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The easiest items to sell on Amazon or eBay for a profit

There is no better teacher in life than experience. People can tell us something over and over, but there’s no substitute for actually doing it. Sometimes this results in frustration or failure. Other times you might overcome adversity and succeed. Whatever the outcome, you always come out the other side having learned an important lesson. This principle is something that...

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Top 26 eBay Alternatives: The Best Websites to Sell in 2023

Are you fed up with eBay fees, intense competition and constant policy changes? Read this to find out the best and most profitable places to sell.

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Ask an Expert: How to get negative feedback removed on eBay

Post Contents: [ show hide ] What is eBay’s feedback system and how does it work? What is an eBay Star Rating?  Can you remove negative feedback on eBay? What qualifies for eBay Feedback removal?  Why is it important to remove negative feedback on eBay? How do you change your feedback on eBay? How do you respond to negative feedback on eBay? How do you dispute negative feedback on eBay? What is the lowest feedback score on eBay?  Can you hide...

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12 of the Best Australian Auction Sites

Post Contents: [ show hide ] Amazon Etsy CQout GraysOnline ASOS Marketplace BidMate Fishpond Bonanza Quicksales eBid TradeMe TradingPost Maybe you’ve been scorned by eBay, or you’re just ready to break away and see what other online marketplace platforms have to offer. Either way, you’re wondering what top eBay alternatives would be best for you. eBay Australia is still the undisputed leader in online retail and ecommerce down...

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How to Resolve PayPal Payment Holds in 2018

PayPal is one of the most popular payment methods on the web. However, there are a few downsides that correlate with using PayPal. There’s one, in particular, that we’d like to talk about today: payment holds. If you use PayPal, you may know all about this pesky downfall. If not, we’re about to save you time, energy, and hopefully stress. We’re going to shed some light on PayPal's payment holds policy and provide you with a few steps to to avoid payment...

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eBay Copyright Infringement: What to Do If Your Listing Is Removed

Being one of the world’s largest online marketplaces, eBay has its advantages for sellers. It provides immense exposure, transaction security and more. To keep the site safe and foster trust, eBay enforces a number of rules. One of their policies aims to protect intellectual property owners from copyright, trademark or patent infringement by eBay users. They call this the VeRO program.

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The eBay Seller’s Guide to PayPal Claims, Disputes, and Chargebacks

There are over 179 million active PayPal accounts around the world. Of eBay’s 90 million users, almost 90% have a PayPal account. eBay even allows users to filter search results based on only displaying sellers who accept PayPal. If you sell on eBay, accepting PayPal is critical to enjoying profits. That very real truth doesn’t sit well with all eBay sellers, as PayPal has earned a less-than-stellar reputation among some merchants—especially when eBay and PayPal...

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eBay Selling Tip: How to watermark your product photos

We all know the importance of taking good photos for our eBay listings. It's true what they say, a picture paints a thousand words! Wouldn't it be nice if a picture made you a thousand dollars?  Well, I can't make any promises, but here is a quick eBay selling tip that will make your product photos look ultra professional: Watermarking them!  Watermarking your product photos adds your business name or eBay username to images. Here's an example: As you...

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Quick Guide to eBay Listing Upgrades: Are they worth paying for?

eBay fees are a sore point among many sellers. However, the fees you pay cover all the costs of making the marketplace so great. Along with listing fees and Final Value Fees, eBay also offers Listing Upgrades, but each come at a cost. These upgrades offer your listings greater exposure, and therefore, should increase your sale price. There are a few Listing Upgrades to choose from, so which ones are worth paying for? Below I've listed eBay's most popular Listing Upgrades and...

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