? we use their website to sell our goods and the next thing you know is they are back firing on the sellers that do ebay good.. i've had it with them, i wouldnt consider them for a cheese! they can go banana's all they want i dont give the efin what they do any more. Reply
I've just been banned!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 11 years I have had my account and sold over 150 items in the last month, and then they go and ban me wtf!!

Yes, we need to make a stance and actually start thinking about using one of the other auction sites (albeit I'm yet to find a half decent one) or more so create our own bassline bargains auction site. It would take a decent web developer mind and many man hours, but it is achievable.

I imagine if there were another ebay competitor site (which really would have to be something spectacularly different/eCommerce/auction friendly ) we'd give ebay a good run for its money.

I've come across so many disgruntled ex ebay customers I'm shocked we haven't already congregated together and took over!!

Anyways....rant over!! Reply
Where ebay fails is in moderating compassionately. Buyers and Sellers get screwed. I see a crash on horizon... I was bullied by fellow sellers on my first try out. Paid fee and blocked from fair unbiased trade zone. I never returned. Still holding a working nearly complete Vitrola with 100 cylinders...one day i hope to run into a buyer who sees value in the turn of century technology.
Ebay bites. Glad i got away with only paying the one fee. These hard core sellers have indeed made this corp. Arrogantly rich! Reply
Craigslist draws scam people Reply
i have been selling on ebay for 4 years, averaging around 2,000 a month. all was well. well last month with Christmas coming up, and a decrease in my hours at my job, i decided to hit it hard to get some extra money. with all the unused stuff around the house, and i also have a storage unit that has tons and tons of stuff, i hit it hard. i spent literally a whole weekend taking pictures and posting. i sold in about 3 weeks over 8,900. i was thinking this is wonderful! i can pay some bills and give my kids a great Christmas. so black friday i go out, get some stuff at walmart and swipe my paypal card..DECLINED!! what?!!!! so i call paypal and the women says we have deactivated your card due to a change in your activity. i asked what do you mean? she said well you went from selling 2,000 a month to over 8,000 and we deactivated it. she was arguing with me that i made THEM more money!!! so asking her what do i need to do to reactivate and she said fax us reciepts of the items you sold. i told her i dont have receipts. i cleaned out my storage with items i have had over 20 years . her response was well, we will review it. 48 hrs later i get an email saying that im suspended from paypal! for making them money i guess. LOL. so i log on my ebay and its still active BUT i have emails from buyers saying they have tried to pay me and cant. what a bunch of crap. paypal waits til i have all that money in there then suspends me. i hope they enjoy the 8.900 they stole from me!! and my children!! we all need to move to another site like ebid. if all the sellers go there, the buyers will be forced to leave unless they want to buy from china sellers that make 100 accounts selling undersized clothing. those sellers can keep on with multiple accounts, but we get booted. go figure Reply
ebay shut my account down without any reason they are RUDE AND WILL NOT RECOMMEND ANYONE! Reply
Ebay blows.. The final value fees @ 10% plus the 3% PayPal (owned by ebay) is obscene.. Even Costco with a yearly membership fee only has a 15% MARKUP on RETAIL goods..

Ebay's TAX ( including shipping fees in the "final value") on shipping is perhaps the most obscene of all..
This was Ebays response to sellers upset over increased fees, charging more for shipping..

The result?

less stuff sold on ebay.. Higher costs for consumers, (prices are now marked up 13% + 10% shipping) and the obvious waste of time for any seller trying to sell something for a reasonable price.

Ebay has basically become a consignment/pawnshop.. Everyone losses except eBay.. But they will lose too. At this scale an idealistic competitor will end them if they don't see it coming fast enough to reverse course.

As a seller on ebay, I realize I have to sell something for almost retail to make it worth my time (or even make a buck), and I almost always get hurt on shipping costs..

As a buyer the (13-20%) markup has made it almost impossible to find any real DEALS on ebay.

Unless your willing to pay big for something hard to find, there is really not much VALUE in EBAY anymore... And its sad.

sites like Cragslist is much easier and drives prices DOWN not up.. and because of ebays fees.. more abundant deals..

I havent sold anything on ebay in years because i can sell things on craigslist for WAY LESS and not deal with half the hassle or surprise FEEs at the end..

NOTE: Driving up costs is not a good business plan..

But they can do it.. because they have no "significant" competitor.. yet.

Just people like me (a lot of us they don't recognize) that wont sell on their site anymore..

