How good is eBid for selling? An in-depth look

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eBay has long been the undisputed king of online auction sites. It is certainly the standard by which all other online auctions are measured. Unfortunately, as of late eBay is drawing some disgruntled comments from sellers.

More and more people are being put off by eBay and are looking for reasonable alternatives where they can list their products. One of the big names thrown about on a consistent basis is eBid.

Today, we'll take a look at what makes eBid an attractive eBay alternative, where it comes up lacking, and what the best course of action for online sellers is.

Why List Anywhere But eBay?

The most common complaints about eBay all revolve around the abundance of fees embedded with each transaction. Up to 10 percent of each purchase goes straight into eBay's corporate coffers.

Not only that, but the competition for almost every category is quite crowded. To make matters worse, the rules, fee structures and overall landscape is in a state of near-constant flux, making it difficult for all but the most dedicated sellers to keep track.

It's a frustrating situation, and it has therefore produced a greater demand for a viable eBay alternative.

Enter eBid.

eBid is a British company created in 1998. It markets and positions itself as an eBay competitor with the main difference being the vast difference in fees charged to sellers.

The marketplace consistently rates among the top 5 online auction sites in the world, but the question remains: is it a reasonable eBay alternative?

Let's take a look at how the two compare.

eBid Statistics:

One of the major differences between the two online auction sites is in traffic. has a monthly average of 8 million page impressions, and a daily traffic volume of around 60,000 visitors. The marketplace also averages out to about 15 million unique visitors per year.

There are more than 3.8 million live listings in more than 12,000 categories with a gross value of more than USD $6 billion. Moreover, the site is very popular on social media as well, garnering 13,293 likes on Facebook alone.

While these stats might sound quite impressive in isolation, they are only a fraction of the business eBay does in a single day.

eBay Statistics

As of January 2013, eBay receives more than 1,520,000 unique visitors every day. This makes it the 23rd most-visited website in the world. If that weren't impressive enough, eBay users sell approximately $1,640 worth of goods — wait for it — per second!

Just take a look at some of it's impressive daily stats over time:

So the difference is quite clear. The buyers are clearly giving eBay some love, and eBay in turn is leveraging its widespread branding to add more zeroes to it's bottom line, and doing so very effectively.

So where exactly is the advantage in using eBid?

eBid Advantages

First of all, eBid is extremely easy to use. Because the rules and regulations stay consistent, there isn't a lot to deal with in maintaining a store on the site. The support and customer service ratings for eBid are also among the highest it its category.

Secondly, the fee structure is far more friendly to sellers. There are no listing fees for putting your inventory on display as there are with eBay, and there is a 3 percent cap on the Final Value Fee (FVF) that a seller would pay per transaction.

That means that eBid charges a transactional fee of no more than 3 percent of the total selling price for a listing. For example, if you listed a pair of Batman pajamas for USD $7.88 on eBid, you would pay 24 cents to eBid upon that sale's completion.

Compare that to the 10 percent fee you'd be paying on eBay in addition to your initial listing fee: It'll cut into your overhead very quickly.

Finally, any products you list on eBid are also uploaded to Google Shopping. Though it doesn't completely make up for the difference in exposure with eBay, it does level the playing field somewhat.

eBid Disadvantages

The disadvantages are, of course, the fractional amount of traffic and activity it receives in comparison to eBay, and the resulting time lag in sales. On average, you can expect a listing on eBid to last much longer before completion than on eBay.

Additionally, though eBid is an online auction site, people seem to prefer the buy it now option in large quantities. That means bidding wars are few and far between on eBid. If you want full value for your inventory, it's better to list the starting price as your desired sale price to begin with.

A Troubling Decline in Interest

Though the lower fees and Google Shopping uploads would seemingly do plenty to boost merchant confidence, there is a disturbing trend of declining interest in eBid. This trend is notably quantifiable in search volume and search ranking.

As you can see from these stats compiled courtesy of, the site's popularity has been petering out in recent years, though there isn't necessarily reason to jump ship just yet.

Here we see that there was a boom period for unique visits in the early summer of 2013 and then a significant drop off. Things do seem to be looking up though, with the metric making a slight rebound in the early part of this year.

This data does raise questions about the viability of eBid as an eBay alternative. The fact is,  it definitely can be. However, it shouldn't be the basket in which you stack all of your eggs.

eBid won't be a cure all to your online retail complaints with eBay. You won't be able to quickly offload inventory there, but you should instead expect to wait for a considerable amount of time to receive fair value for your sales.

Your best option is most likely a diversification of your sales channels. You can experiment both with eBay and eBid to see which will better suit your niche needs. It's highly recommended that you start your own online store so that you can better control the traffic you attract, and the fortunes that you accrue.

You may find that this is more effective than all other online shopping outlets put together. If that ends up being the case, you should dedicate all of your inventory to your own online store so that you won't spread your resources too thin.

Have you sold any products on eBid? Share your experiences with us in the comment section.

