I started with nothing but a hope and a dream. With help from SaleHoo, I was able to source quality suppliers who were willing to give me a chance. Now, because of the lists provided by SaleHoo, after only 4 months in, my top line is $70,000 per year and growing. That's a huge leap from $0 just 4 short months ago..
Chris Botting, CA

In this free playbook you’ll discover…

  • Which of the 3 types of eCommerce store is best for your business
  • The game-changing tool to beat scammers and find winning products in a couple of clicks
  • The top 3 Shopify themes… and which one is the favourite of a very famous dropshipper
  • The 4 critical pages you need to make your store look legitimate
  • How to easily increase your Average Order Value (without any extra work!)
  • The must-have app to prevent sticker shock for international customers
  • 3 simple optimization techniques to entice your customers to buy from you again
So you can get set up and start earning extra income in just 3 days!
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I love SaleHoo for 3 reasons: the amazing suppliers, the expert advice and information provided, and the friendly people that helped me with my website! I recommend SaleHoo to anyone because they show and tell you how to get things started even if you are a beginner.
James Jones
After working with many online "Guru's" I've finally found the right company...with the right people giving the right answers ready & willing to genuinely assist until your problems are resolved...I'm blown away by the amount of value I've received...they actually take time to listen and respond to your needs...I recommend this company Very... Highly
Marco Ziervogel
I love how easy this makes it to find your next supplier! It has such a large category of suppliers, I was able to significantly scale my store. I've greatly reduced the time spent on researching and vetting suppliers. Salehoo narrows down my preferences and needs in a wholesaler. I can now focus more on other parts of my business.
Daniel G

Who are we?

Meet the Shopify experts behind SaleHoo!

Simon Slade

Simon’s the founder of SaleHoo and an eCommerce veteran. His own stores bring in over $5 million every year.

But when he was starting out he struggled to know which products to sell, and in what niche. He found heaps of information, but most of it was out of date, low in quality, or just wrong…

So he made it his mission to help other would-be entrepreneurs. Today he’s helped over 167,000 entrepreneurs become their own bosses and create financial freedom!

Sarah Li

Sarah’s a dropship Education Specialist at SaleHoo.

She’s built not one but FOUR multi-million dollar online stores. In just three years.

Since starting out, Sarah has become an expert in Shopify, customer management (including how to deal with those sticky situations), creating seamless brand experiences and building a solid team.

With over 10,000 customers and 20,000+ orders, Sarah knows exactly how to start and scale a thriving ecommerce business!

Say goodbye to the grind, once and for all. Create your life-changing business today!

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