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How Top Sellers Find Hot Products to Sell Online

By on December 21 2017

Have you ever wondered how profitable a product will be if you sell it? We've just rolled out an exciting new feature to help give you answers!  We recently teamed up with our friends at Terapeak and are now offering you deeper insights into what's selling best on eBay so you can pick the products with the best success rates and make more sales.  Here's how it works:  Now when you view a category within the directory, you can click through to a Market...

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How to get a Resale License (Sales Tax ID)

By on November 28 2017

A reseller's permit (or resale license) is required for US-based sellers in order to avoid paying sales tax on items you are going to resell.To get a reseller's license you first have to enroll with your state tax department, which involves getting a Sales Tax ID number.

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Why do suppliers ask for specific documents before I order?

Has a supplier refused to even give you a quote unless you show them your tax ID? Don't be surprised—it's totally normal.

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Doba Review - Is Doba worth joining?

Doba has gained some great reviews on the web for providing a sourcing directory specializing in drop shippers. But does the reality live up to the hype?

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When Wholesale Prices are Too High

It's not uncommon for SaleHoo members to find products on eBay that appear to be cheaper than what our approved suppliers sell the items at.  Have you been conned? Are you missing something?  No, you're not being conned, but yes, you could be missing some crucial points that will help you understand how wholesale prices and wholesale buying works and how you can get the best prices possible. Here's a quick guide to why sometimes, you can't find wholesale...

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4 Things You Should Know About When Selling Internationally

Wheather you sell on eBay, your own website, or on an alternative marketplace, selling your items internationally can dramatically increase your number of customers. International buyers often spend more than domestic US buyers for the same item. eBay has published some facts that show international buyers tend to pay 16% more than US buyers for the same good. That alone should be enough of a reason for you to target these international buyers. However, before you get started, there are...

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Find Wholesale Suppliers to Fuel your Holiday Profits!

Need to catch up on this series? Check out the first and second instalments now. If you are following along with this series, you will now know how to find profitable niches, and how to find the average sale price of items by either using the SaleHoo Research Lab or eBay Completed Listings. So now is the time to find the right supplier! (Don’t worry if you are still working on finding a product to sell, you can catch up to this step when you are ready, but don’t delay too much – it’s...

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e-Cigarette - Monday Market of the Week

Trying to figure out what to sell on eBay? This week we do some market research on 'E-Cigarette' looking at demand, competition and wholesale E-Cigarette suppliers to see if it's a market worth getting into.

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Best Ways to Source Wholesale Products from China

Importing from China is a great way for online sellers to get unique products at cheap prices, but it can be complicated and for first-timers,  it's down right daunting! So read on as we review the two most popular forms of sourcing products from China.  China Sourcing Option #1: Buying Online  The Pros  You can do it from home from sites such as Alibaba, Chinavasion, and Made in China.  You can get access to almost every wholesaler on the...

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