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  • paul 16th of March
    Interesting article that resonates well, however, whilst ebid do offer free listing they still charge a transaction fee. A relatively new site in the UK called offers fixed price selling with no hidden costs and is growing rapidly.
    Sellers are nowadays looking for a fairer and cheaper way to sell without corporate companies taking the lions share!
    • Fred Gates 16th of May
      You can sell buy now on Ebid with no final fee if you list as featured page for $1 per month which put you at the top of the page. If you sell world wide you are on the top of the page in every country. If you make even 1 sale per yeaar you are still ahead of the game on any item over a hundred bucks. Not only that, but your sale will eventually find its way spidered into the major search engines. A magazine ad in trade papers, etc will send traffic to your Ebid store. Also, Facebook, etc will generate sales. I still prefer Ebay because I can buy a classified ad which goes right in with the rest of their listings and customers are sent to my website where I can negotiate prices and give a larger option for payment. I seldom use Ebay auctions to sell. Mostly I run classifieds.
      • Max 13th of March
        eBid gets NO traffic and NO sales. That is the bottom line. Dead.
  • Amanda Filippone 27th of March
    I have had a number of items listed on Ebid for about 4 months in Australia. Not only have I not sold a thing but the number of views for each item is next to nothing. It's a pity.
    • thanks all 10th of May
      maybe you should promote your items , ebid is good , it has a great store option , listing is easy , it feels good to use
      the only downside is low the traffic , but its relatively easy to drive traffic to your own ebid store .

      its a lot cheaper to set up and maybe buyer freindly than your own website , personally i sell on my own website and ebid and also ebay uk loke author say diversify .

      i love selling through my own website but notice some buyers , buy or pass through my store via links to my ebid store , maybe because they feel safer , despite my positive testimonials .

      ebay uk needs no explaining , its easy to sell with lots of buyers , BUT you have to cower to ever growing seller regulations and the fees are obviously higher .

      me personally ill stick with all three , ebays good but regulations cause me excess stress , my ebid an own website sales are slower but much more enjoyable and reduce fear of losing my ebay accounts .
      • 2nd of December
        Exactly FEAR OF BEEN RESTRICTED!!!
        Why a person should get fear to sell in a online marketplace like ebay???
        It is also very expensive with they fees and you get with pocket money... no nice.
        I was on ebay since 2006 and sold buy so on.
        Because of my feedback 100% positive, and doing everything right, communication, fast shipment, item as described bla bla bla, I was restricted to sel because of the rating stars when living feedback??? buyers living positive feedback, have another rating as per they experience with the seller.
        How accurate was the item?, did arrive at time.., well, because I have had 4 low ratings, being 4 stars, I was restricted??
        C'mon they not only have high feeds, you felt like on your neck you have a wolf watching you every step and them I asked myself, but who the hell they think they are???
        The only online place that www have???
        That's why you have mention fear, I cross over, even if they lift my account, that would NEVER happen, I won't come back to that stressful, BE CAREFUL WE ARE WATCHING YOU!!!!! felling never ever again.
        And I was a power seller!!
      • maynard 26th of September
        been with ebay since 2004. today ebay ended my account. i had no dissatisfied customers. but my store(fees paid monthly) sales dropped for the past 2 months( less money to ebay) .now that i've seen the true nature of this beast (ebay) i'm looking for a site that works for us & not against us.
  • thanks very much 10th of May
    i also , use turbo lister and list on ebay and ebid , but then set my ebid listing on a 7% discount , so all my ebid listing are always cheaper than my ebay listings .

    passing on savings to buyers attracts my ebid sales , i think !! .

    i do not link to ebay via my website , unless affiliate link not to my listings , any non ebay sale is a good sale !!
  • Thirft 1st of August
    If ebid advertises itself more like ebay does then it will become all the rage beacause we are in an era of 'thrift', people are looking for ways to save money, get bargains etc.... ebid fits perfectly into this for both buyers and sellers. I will be name dropping ebid to all my previous ebay customers and hopefully the word will start to spread - and traffic will increase.

    I don't mind that it isn't as high tech as ebay - simplicity is best sometimes.

