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What is eCrater?

eCrater is a 100% free marketplace providing an amazing opportunity for sellers to diversify and find a whole new audience. It's both somewhere sellers can build their own ecommerce stores, and somewhere they can simply list items for sale just as they would on eBay. At eCrater, you can sell just about anything, and with their huge emphasis on sellers; it's a great place to go to get away from the eBay trap.

4 quick facts about eCrater

1.       In the last 3 months, eCrater has experienced a 29% growth in internet traffic

2.       It's free to use! That's right; it's not just free to list, they don't take a chunk of your profits either.

3.       Over 69% of users are based in America

4.       They have over 65,000 active stores

What makes eCrater different from other platforms?

Well, it sort of goes without saying, but the fact that it is free to use certainly sets it apart from other marketplaces and ecommerce solutions out there. This is all part of their vision to create a very seller-orientated site (quite revolutionary compared with all the other buyer-orientated platforms out there!). Their philosophy is that if you "cater to your sellers the buyers will come".

While looking after the sellers, they also make it super easy for buyers. For one, there is no registration process. That means no entering your email address, choosing some abstract username (because all the good ones are long-gone) and waiting for a confirmation email. Straight away, buyers can add their chosen products to their shopping cart and head to the checkout.

Once there, they can choose from Google Checkout - which is encouraged, or choose from an ‘alternative checkout' method such as PayPal, a money order or a personal check.

It's important that I note here that eCrater is simply a platform to sell goods on. It does not endeavor to assist in resolving conflicts between buyers and sellers. And really, who would expect them to? They can hardly afford to have support staff on hand when they don't charge fees.

In saying that, in the interest of quality control, eCrater will shut down fake store fronts as well as just plain bad sellers.

eCrater will also give eBay sellers a break when it comes to placing feedback on buyers. Because buyer's don't need to register, it means they have no feedback score. eCrater's feedback is purely a one-way system. I love this because it just removes a step from the selling process. Fantastic! 

How to use eCrater

The listing format on eCrater allows for fixed price listings only. All ecommerce users are given a URL which can take buyers direct to their site, but most traffic to your listings will come from buyers viewing your items in the eCrater marketplace. All items listed on a personal ecommerce site are automatically listed in the marketplace.

eCrater also lists every single product which is uploaded to the Google Product search. This goes a long way in increasing buyer traffic.  However, some users have reported that some, but not all of their items are listed in the Google feed. Of course, understanding Google's criteria is an ongoing mission, but some users have said that items are often left out if there is another similar item which has a more detailed description. So remember to give as much detail as possible!

Creating an ecommerce store with eCrater is simple:

Got to and click the Sign up/Login button. You'll then be asked to enter in a few personal details and to create the URL for your store.

Your URL will be in the format http://[your business name] You can use URL masking later or point to your existing URL if you have one.

Then enter your chosen password, your name, address, phone and email details.

You will then be sent an email to confirm your registration. Simply click the link to activate your store. You can then view your store as well as the simple-to-navigate user dashboard. From here you can do everything to get started including list items, import existing ones from eBay, upload your logo if you have one and play around with color templates to customize your store.

You will also find some nifty tools like a US Sales Tax assistant and shipping information.

Will I actually make sales using eCrater?

Yes! Just like when you sell on eBay, or any other online marketplace, there is plenty of opportunity to make sales. There are an abundance of users who have reported making a lot of money using eCrater. These users have been so successful that they have quit using eBay and now sell exclusively on eCrater.

There is still a lot of growing for eCrater to do, especially in terms of getting new buyers to the site - tough to do when you have next to no marketing budget to work with, but despite this, eCrater seems to be growing at a very steady rate.

What is making this site grow is that just as there are plenty of sellers out there looking for a new alternative place to sell; there are also buyers who seek a fresh product range and a great new place to shop online.

The downsides...

While the aforementioned simplified feedback system is somewhat beneficial, some users have complained that buyers do not always place feedback after the sale has completed. These sellers felt that it wasn't easy for buyers to place feedback on them, and that the system could be tweaked a little. This has made it a little tough on new sellers who are trying to build up a feedback profile.

Another thing is that when you build an ecommerce store with eCrater, it's not technically yours. For example, you could not build up a site then sell it on to someone else. Some would argue that sellers are better off using a paid ecommerce platform which you would own yourself. This way you are creating a more tangible asset. For some sellers, this is one of the most important parts of using an ecommerce store as opposed to just listing on a site such as eBay.

Selling success will take time and effort. I guess you might say that this is the cost of selling your items on a free store; your time and energy. As I mentioned above, eCrater is growing rapidly. With their visitor numbers growing nearly 30% in the last three months, sellers are encouraged to start listing a few items on eCrater now, to help be part of its growing success.

Are you ready to expand and find a new, fresh audience?

