Ask an expert: Can I sell on multiple eBay IDs?

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Q: Can I sell on multiple IDs?

A: Yes, you can. In many cases, setting up multiple IDs is actually preferable.

Setting up multiple accounts on eBay is quite easy; all you need is a separate email address for each account. Just create another hotmail or gmail account and you’re good to go!

What are the benefits of using multiple accounts?

•    Keeping your niches separate – A ‘white-elephant’ style account isn’t a professional look (who would you prefer to buy from - JoesOddsnEnds or The_Toy_Specialists?) People have more confidence about making a purchase when they feel they are dealing with a specialist, so it’s ideal if you can dedicate an account to a single niche. It also makes it easier to market your business by sending out targeted newsletters, or employing the neat trick of using your website URL as your eBay username, e.g. LegoCity_com.

•    Do you ever buy wholesale lots from eBay or practice arbitrage? Then you don’t really want to buy your merchandise with the same account as you resell it, otherwise your customers can easily see your markup!

•    If one of your niches doesn’t do so well, or you are forced to close down your account for whatever reason, then multiple accounts give you the flexibility to move around.   (Note that this doesn’t apply for account suspension, because eBay will block your IP address, credit card details, and other information. For ways to get around this, we recommend reading How to get back on eBay after your account got suspended).

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