    Plus it is is great that sellers and buyerss can leave feedback - not just buyers.
    • Bet 29th of September
      Ebay did me wrong after 15 years selling since 2003 I sold an item to a dishonest terrible buyer a very expensive item that was new he destroyed it broke it and then asked to return for a refund and I told him no he said I shipped him a damaged item I presented pictures and proof that the item was not in fact damaged in anyway when I shipped it to him and he showed damaged terrible pictures and Ebay agreed with him took money from my account to refund to him said there was nothing I could do because they had to honor buyer protection policy so I said so sellers have no rights well without sellers there would be no buyers, then I get invoiced for a final value fee for the sell of this item that they refunded back to him and told him to return to me, I lost money with a item I can not resell cause it is destroyed and then charge me for the item that was torn up, then closed my account when I refused to pay, now it use to be a final value fee was credits back to any item that was refunded but they take my money and then try to make me pay them that is not just wrong treatment that is dishonest treatment, the person that did this had never bought another item had 0 feedback and had only been on ebay for less than a month, but yet they did not trust me a 15 year seller with 100% excellent feedback for 15 years and nothing I can do not even leave feedback about how dishonest this buyer is totally unfair I am trying to start over after 15 years of hard work established but how do I get traffic to my ebid store can I google mu business HELP?
  • TsmMac 23rd of August
    I just started selling on ebid and am very excited about it. I was recently taken advantage of by a buyer on ebay and ebay was NO HELP TO ME! They let this buyer return a perfectly fine item, that I had a no return policy on, without contacting me first. Now I have to appeal and probably just end up hurting myself but I am determined to have my side heard. I pay an awful lot of money to ebay FOR WHAT! A SLAP IN THE FACE! HELLO EBID GOODBYE EBAY I too am going to contact my buyers and do everything in my power to let people know about ebid
    • tamarenee 2nd of December
      Hey, I started to sell on Ebay last month, just to get rid of some items before I move. I set my up with no returns... and a buyer decided that the item I sent her didn't work and asked EBAY for a refund. I contacted her and asked her what was wrong and every email that I sent she had a different part that didn't work on the unit. Well Ebay told me to get the item back and call them again. Guess what the item came back with dirt on as she used it., but it also worked...everything worked. 2 more calls to EBAY and they made me return the money and told me to just resell item. They the lady slammed me in feedback from 100% to 92%, called EBAY and they told me her feedback was valid and they were not removing it. So that was the last straw, I took all my listings off.
      • tmc 20th of May
        You think that is bad? I did have a 30 day return policy in my store to stay in line with ebay's top seller policy updated rules...ugh! Anyway, the lady asked to return a very expensive necklace saying she just didn't like. I had to agreed as much as I did not want to, but as long as the item is returned within the 30 days, ebay will ALWAYS refund the buyer, no matter what. So I had agreed, letting her know the item, as stated in my policies, had to be returned as received, un-altered, un-cleaned, un-polished, and not damaged in any way, and I would refund her payment as soon as I inspected the necklace upon arrival. I take well documented photos of what I package for delivery for buyers of all items I send out. Some items are antiques, vintage, one of a kind of items, heavy with patina, for example, and I need photos to compare. Well, as soon as this lady read my message about the necklace being inspected before getting her refund, she called ebay and opened a not as described case. I called ebay asking them to go through our messages, they did, and agreed she should not have handled herself in this manner since she just did not like the necklace, but since she opened the case, as soon as the necklace would be marked delivered by USPS her refund would be had. WTH? I had absolutely no recourse. NONE!!! I get hit with a not as described case because she didn't like her necklace but just wanted her refund sooner? Sellers are not protected, the buyer is always right. As soon as that package was delivered to me she got her refund. Whats worse, SHE SENT ME A PIECE OF BENT UP $20 CHINESE JUNK THAT IS NOT EVEN SILVER,NOT IN THE SAME STYLE OF WHAT SHE BOUGHT, IT WEIGHTS MUCH LESS, IS 5" LONGER THAN WHAT I SOLD HER. I AM STILL FURIOUS. Ebay STILL will do nothing. Saying, "AS LONG AS THE PACKAGE IS DELIVERED, THE BUYER IS ENTITLED TO THE REFUND" I happened to be speaking to the postal carrier the day it came, she went on a trip to the Dominican Republic for her Anniversary and was showing me pics, as I was opening the package, I knew something was off, it was too light. Ebay wouldn't even look at pictures of what was sent back!! stating all the proof they needed it was returned was the USPS delivery conformation. Needless to say, I pulled MY STORE!! If I am going to bust my hump for a company and you get a good portion of my profits, and you refuse to protect me against thieves sending fake items in returns, I want nothing to do with you! PERIOD!!!
      • Mary 1st of August
        Sorry to hear that's a whopper of a story for everyone. I sold a Holy Family statue and crucifix on ebay. I had a a no return policy. I always took plenty of pictures and made sure to put the description of the item as honest and clear as I could. This was my business. I had 100% feedback. First of all the buyers know that no matter what if they want their money back for an item they are going to get it. The sellers have no rights in ebay and cannot leave a negative feedback and the buyers know this. Buyer started by telling me the items were sent damaged. I told this buyer to send me pictures of the items. This person broke the head off the statue and bent the the crucifix in half. I was in such disbelief that a person would be so dishonest to get their money back (it was $29.00). I contacted ebay and sent them the pictures the buyer sent me. Ebay told me on the phone "ALTHOUGH IT LOOKED SUSPICIOUS THEY WERE STILL GOING TO GIVE THE BUYER THEIR MONEY BACK". They told the buyer to send the items back to me. Well the buyer sent them back and completely smashed the statue and bent the metal crucifix back to almost the straight up position. I was again taken back by this and in disbelief. I didn't know if this was a sick game by the buyer or what. I called ebay and told them and sent the pictures of the items I received back in the mail. Ebay told me that they were still going to pay them and did. I said to the ebay rep. so in other words it doesn't make a difference what the buyer does or if you have a no returns policy because if the buyer wants the money back you are going to give it to them no matter what. I had to repeat this to the ebay rep. three times until she answered. Finally, she said yes that is correct.I was so upset especially because the buyer went in and ruined my 100% feedback. The buyer said terrible things about me and I cried because I was so upset because I worked hard with selling and had a good business going with repeat buyers.This was a very vicious and probably mentally ill buyer that new ebays polices with sellers. All I can say is be careful if you plan on selling in ebay, buyers have all the rights and sellers have no rights. I'm glad that there is other selling websites and I will try Ebid.
      • ralph 29th of May
        Yeh...typical Ebay. They are scumbags.
  • Craig 5th of September
    I have sold items on ebid, but have learnt that you need to market your ebid shop to increase traffic, either through links, emails, newsletters, blogs or promotions. But the main thing that has helped me is putting the ISBN (barcode) details or product code on all listings, this enables google shopping to find and use your listing in their searches. The more items from Ebid that appear the bigger the chance for everyone else to sell their items. ANY OTHER IDEAS?
    • Guy 6th of December
      I'm trying to learn about eBid just to diversify my sales and not worry about ebay or Amazon killing my business, what would be the point in aggressively advertising my items on eBid with newsletters, emails, etc. over having your own webstore and doing the same on there?
      • Melissa Johnson SaleHoo Admin 7th of December
        Hi, Guy!

