The 6-Figure Product Framework

Ready to find a 6 figure dropshipping product?

Download the 6-figure Product Framework video and ebook and discover the 6 simple steps to unlock profitable, in-demand products, on repeat.


Before joining SaleHoo, we were deeply frustrated with fraudulent and poor performing drop shippers. Plus, we had difficulties finding a wide variety of goods. When we joined SaleHoo, we noticed that we were starting to find real dropshippers that also shipped on time! As a result, Little Green Dresses started to take off too. Our Amazon ratings also increased because of on-time shipments!

Bruce Kowkabany

What’s inside the 6-Figure Product Framework?

Finding a product is one of the biggest hurdles new business owners face. Until now.

Inside the framework, you’ll discover:

  • The 4 must-have criteria for a winning product
  • The quickest way to make a shortlist of trending products
  • How to spy on the competition so you’ll always be one step ahead
  • The critical metrics that will tell you how much money you can make from your winning product
  • The simple trick to find out exactly what your customers want to buy from you before you start selling it
  • How to find out which products have a ready-and-waiting market…and which popular products you should avoid

And to make sure there’s absolutely nothing to stop you starting your 6-figure business…

You’ll also get immediate access to 30 of the hottest
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SaleHoo is helpful, better quality, and way faster shipping! They have more US stock than anyone else. The quality of my products has increased. I have happier customers!

Erin Roberts

After working with many online "Guru's" I've finally found the right company...with the right people giving the right answers ready & willing to genuinely assist until your problems are resolved...I'm blown away by the amount of value I've received...they actually take time to listen and respond to your needs...I recommend this company Very... Highly

Marco Ziervogel

Enormous amount of products and wholesalers. Product reviews and trends. Guides and tutorials. Amazing platform and store front themes. It’s all in one place!

Laura Sherman

Building a highly profitable business doesn't have to be hard

Download the 6-Figure Product Framework
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