This site has been very helpful to someone like me who has no idea how to find wholesalers. Every wholesaler I've found and purchased from has been great. They provide how many years the supplier has been active as well.
Theresa Dawn Formby

Here’s what you’ll find inside the mini-directory

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Inside the mini-directory you’ll discover:
  • 20 under-the-radar suppliers from the USA, Canada, Europe and Australia
  • "Insider" access to each supplier, including direct contact details and product research - no strings attached
  • Expected market growth for each niche, so you can easily choose the most profitable option in a niche you love
  • The Supplier Outreach email template that we’ve used to start multi-million dollar supplier relationships
All you have to do is choose your supplier and hit send!
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A lot of research has been done for you so that you can just make a quick call/email to start a relationship and know the supplier is trusted.
Brandon Mineska
I love how easy this makes it to find your next supplier! It has such a large category of suppliers, I was able to significantly scale my store. I've greatly reduced the time spent on researching and vetting suppliers. Salehoo narrows down my preferences and needs in a wholesaler. I can now focus more on other parts of my business.
Daniel G
SaleHoo has the best selection of traditional and dropshipping wholesalers you can find. But they are way more than just a wholesalers directory. They have a huge amount of trainings and materials that will help you on almost every stage of building online business. SaleHoo is a full package, everything you need in one place. I highly recommend!
Damian Duma
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