They don't listen to the people that make them the money.. just the stock holders. And that's just Fine.

yes ebay is a joke my husband got kicked off then i went about it doing it myself and with in a couple of months they kicked me off too Reply
Site Admin
Unfortunate as it is, this was bound to happen. eBay has a means of tracking down accounts that may in anyway be linked to an account they blocked. You may have been using the same computer with the same IP address thus your account was blocked too. Might be best for you to consider selling on other sites like Bonanza or Addoway or better yet start your own store. All the best! Reply
Ebay is a horrible company, they got rich and now there screwing the seller....I just got the boot from them. 2 customers lied about the produce they purchased, I put specifics in the description, ebay believed the buyer, told me they don't have the item in front of them. Who does ebay think there profits come from, the seller duh....Trust me they will fall one day and I hope I am hear too see it. Seeing all the comments about them I don't feel like I have done something wrong & yes they read IP addresses. I wouldn't give them my business ever, even if they beg for it............ Reply
Site Admin
Hello Jerry,

Yours is not the first case to occur as described. This is one of the many reason why many are lead to believe that eBay is pro customer and leaning closer to being "anti" sellers.

You can also try other sites like Addoway and Bonanza

All the best! Reply
I sympathise with you,
I had an account and was doing very well, until one day Ebay decided to ban me. I phoned Ebay and was met with the most obnoxious, and sarcastic American customer service advisor. He would not tell me why I was banned. He just reeled off all the things I could no longer do through Ebay. To this day I do not know what I did wrong and I had a 100% rating constantly. Who do you take it up with though? You cannot take Ebay to court can you, unless you are wealthy. Reply
Ebay is terrible...I recently started using Ebid as an alternative, fees are way lower. Ebay does not care about its sellers. I lived with a friend 3 years ago and we both had separate Ebay accounts.I get an email yesterday stating my account has been temporarily suspended...I call and they tell me my friends account and been banned therefor my account is now suspended...I tell them I haven't lived with or seen the guy in over 3 years. They tell me because we shared the same IP 3 years ago it connects us therefor I am suspended too...absolutely ridiculous!
People come on over to Ebid...we need to get another website strong for buyers and sellers. So far my experience there has been good:) Reply
Site Admin
Thanks for sharing your unfortunate experience with eBay, tarbbest :) Just because you guys once shared the same IP your account got banned too (totally unfair!). Hope you find better business at eBid. All the best! Reply
lol at last some humor my face was starting to knot reading all the scary stuff about ebay especially since i have just started selling and getting no where fast or at all.....what will your web site be called? the wb busters Reply
Are you sure ebid is not owned by ebay also......look at the bottom of this page!!!! Ebay owns this site too???? Reply
Site Admin
RCP, eBid is owned by eBid Ltd according to the copyright on the site. It's not owned by eBay. Reply
In reply to Susan my was exactly the same I had excellent feedback from all my buyers but they said my account was below standard and they have to protect their buyers. I am completely disgusted with them. They told me they won't close down my account completely as they want me to still buy off their site! I don't think so! Reply
Just saw the post from Tarb best and I am in the middle of similar problem with ebay. My story is different in that they suspended my account and blew away my active auctions because they saw me use a diff ip address and then claimed I am deceased....I have explained my father, with same name & address dies over a year ago but he has never used ebay. They claimed they searched public records and suspended my account...I have now spent 7 days trying to convince them I am alive and well and need account resinstated immediately, Have spoken to 7 different people for a total of 239 minutes so afr with zero resolution. What a horrific experience after 14 years with them! Reply
Good Grief! I've been reading terrible accounts of other seller's problems with ebay, but yours takes the gold star award. Having to convince a marketing company you're alive! Wow. Send them your father's death certificate or perhaps, not. With the attitude/company policies that ebay's has now, even that might be a waste of your time.
Joann Reply
What someone needs to do is find a way for all the alternative sites to be searched simultaneously thereby increasing the traffic exponentially. Kind of like a shopping bot for alternative auction sites. Now that would put the heat on EBAY!. Reply
I found BidRanger.com the other day and it looks very new but the fee structure is great, multiple payment options, no listing fees, etc... being new there are only a small number of users, if more people start using it, it will be a great alternative in my opinion. People just need to make the switch or at least gradually and this site would be very beneficial to all. Reply
I tried some of those eBay alternative sites. Honestly, most of them are not that great. But, Bonanza.com is one website I really like. There are no seller fees. It is easy to list and sell your items. Plus, the website is associated with eBay and Amazon as well as Google. I highly recommend anyone to use it if he or she wants to make good online sales without so many complications and ridiculous seller fees (unlike eBay). Reply
Until recently, I have sold through eBay and Amazon for almost 3 years.
I absolutely agree with what others say about eBay. I left eBay and Amazon recently for the reasons others felt and opened multiple stores somewhere else such as Etsy and TrendsByChance, including my own website.
In my opinion, eBay and Amazon are good places to start selling your items due to their uncomparable traffics but not good for places for a long-term business. Due to the traffics, I sell less now but with more profits than before. Reply
Another good trading website would be the startup https://www.miklist.com . It's minimalist and free :) Reply
Im in..have had all the same problems listed here..so where are some of your selling now..please suggestions
What other form of online payment can we accept if not through paypal? I heard bitcoin took a dump and I have no way to accept credit/debit card payments. Reply
Site Admin
Hi trihumaish,

