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Frequently Asked Questions

It's pretty simple! You will automatically be placed in the correct tier if you have completed the required number of sales within the allotted time frame, this applies to both upgrades and downgrades.

Yes, every single product. No matter if the user chooses to pay monthly or annually, you deserve that commission. Unlike other affiliate programs out there, we make it plain and simple: Sell a product and you’ll earn the commission of that product(s) according to the tier that you're in at the time of the sale.

Yes, we will email you and let you know right away when you have entered into a new tier.

Right away! Once you have entered into the new tier, the new commission rate % will apply to all earnings from the day that you moved tiers until the day you move into another tier.

Our affiliate cookies have a life of 60 days. That's a lot longer than the average 30 day life of other affiliate programs in our industry. From the moment the user clicks on your link to 60 days, you'll be credited for anything that they buy.

However, if a user clicks on your affiliate link, goes away, and clicks on another affiliate link, the sale credit will go to the last affiliate link that they clicked on.

If, in the very rare situation, a user suddenly decides to delete cookies on their browser, which some do for privacy reasons, you will unfortunately not get credit for their sale. This applies to every affiliate program on the internet.

The conversion rate will depend on how many clicks you send to our sales pages from your affiliate link. Our affiliates average earning per click (EPC) range from $0.24 all the way to $8.00+

We have tons of training, support, images, banners - you name it. Not only will you get an extensive range of banners and video training resources, we will also provide you with email swipes, review examples, and quick summaries. If you need custom resources, we can even create them for you. Whatever you need, just contact your assigned personal affiliate account manager!

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