Do we have any current eCrater users out there? I really want to know what your experiences have been so drop me a line by leaving a comment below.

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  • daylen 23rd of February
    I have been attempting to sell on ecrater for several months now and I have a sales total of zero. Most products appear high in Google page rank if you choose to use Google Checkout. There have been many many page views as a result of Google. It is disheartening to watch another of my attempts to sell online end like all the others. In failure. I have no doubt the above ecrater written about works for someone. So far I have not found that good fortune. I am soon going to close down my ecrater store and return to eBay as it is the ONLY platform I have ever sold on.
  • Dave 28th of February
    I haven't used ecrater but I'm seriously considering giving them a go. Can you tell me if you can use your own domain with ecrater?, that way at least part of the shop could be sold on or later developed into a commerce store?
  • Dave 2nd of March
    It's alright I checked, yes you can use you own domain with ecrater by setting up a URL re-direct, you can also use URL masking, could help with this situation of not actually owning your store + its better for branding your business....
  • Patrick 4th of June
    I have been selling on Ebay for about 5 years under ID speedrazerx and for the first 3 1/2 it was great,I was definitely not getting rich but enjoying brisk sales of my toy collection.Then as with many others they stopped featuring our store listings and it dried up,currently I sell barely enough to pay the new monthly fees,and was in the negative last month for the first time.I mainly sell to get rid of the large collection I had accumulated over the years since my interests have changed,but for a while there I actually started buying and reselling various things I found at thrift stores locally at a profit and was really enjoying it so I considered it as a possible new career direction.Well now I've cut my inventory in half to save fees,and pretty much stopped my plans for the local stuff.About a month ago I started trying eCrater under the name cheapcollectibles and hope with the no fee structure,and trying to advertise,I can make some sales (only one so far) that are profitable to be able to try adding new things again.Oh and incidentally I have also noticed a massive reduction in Ebays more unusual product choices,which is what they are known for,and an increase in items from China,Hong Kong etc. with multiple duplicate listings for just about everything(sometimes hundreds),which is a massive annoyance trying to weed through while looking for things,so while choices are becoming limited,searches are taking longer so I've started looking elsewhere to buy as well.So I guess I understand my lack of Ebay sales,just dont like it.
  • Richelle Monfort 29th of June
    @daylen: Its unfortunate you had to close down your eCrater store. But I'm sure you will have more opportunities in the future for another store - may it be on eCrater or elsewhere. All the best!
  • Richelle Monfort 29th of June
    @Dave: I'm sorry what exactly is it that you need help with? I'm a little confused :(
  • Richelle Monfort 29th of June
    @Patrick: Thanks for your input! How are your sales on eCrater? I hope all's well! You can try joining 3rd party forums and add your store's link in your signature area - this is a way a number of sellers use to drive additional traffic. You can also try having store promos to lure more customers into your store. I'd also like to suggest using Traffic Travis it is a free tool. You can use it to help you optimize your site for the search engines, All the best! :)
  • Wholesale 26th of November
    It really looks very cool when you come to know that the portal is offering you free to enlist your items and to open a store and they also don't deduct the charges from your profit but I have noticed whenever a portal gives such offers than this results in a lot of scams so may it is easy to open a store but it will become very difficult to sell items because increase in the spam means decrease in the amount of buyers. Regards its David from UK Wholesalers and Suppliers Directory
  • cybercrisis 25th of May
    I have had a store on ecrater for months with no sales whatsoever. The traffic is horrible compared to eBay. When I compared what eBay charges for listing & FVF it's nothing compared to what I spent on adwords and other campaigns to drive people to my ecrater store. In the end I had no sales at eCrater, spent hundreds of dollars for traffic. I'm not sure what to think. Same item on eBay sells every 3-5 views on eCrater however I had dozens with no buyers? Same item, same price. I've decided not to keep my eCrater store open as no one seems to buy anything there. Too bad it seemed like a good thing..?
  • Irene Vallejo 26th of May
    @cybercrisis: You can drive traffic to your eCrater store by creating a blog to promote products and offer tips on your items. Use several Free Online Classifieds such as OLX and Craigslist to post free ads about your store. Hope this helps. :)
  • Laura 13th of March
    I've been on eCrater for 5 years. eCrater is FREE and that's great, but you can be suspended without notification. It turns out after all this time, my store name (a play on words) sounded too much like the actual product). I had to change the store name. I was KNOWN for my store name. eCrater has a bunch of sellers who have too much time on their hands and they find stores to report and suspend. I read through the "community" boards and found them talking about a bunch of stores - I was on the "hit list." I've been selling on Bonanza without much luck. I left Ebay to go to eCrater, but now want to find another place to put my items. I'm tired of this pettiness.
  • 29th of April
    If money is lost, it can be recovered