If you are referring to eBay, here are their accepted payment methods - http://pages.ebay.com/help/policies/accepted-payments-policy.html

Cheers! :) Reply
Hello hello. All of the advice on here is super. I am starting my own website and am having difficulty finding a reputable merchant to partner with. Looking for a place (wholesale for me) that wont charge me an arm and leg to mail out orders made by customers. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks Reply
Site Admin
Hello Keryyne,

Thanks for your feedback! What particularly are you interested in? We may have suitable suppliers in our directory. Once you join, you will be able to gin access to our Wholesale Directory of suppliers.

To join please go to http://www.salehoo.com/join-now

Cheers! Reply
I've given my last hundred dollars, or more, to Ebay....I've worked within their continued changing policies, but this last deal has broken the camel's back for me...They locked my account up for 7 days because they said I double listed an item? What? Who would do that on purpose anyway? You have to pay for each listing anyway.... But, the fact of the matter was, I did not double list an item. I had 3, not 2 items, that were similiar but different sizes. The prices were all different, the descriptions were all different, the model numbers were all different, but the title listings all said the same thing. Once they pointed out that it would be helpful to put either the model # or a size in the title, I agreed, no problem....But, they refused to take the 7 day hold off of my account anyway, like I needed to be punished? I have been selling on their site, unhappily for over 10 years, but in the product line I sell, restaurant equipment, Ebay has a lot to learn. They know nothing about what I sell, and send me messages on how I can increase my sales, etc, when what they are saying actually would not be helpful at all. I listen, read their messages, then do what I do. But, to be punished for double listing when I actually did not do it, is beyond reason. I ended up with a "supervisor", who put me on hold for another 20 minutes, total call for over 1 1/2 hours, & he came back after reading all the 3 item descriptions, etc, and said I cannot take the hold off. Even though he agreed I had not double listed an item? So, now I"m going to move my account to a place where they don't take all my money, and then tell me how to sell, when I've been selling for over 25 years myself. Ebay can take a nose dive right into the gutter for all I care, and it would be helpful to hear an actual English speaking person on there for a change. Someone I can actually understand what they are saying.... Good luck Ebay, you have another"happy" customer going somewhere else Reply
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Recently purchased an item that had a tracking number. The tracking number showed a delivery attempt to my address. No further attempts have since been made. I now have no item and still have to pay for it ? How does that work?
This is the umpteenth time that i have been let down by ebay.
Ii can only close my account when an item i have bid on, has closed! That said item has been re listed for another 25 days! My account cannot be closed until the item is sold apparrently?
What a farce!
Really let down by ebay. I have a 100% feedback rating over 350 purchases. I think its time to pack up and buy else where. Reply
I used to love Ebay, but their greediness has put me off, and now it seems Ebay are not doing so well. Good! I hope they fall apart because this is what often happens when a company gets too greedy. Reply
"Amazon shoppers tend to pay a lot more for their items than eBayers" Maybe 5 years ago. When ever I am thinking about buying an item online I go to Amazon first, copy and paste the same item into Ebay, and Ebay is always more expensive. That's why I haven't bought anything off of Ebay in years and probably never will. Amazon is a trusted site with reputable sellers. Ebay is a bunch of hucksters who will say anything, and post misleading pictures to unload their broken garbage at ridiculous prices. Most sellers also charge at least double for shipping and sometimes as much as three times. If you can find in on Ebay, you can find it on Amazon....only cheaper. Reply
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