Adult male and female clothing for the Australian/American market - wholesaler/dropshipper wanted

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7 Aug 10 09:19:24 am
Hi all,
I havent been here for a bit, however looking thru the forums i have noticed alot of australian's finding it hard to locate australian dropshipers.

Over the years of research and selling i have found one quality australian jeweller (designer, wholesaler, dropshiper). They supply allot of australian retail outlets and can supply you with 2000 products for dropship. They COD for start and when you qualify a credit account can be organised. I personal have used these guys for years, both for myself and setting up various retail outlets. Prices are good and since you be selling online you will easily beat any price brick and mortar store will give.

Also if you are looking for a wholesaler for products such as mobile phone accessories, computer parts, speakers (home, car etc) projectors, cabling, game accessories, lcd/plasma screen brackets, handman tools and parts, blank cd's, tapes, cassette, cases and much more. I have a supplier. They dont dropship however they only charge $9 for courier delivery on all purchases. This supplier will only send to yourself. Its upto you to send the product onto your customer. These guys sell quality products, just not the big branded stuff. Been using them for 6 years now no problems and made a nice little fortune from them. Well over 5000+ products to choose from and constantly having new promo's and products.

Both these suppliers you can open a account with when you provide you ABN, Company name, etc. Just like all legit wholesalers.

However i am looking for a quality legit wholesaler / dropshiper for adult male and female clothing for the australian / american market. Its a one for one deal. Might sound a bit mean however i am having trouble finding a quality clothing supplier be it branded or non branded.

If anyone is interested or can help me out either post here or pm me. Good luck on your search for legit quality wholesalers and dropshipers all.

Eric (crazieprofits)

Ps: I forgot to say the jewellery wholesaler sell 9ct / 18ct chains, dress rings, diamond rings, pendants, body jewellery, bracelets, precious stone jewellery, silver jewellery. Just like you buy from retailers in the shops

Eric Bailey
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23 Sep 10 05:15:34 am
Hi crazieprofits,

It seems that Link hidden: Login to view is the only drop shipper based in Australia with clothing in their inventory. I'll let you know once we get something new.

Kind regards,


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11 Nov 10 12:16:11 pm
I am looking for a quality australian jeweller that dropships i notice you have used one do yu have the website
kind regards alison

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11 Nov 10 09:48:42 pm
[quote]I am looking for a quality australian jeweller that dropships i notice you have used one do yu have the website
kind regards alison[/quote]

Welcome to SaleHoo Alison - Nice to have you here with us!

I'm not sure if your asking Crazieprofits or Irene for the website link. But I'll be happy to help you search for suitable suppliers. I'll get back to you shortly.



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11 Nov 10 09:55:26 pm
Hi and welcome to SaleHoo, Alison! It's good to have you here.


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