        There are a lot of factors. eBid has some built-in traffic already, whereas your web store will be completely on its own. Then there's the cost of a domain, and hosting, and shopping cart software, plus whatever service you use to process payments.
  • matamu 16th of September
    I'm selling both on ebay and ebid.
    Registered as seller ++ at ebid, was paid usd 99
    Same item, same price, same tittle, descriptions, and payment methods.
    On ebay I can can sold more than 12 pcs a day, but no sales at ebid since registered as paid member more than a month, even I have imported all my ebay feedback to ebid.
    The visitor on my ebid listing are counting, but NO SALES.

    Ebid can not convert your visitor into a buyer.
    • Lon 28th of July
      First off, eBid does not even own the .com domain name -- .

      How can they expect to be a leader using a .NET domain name. Duh !!!!
  • Alex 16th of October
    Sellers might want to look at ebid from a buyer's perspective.

    I shop on line for everything except groceries and I have quite a few accounts other than eBay and Amazon. On all of these other sites, it is very easy to return an item. This is vital to shopping online with confidence - I have had to use the return option on a number of occasions.

    On my first and only purchase with ebid, I was sent a 'buy it now' item that was not as advertised. Guess what? No return button. Returns have to be processed by finding the seller's contact details and writing emails, which is just not worth my time.

    I suspect that most buyers on ebid will last just until they have to return something, whereupon they will realise that it is much better to use eBay.

    • Brian Mole 27th of March
      sorry but that is the problem with buyers nowdays,they are more worried about returns than the iem itself.The trend for buyers especially on ebay is use the item and then make up some story for a refund ,thats why 1000's of sellers are leaving,its not a game its their living.If buyers are that worried dont use online shopping go into the shops/malls like they used to.
      • Leon 7th of July
        Well said Brian, I agree with you totally. I have two ebay accounts and I am in the process of closing them both. That's why I'm here. I'm looking for alternatives to ebay. I've been selling there for over 15 years and it has just went from being a great company when it was first started, to a company that just doesn't care. They only care about the money. And the buyers. Most are good. But then you have the ones that just want to use your item then return it because you have a 30 day return policy mandated by ebay if you want to keep your powerseller status. Ebay mandates everything to suit the buyers, even the crooked ones, which are becoming more frequent in my case. The seller is no longer heard! And now they want to actually control our money! No thank you!
  • glasscraze 12th of November
    Sellers have no protection from Fraudulent buyers. Buyer has given 45 negative feedbacks. In my case the buyer bid on a lot of three Antique Gray Granite ware Items. A 7 1/2 " Serving Bowl, An Agate Double Boiler and a Grease Jar. Prior to this buyer bidding I was asked from this buyer if I would sell her one of the Items. I told her that I would not brake up the lot or sell outside of eBay. This buyer bid on an was the high bidder an paid instantly via Papal. I shipped the Item the next day. the packaged arrived Oct. 16, 2015 She demanded a refund that evening stating that the item did not match the description, that the pot had a big ol hole in it. But would like to keep the Items if I refunded her half of her bid price. I told her to return the three Items an I would give her a complete refund. Message was sent to me that the return package was in transit and gave a tracking # On Nov.. 3rd I checked the tracking number But could not found. I notified Ebay. On Nov. 4th the buyer stated that she had given me the wrong tracking #. When the packaged arrived the grease pot and the lid to the Double boiler was missing And a big hole was dug in the Double Boiler bottom pot. not shown in pictures in the listing. I was still required by Ebay to issue the refund. The buyer has left a negative feedback on this Item and on another Item that she received three weeks earlier. Two other Items were given Neutral feedback. I have been an eBay member for over 16 years an never receiving a Negative feedback out of over 1500 Feedbacks. I Am glasscraze on eBay until my account is closed. Many contacts with eBay to no avail. Ebid will be my choice from now on.
  • ernie 21st of November
    It is common for Ebay to help people screw sellers like that. Happened to a friends account in similar fashion. They also took down a German cross from his listing and said they were not allowed and there were 600 listings for the same item he was told violated their rules. Not a very honest company.
  • anicemess 28th of May
    I am new to ebid, got fed up with ebay alienating the smaller sellers and I've been ebaying since 1997. However, in my opinion, the biggest problem with ebid traffic is that they are .NET instead of .ORG. People searching to buy stuff automatically go to .COM. Took me three tries to find this site before I realized I kept typing .com looking for it. I really wish they could change it.

