Exciting Announcement and Cool Results!

Hi SaleHoo members!

We recently asked a segment of our subscribers to complete a short survey to find out exactly what we can do to help you achieve your business goals. 

The results are now in, and we have come up with an exciting way to deliver you more of what you need and turbo-boost your business!

Check out the video below for all the details: 

[Video file=/assets/videos/Survey-results.mp4 style="width: 640px; height:360px;"]

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Libby Kalis on 3:05 8 Sep
Hi Alice, Thanks for the interesting outcome of the survey. I am also amazed that only 4% of those people who were surveyed are interested in writing their listings. I have been selling on eBay for 5 years now, and apart from top quality photos of items, the copywrite in listings is essential to being successful online. I am going to sign up for your free videos. Thanks again. Libby Kalis
David McConville on 4:26 8 Sep
Impact gets you sales. Long drawn out, five minute, poorly rehearsed conversations don't. Make things crisp if you want to keep the American audience.
Richard Nale on 5:50 8 Sep
Hey - Good stuff! Nice to know I am in the majority once in awhile! Ha! Writing listings - If you write it correctly - buyers will buy............ Waiting to see the training - every little bit helps. Thanks!!
phil on 16:54 9 Sep
why am i having issues assessing your wholesale directory
Alice Delore on 20:55 11 Sep

Great, thanks for signing up, I hope you enjoy them :)


Thanks for the feedback, I try to keep my videos more casual and personable rather than stark and 'well rehearsed'.

Alice Delore on 20:56 11 Sep

Can you please tell me what issues you are having with access the directory? Are you unable to login as a member? Is the site running slowly?

We will get your access sorted ASAP!

Thanks :)
Azure Goh on 3:50 12 Sep
So hard to find a good bag directory. kath kidson or coach all. :(
Irene Vallejo on 4:13 12 Sep
@ceruleanangela: Unfortunately it is not possible to source genuine Coach products wholesale. The only way to legitimately source Coach purses, handbags and other merchandise is to use liquidators. Do email us at http://www.salehoo.com/support and we'll give you more information regarding these liquidators as well as supplier recommendation for genuine, designer brand handbags! :) @phil: Yes, we are waiting right at http://www.salehoo.com/support Let us know what difficulty you are having with our SaleHoo Directory, and we'd be more than glad to assist you. :) Cheers!
Jim on 2:23 22 Sep
I am becoming more interested in SaleHoo. I wonder if there is a minimum order or is that up to the individual supplier. I would have no problem with a minimum order as long as it were not too big. Also I have some suppliers would I be able to use them on my site from SaleHoo?
Martin on 13:44 23 Sep
Hi, I just joined and it all seems good so far. I'm based in Ireland and was wondering if you have many or any selling from here and using your drop shippers with success? I'd also like the liquidators of designer legit handbags etc. as I was selling them on eBay but my supplier ceased to exist.
Dave Miller on 11:44 25 Sep
Thanks, more very useful information from the wonderful and super experienced SaleHoo team!
Irene Vallejo on 19:58 25 Sep
@Martin: Kindly send us your questions at http://www.salehoo.com/support. I was about to send you answers thru private message but I can't click on your profile. Welcome to SaleHoo!


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