4 Expert Tips for New Dropshippers

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19 Nov 20 12:47:24 am
Dropshipping is a new and exciting business model that can take your business dreams to new heights. Here are some of our expert tips for new dropshippers:

1️⃣Don’t compete solely on price: Instead of thinking about how you can lower the price of a product, think about how you can communicate your brand’s value, and demand a higher price.

2️⃣Get specific with your niche: Instead of selling yoga gear, consider selling plus size yoga gear. The more specific you get, the less competition you’ll have, and you can charge a higher price.

3️⃣Customer service matters: With so many e-Commerce stores nowadays, people want a customer experience that matches a brick and mortar store. That means having a good customer support system, follow up emails, and paying attention to complaints.

4️⃣Pay attention to seasons and holidays: By showing that you’re up to date with current events, you become more trustworthy to your customers, and also have more opportunities to draw in sales with holiday specials.

For more dropshipping knowledge, make sure to check out this SaleHoo blog:

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