    Also, ebay has announced their fourth straight year of lost profits, so perhaps the manufacturers in China ebay loves so much cannot carry them after all.
    • Erick 20th of August
      It's also due to payment methods, paypal is the scum of the earth and I refuse to use them!
      ebay used to offer checks, money orders, skill, merchant credit/debit card processing, etc.

      Also paypal holds your funds for 21 days and once you reach 10,000 they limit your account... even though you have a proven record.

      eBid looks so much better than ebay and it's easier to navigate as well, ebay looks like it's stuck in 2003... eBid looks very modern in comparison.

      Problem with eBid is traffic... and that's just something ebay has.
      • Mariel 2nd of December
        AGREE, ebay and paypal are the same company, I didn't know that they hold money over or £10.000 in any currency
        I personally, never leave more that £100 on Paypal, as soon my money get into this account I transferred straight away to any bank account.
        It will be a good idea to have 2 separates bank accounts.
        It is very easier to open one.
  • stevenc2112 19th of August
    sold item on eBay, a computer.
    buyer had it for 6 days admitted changing the windows and upgrading to windows 10, then said the cheap psu, it wasn't cheap as this was a high end gaming computer. so asked for a refund, obviously armed with his admission of changing the os, opening the case damaging the computer to the point of a bucket of bits, I went to eBay and they said I had to refund the buyer and pay for the return postage, they admitted they don't deal with the selling so think there ruling was a all round fair conclusion
    I have sold on eBay for 16 years and have 100% feedback, it wont be after this. eBay sucks it is only for buyers so if you want to be ripped off every now and then, stick with eBay, pay their rip off charges and then pay PayPal charges, I for one will be closing my eBay account and PayPal so they can refund the con man
    • Jim 2nd of February
      Ten years selling expensive electronics with thousands of dollars in fees to eBay and 100 percent ratings. One BIN sale to a crook who ignored listing requirement of shipping to US address only when he was in Korea. When eBay decided to close my account because I refused to ship I realized just what a bunch of nazis they are! Slow sales on eBid beat anything eBay has to offer.
  • Matthew Talbot-Paine 24th of October
    Salehoo. Do you think it would be possible to put a date stamp on when the article was published as I can't tell if this data is up to date?
  • Rick 27th of October
    Sold for years on Ebay - low volume - had someone return an item for no reason - no contact, no tracking etc, so Ebay put transaction on hold pending enquiry. Went on for ages with no clear resolution in sight, so sold a few more items, which incurred Ebay fees of $300. Pulled the plug on Ebay, didn't pay the fees. . Made me feel better.
  • Viking 21st of November
    Hi, I've been using eBid on and off for a few years now and each time I find that my items are extremely slow to sell. I am price keen and get hundreds of views on many of my items but fail to be able to convert these into actual sales. I sell on eBay also and am very successful, selling hundreds to thousands of items a year - several daily on average. I'm genuinely puzzled as to why this should be - I sell top quality and collectable items at very competitive prices with good shipping costs and get plenty of hits on my eBid listings but no sales. I'm scratching my head and would appreciate any insights available, please.
    • Mariel 2nd of December
      I saw on ebid that you actually can send a recommendation to improve the site.
      If all the ebidders ask for things that can make a ebid better, I am sure that some have became very asked, and may or may not approved and put into place.
      It has very poor search options when searching for something, as if you want ps3 games or consoles, it should be a search that it is specifically for does items, like consoles & games,then xbox 360, playstation 3 and all the make and type of console and the games for that specific console, will be easier to found what you're looking for and by the way get more hits and sells. Personally, I will never imagine looking for a console in Toys??? in toys??? ha
      Is like selling a fridge in clothing.
  • JANE GOODWIN 2nd of December
    As an eBay Power Seller/Top Seller/ Top 100 Reviewer on eBay for almost 20 years. And an eBid member for 6 years I can tell you that eBay is a soul-less place to sell. One thing I didn't see i the article is the fact that eBay charges 10% surcharge shipping even if a seller is only charging the actual cost. And the forbid sellers to share that information with the buyers. That means sellers are forced to find a way to make up a completely unfair charge in addition to many other charges along the way. Since Google is on board with eBid and I have been looking for another way to sell my products, I may take another look at getting active in eBid.
    • Celeste Maxwell 4th of January
      I have read that in 2014, Google stopped indexing Ebay as they had a falling out... That must still be in effect, as I had an expensive item I posted a few days ago and it is not in google searches yet. The fact that Ebid is listed in Google Stores is I am thinking about Ebid as Ebay is sooooo slow... I sell 1-2 items a week and have at least 80 listings posted. VERY DISAPPOINTED...
      What do you think I should do? Thanks!
  • Adam 8th of December
    eBid is a dead lifeless site that has little to nothing to offer. It's a shame because we need an eBay alternative and sadly eBid is not one of them
  • Serge 18th of February
    Let's make it alive. Let's support eBid. More people will try it more good outcome will happen. I really want to move out from eBay that just takes money and don't care. Some buyers on eBay are shocking creatures. They harm you, they give you sleepless nights and eBay support them not you. We should use alternative! This even could finally lead to eBay change their rules, to support sellers, to make them come back. But if you stay with them you support their current rules.
  • Tamas 19th of February
    Dear Everyone!

