5 Popular Selling Tips for Supercharging your Holiday Selling

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As part of SaleHoo's ongoing partnership with with online marketplaceAddoway, their CEO, Fredrick Nijm has agreed to share the 6 popular tips and tricks he sees used the most to sell more this year, especially as you head into the holiday shopping season. Even if you don't sell on Adddoway, these tips can help you get prepared for a successful holiday season. 

Along the way, I am sure you have accumulated a lot of knowledge about selling online. When you find something that works you often continue doing it, but others that don’t work so much, you tend to forget or you continue to improve on them so you can become more efficient and make more sales.

On Addoway, we have some very successful sellers and I am going to reveal to you some of the tips and tricks they use to carry their success. If there are other tricks you have up your sleeve, but aren’t listed below, please share them with us.  

1. They are great communicators - I have said it many times before, but as we all know, communication is key, but not just any communication. You need to have great communication. Buyers often have questions before, during, and after the sale is complete. By providing detailed information in your listings, communicating shipping information right away and/or answering any questions buyers send you directly ASAP, you can help buyers get the answers they need quickly. And when they are happy they will often return and often times bring new friends with them.

2. They list as many items as they can – When a shop has a lot of items it says a lot about the seller. If you can, shoot for 250-500 items in your stores. This gives your storefront a lot of credibility.  

3. They are transparent and social whenever possible – stay active on Twitter, Facebook, your Addoblog and/or personal blog, and forums. Show buyers you are available and are active. But when you are doing this try to spend time asking questions and replying to questions. Don’t try to sell especially in the beginning. Once you become an active commenter, then you can start selling once in awhile, but don’t ever forget how you got to where you are at. No one wants to be sold to all of the time. Be yourself. No one likes that guy at the party who always talks about himself. AddoBlog days are every Wednesday on Addoway. Sellers share their passions, tips and tricks, and what’s going on in their lives to instill trust in their stores and at the same time, they are making friends.

4. They hate being too wordy - Don’t include words like WOW, INCREDIBLE, THE BEST, etc in your titles or descriptions. These words look like they say a lot, but they actually don’t say anything important and will often lose more buyers

5. They take great photos and take lots of them - Go back through all of your listings and make sure each item has at least 3-5 different images. Go over your images and ask yourself, “What does this picture say about my listing?” Having too many pictures is not a problem. On Addoway, you can have up to 6 photos. Use a background that contrasts with your item. You should try to use a plain, white backdrop when possible to make sure your item stands out and try to use natural or artificial lighting to light the entire item thoroughly.

How are your holiday preparations going? Are you expecting a spike in sales? 

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  • Marcus Garcia 5th of September
    I have a question,,,, can I use Salehoo even if not in the US ?
  • Haden de Boer 5th of September
    Hi Marcus, yes we have many members who are not based in the US. Although the majority of our suppliers are US-based.
  • Edward Marshall 7th of September
    I am a neophyte and am very leary of jumping in w/o testing what is underwater some help getting started w/low initial expense so I can get the feel of it all