eCommerce Blog / SaleHoo Releases New Trade Show Directory: Meet Suppliers Face to Face in Your City!

SaleHoo Releases New Trade Show Directory: Meet Suppliers Face to Face in Your City!

Finding reliable suppliers with rock-bottom priced goods just got even easier! Introducing the SaleHoo Trade Show Directory.

We've long preached that trade shows are a fantastic way to find new products to sell and meet some of the best local and international suppliers for those products face to face.

Our new trade show directory brings the latest trade shows and product sourcing events to your fingertips. With over 130 countries covered, this is one of the most comprehensive trade show directories on the web. Even our members in Gabon, London or Christchurch can find out where their nearest trade show is, click through and register to attend, and then stroll down and meet some of the best  suppliers in the market today!

Why use trade shows?

When you visit a trade show, you can expect to get access to some of the best wholesale prices around. This is because suppliers are there specifically to gain new clients, and that usually means free samples, amazing introductory offers on your first wholesale lot and  plenty of opportunities to strike long-term cut-price deals. So make the most of their schmoozing! Also, many of the exhibitors are  manufacturers, meaning you can go direct to the source.

Trade shows are primarily to give suppliers an opportunity to showcase their hot new products, so they are a brilliant place to spot  up-and-coming trends - and you can be among the first to stock them in your product line. The sheer range of products on show is guaranteed to get your creative juices flowing and it'd be a bad day if you didn't leave with more than a dozen new ideas for your product line.

Another benefit of attending trade shows is the opportunity to meet suppliers face to face and start building solid relationships with them. Of course, you can't become a supplier's best friend in a day, but it does massively accelerate the time it usually takes to build a good and trusting relationship.  It's a lot easier for both sides when you can ask questions directly and actually handle the products in question to ascertain quality and other specifications.

How to use the Trade Show Directory

The SaleHoo Trade Show Directory is really easy to use.

  1. Visit and select the country you want to search.
  2. From there, you can browse through the results that the directory generates for you, or narrow them down by selecting a city.
  3. When you find a trade show listing that you like the look of, click to find out more about who is attending the trade show and what kind of items will be showcased.
  4. If you like the look of a particular show, you can then register to attend.

I've used a lot of trade show directories in the past, and this one is definitely the cleanest and easiest to navigate. Plus, unlike other trade show directories, the pages aren't clogged up with flashing advertisements that distract you from finding the information you really need!

Give Us Feedback

Because we want to get this handy new feature out to you ASAP, we have released a very basic version at this stage. Our savvy developers are still working hard on a bunch of additional features to make this even better for you to use, so if you have any bright ideas on how we can improve it, let us know by either filling in our feedback form, or leaving a comment below.

Thanks in advance for your feedback! 


Comments (6)

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Alan P Moskoe on 23:12 22 Jun
Your map & population description for "LAS VEGAS" in the USA is for "Las Vegas" New Mexico not NEVADA. Suggest You correct it to display Nevada location & correct population figure.
Alice Delore on 1:34 23 Jun
Thanks Alan, this is a known issue and our developers are currently looking into it :)
Pedro Prata on 9:05 23 Jun
This a good tool for supliers like my company. it will be much easier to look for trade shows worldwide. good work Salehoo!
Jim (the webguy) Henderson on 2:00 24 Jun
Actually, as a web developer, I would suggest that you guys use the Google API's for location based services. I am sure you guys are but we use them for stuff we do where I work and we have never had that mistake happen with Las Vegas.
Miller on 16:21 26 Jun
Thank you for this I will spend some time to look all over the world!!
Richelle Monfort on 1:23 28 Jun
@Pedro: Thanks! We're pleased to learn that you find this new feature valuable. @Jim: I'll pass your suggestion along to our admin and tech staff. @Miller: Your welcome, Miller! Please fell free to contact us should you have any questions. Cheers guys! :)


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