    I've just red one actually right comment about the bad "terrible" side of eBay here, which says:

    Posted by on 20:30 2 Dec 2016
    Why a person should get fear to sell in a online marketplace like ebay???
    It is also very expensive with they fees and you get with pocket money... no nice.
    I was on ebay since 2006 and sold buy so on.
    Because of my feedback 100% positive, and doing everything right, communication, fast shipment, item as described bla bla bla, I was restricted to sel because of the rating stars when living feedback??? buyers living positive feedback, have another rating as per they experience with the seller.
    How accurate was the item?, did arrive at time.., well, because I have had 4 low ratings, being 4 stars, I was restricted??
    C'mon they not only have high feeds, you felt like on your neck you have a wolf watching you every step and them I asked myself, but who the hell they think they are???
    The only online place that www have???
    That's why you have mention fear, I cross over, even if they lift my account, that would NEVER happen, I won't come back to that stressful, BE CAREFUL WE ARE WATCHING YOU!!!!! felling never ever again.
    And I was a power seller!!"

    I absolutely agree, however there is a small mistake with this. They watching at you but the real problem is they not not watching at you REALLY CAREFULLY! So having said that they watching only the numbers, the percentages and the very formal information and formal "dashboard" because they have millions of visitors, sellers and buyers and they do not have anymore time to have an in depth look behind the scheme! So unfortunately if you have been a very good and great member, seller and buyer as well, and someone (with no history or any benefit given to eBay) just came and buy something from you, even if you did everything right (dispatch, packing, contact, keep in touch, tracking, description of the item, service, etc...) can turn you down straightaway with an unfair and inappropriate report and bad feedback. I have been in the same situation. I was an absolutely 100% seller with amazing seller feedback then after an inconvenience happened between me and the eBay Customer Service, (yes I do not know I've just spoken to the wrong person or the whole eBay Customer Service a little bit lack of understanding and helpfulness) then after a restriction I realised all the effort, work and time I made and spent with it was only waste!!! Well done eBay keep it up and probably when you will have much more less visitors, sellers, buyers and traffic on your site you will have time to rethink and reorganise what needs to be changed!

    Kind regards for everyone;
    The Cyberbyte
    (an eBayer (seller, buyer) in past, and at current an Amazon, eBid and Bonanza seller and buyer)
  • Phil 25th of February
    Interestingly, I have listing on both eBay and eBid. On eBay I am selling around $2k per month and over 700 items per year with fixed price listings. I have been on eBid with the same products and pricing for nearly 12 months now and have not sold a single item....a bit sad really!!

    I do hope things get better for eBid
  • LVH 27th of February
    To be honest Ebay is one of the biggest monopoly scum there is, There will be no change UNLESS you change, that is GET OUT OF EBAY

    Just like one of the posters said, if you continue to support Ebay NOTHING WILL CHANGE.

  • 2nd of May
    Hi I have over 1000 items on ebid , toy cars , I list about 100 a month , selling around 50-100 month , I do this my selling around 10-20 toy cars on rip off eBay lol , mainly to promote my ebid store , I run my ebid store like a website ,but without the monthly fee like a website , I,m very happy with ebid , just have to promote your self ,
  • Ivonne 3rd of May
    Please tell me where else I can sell where my items actually sell??? I have relisted on ebay various times and can't get one item to sell NOT ONE. i TAKE pride in taking pics and posting decent size images and NOTHING. NOTHING HAS BEEN happening AT ALL. I'M out of work, Broke, spending what little i have on little upgrades, well not this time around cause they keep taking my money and not letting me eat...


    I'M PISSED...DO I Have any options? Bonanza I kept having SCAMMERS BY MY ITEMS

    i NEED real Suggestions that can put food on the table Please. Thanks in advance

    Yes, i do coparisons and price within the parameters and offer free shipping mostly porcelain designer sets but I add this and that too. Thanks again.
  • Ivonne 3rd of May
    You know it just hit me...we have all these video social media platforms. Why don't all us ebay sellers start individually posting videos PROMOTING EBID.NET and saying things like .COM is no long the BIG FISH IN TOWN.


    EBID DOT NET, or However You want to PROMOTE it but I feel EBID can use our Help
  • Meg 6th of May
    Try Ebid, if you are ready to work hard to promote your items you will sell, use pinterest, g+, am no facebook fan use it, whatapp, talk about it with your friends and family. Use PPpay that takes the stress of paypal away, PPpay is a popular payment gateway, use to be known as "pay point" so it is easy to get people to use it. We have worked too hard for these American companies who thinks we are idiots and treat us like nobody. As least if we promote Ebid and they grow we are helping them, ourselves and creating jobs for the UK.
  • FRED 6th of June
  • Joi 26th of June
    Checking it out!
    • missnat 17th of August
      A lot of people don't know that PayPal is owned by ebay; so sellers are paying 3 times for listing/selling an item: the listing fee, the final value fee, and the fee to "get paid".

      I'm so done with ebay; I sold a dress to a lady that was perfect - like new- and have the photos to prove it; she wrote me and said the dress had a big stain on it when she received it; ebay sided with her and put a freeze on her payment to me; I had no choice but to tell her to send it back; I havent' received it back yet, but I know she is going to ruin my 100% positive feedback that I've had since 2004.
      Buyers have learned how to scam sellers and they know ebay will back them up - NO MATTER WHAT!
      We must find a new auction site, or make ebid better.
  • Danny Yarbrough 1st of September
    I joined eBid December 2009. I had been selling on eBay since 2004. When I joined eBid I transfered 367 transactions that I had on eBay to eBid. Today Sept. 01, 2017 my transactions on eBay are 699. They are still 367 on eBid. Every item I've listed on eBay I've listed on eBid. I haven't sold one damn thing on eBid!
  • Ricky Davis 9th of October
    I want to sale fix price no auction. If Y'all change your mind & let us sell fix price let me know & I'll join up, but until then good luck by the way it looks Y'all going down hill.
    Thanks Ricky
  • Henry Page 8th of November
    "Up to 10 percent of each purchase goes straight into eBay's corporate coffers"

    That simply is NOT correct. If you sell a DVD for £2.50 on ebay (under 100g) eBay will charge you a 35p listing fee for that item. Admittedly if you auction it they give you a credit for that if it sells (IF it sells) but a Buy It Now listing doesn't get that benefit. You then have a 10% final valuation fee. Therefore eBay's charges total 24%. I know that you get the first 50 listings free but as Ihave 200 listings that exposes me to an awful lot of insertion fees.

    Paypal is the same. 20p per listing plus a 4% charge making 30p on the DVD so that's 12% so the total bill for that sale could be 90p leaving you with £1.40. As you will pay around 83p p&p - yes, that right, you've just earned 57p and for that you have to drive or walk to the Post Office and get it sent off within 24 hours. That's why I am searching for a platform that won't use me as its bottom-line slave.

  • mandy spacek 18th of November
    Hey guys,
    I too have been burnt by ebay with scamming buyers and endless fees.
    I have been selling on "' for a month now and am starting to make sales- although it is slower to make sales, the buyers are there- you just need to be persistant and keep on listing stuff. So far I have almost 800 items all with sizing.....
    My sales on ebay have gone from 50-70 items of secondhand clothing a month-to just 4-6 a month- this tells you that ebay is going to hell- finally. If we all just persist with 'ebid' it will get the numbers it needs to make it a great alternative to 'feebay'. So far I am happy here at ebid. I still have stuff on ebay but I have included that I have 'heaps more stuff on '' in the description to let my regulars know where I am moving to.
    • Richelle Monfort SaleHoo Admin 20th of November
      Good for you Mandy! To more sales and continued success on ebid :)
  • 21st of November
    How does Bonanza compare to eBay and eBid as a seller? I am trying to decide which site to use but am not a fan of either eBay or Amazon.
  • Dave 13th of December
    ebid is really easy to use , you just list everything and never have to do another thing , you don't have to email anybody or pack anything ....because nothing sells
  • Dain 4th of February
    I'm going to start putting choice items up on Ebid - hens teeth/ rocking horse sh#t/unobtainium etc. I figure that if an item is BOTH rare and wanted, then that extra effort may be put in to find it. With Ebid's tumbleweed page viewing rate, it's the only way that ebid might work against eBay.

  • medi T 21st of April
    ebid is tricky, they have asked me to provide them with the following after i have moved all my listings (10) from ebay, and i quote:

    Identification Document Request

    eBid is designed to create an open and enjoyable trading experience and in doing so, random due diligence checks are a matter of routine to protect and safeguard the community. We would appreciate your cooperation.
    Please upload 2 scans of the following documents. Once checked and verified your account will be accessible once again.

    Passport/driving license/utility bill/tax office/council/local government/bank account no more than three months old with your name and address visible. (No cell/mobile bills.)

    i just asked them to delete my account as i am not applying for immigration!
  • 29th of April
    Vanoie here, loved the info on ebid to ebay. Yes I'm tired of ebay too. I just want to up and quit. But right now it's my only little bit of an income since i am on SS. But what kills me is the fees ad up at the end of the month to sany $100 to $500 and sometime I use the money to buy more items to sell. Leaving me short or in a panic to sell stuff to just pay ebay and by the time i do that i owe another $100 to $200. Sometimes I go into the next month oweing $100 to $400. Also, ebay takes the side of the buyer more so than the seller. Ebay makes a killing on relisting an item that didn't sell. Sometimes it's the timing of listing. Also, i think most of the buyers want new items low price with warranty, in perfect condition. I have the low end ebay store cost per month. I get 250 free BUY NOW listing still have to pay for auctions. I just love the way ebay stays awake coming up with ways you have to jump through the loop frontwards or backwards or put one foot in and take it out to get a discount on selling that item. Also, WOW with no warning you have 500 free listins but you only go a week to do it. Well when you are a one man team that has to do everything. I am lucky to get 50 free listin in before it ends. Yes I really really would love to have my own web site simiular to ebay. Something that I could control. Where i could put an item out for as long as i wanted it there. If you know of a website that either built like that or a how to please let me know. thank you for being and doing what you do it was of help. vanoie
  • bluwoad 9th of June
    I have been with ebid for over 6 yrs. now, and among having very low sales rate, I find ebid's search engine absolutely horrible. Unless you put in exactly the title of the item you'll never find it. Nothing will come up if it miss spelled. If they fixed the search engine, buyers would probably stay to buy. As it is, I'm frustrated after the first search. Example: I was looking for a Samsung J1 glass replacement. I put in Samsuang (miss spelled) (No results), I put in Samsung J1parts (No results), I put in Samsung glass replacement (no Results) and so on and so on.... Finally I put in Samsung J1 and got results. I can put in any combination, miss spelled, side ways, up side down, what ever into eBay and always get results.
    The Samsung is a small example, try something harder.........forget it, ebid results will be null.

    On the other hand I have also been with eBay since 1999 and have made some very satisfying sales. But I'm displeased with the excessive fees, the dictatorship and eBay posting another sellers same item right on my auction page, in the middle of my auction and just under my auction , and especially dissatisfied with the final value on shipping. That is just wrong.
    I recently stop selling on eBay. I'm currently back on ebid after a couple of yrs. not selling with them in hopes they would of straighten out their search engine problem. But they have not !
  • Evelyn Sanders 14th of October
    Okay, we were power sellers on eBay . . And ran out of product about the time PayPal was taken over by a “ new” CEO ? Anyway, we started drop shipping - (didn’t know this was a PayPal no no)
    sold 3 items in one day and PayPal held up our $, and made us refund the buyers. Got 3 negative feedbacks, and left the selling platform. eBay could care less about sellers.
  • Mark Latter 18th of January
    Forget Ebid it's a total waste of time. Sales over Xmas- ZERO. Sales of the same stock on Ebay (but 10% more expensive) £1000 a week. Even Shpock is better than Ebid.
  • googlehater 5th of June
    the reason ebid wont make it is because of Google. They control search results. Google has got to go so we can get back to business! One day the sheeple using the internet will listen. Until then we are in an internet prison! Google must go!
  • Eunice 13th of July
    eBay started relisting our items and charging without giving an option to opt out of the process - which is unfair fees. The fees are 6 times more than my normal monthly fees. I did not make that much money selling on eBay within that one month of May, 2019. I barely made $20.00 that month. My usual fees with eBay are not over $15.00 (mostly less than $10.00 per month) and for the Month of May they were $70.86. eBay zeroed out my PayPal account and took the rest of the money from my checking account and caused my account to overdraw. I had to borrow money to pay my car insurance. I am a senior citizen and on a fixed income. Selling on eBay does not award that much money, but it did keep me on track with my bills. Not anymore with them fraudulently taking more money than I sold. They took their fees and all of the little money I was suppose to keep.
  • Simon 1st of September
    i've been selling on ebid for over 1 year now and ive sold 3 items in a year compered to 100's from my own site and 1000's and 1000's from ebay and amazon.
    I've added same photos same adverts and even topped ebid up with featured listings and bold titles, Its next to useless.
    • ken 31st of July
      EBID rely on lfetime membership i am not sure if I ever recouped my investment sales were slower than one per year its a fact they have very little traffic to the site,company search reveals they don t have any employees and their assets are listed as £16o k(a very small amount for an international ecommerce site) they don t seem to do any advertising or promotions they have been around for a while but they are not growing the reviews are very very bad and the positive ones are suspect,its a great pity the site is easy to use but no sales make it a no go area,,de pop came along and has quickly grown,so maybe EBID need to smell the coffee and wake up,maybe they are just happy to sit back and get the lifetime fees the owner lives in Blackpool or used to live there