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23 Nov 06 08:28:36 pm
does anyone know of a dropshipper, or decent wholesaler for the apple ipod range, hope someone with experiance can help.

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23 Nov 06 09:40:37 pm
You can please try to checkout these suppliers:

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27 Nov 06 01:15:46 pm
Does anyone have expeirences with Mkenterprise??

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28 Nov 06 08:41:20 pm
It seems like Salehoo always replies with MK Enterprise. You can't expect this guy to make a profit if your sending him to a site that has an ipod for only $7 off retail.

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28 Nov 06 09:53:45 pm
Your not going to find many suppliers that can have ipods at prices that you can find profitable unless the items are refurbished. Or you can buy a very large quantity of them. Ive come across many such sites. But Seriously those Sell out as fast as the wholesellers list them.

Now I myself would not recommend Mk as a supplyer for ipods as they dont sell them at A price I would Prefer. They do have some good deals on US version Xbox360's but currently they are sold out. Ill Make an announcement as soon as they get more of those in .

As with all suppliers we recommend, you have to search and sift through thier products. Not all items are a great buy.

Have you guys tried finding Zune wholesellers. Ive seen Many wholesellers selling zunes 50 bucks or more less then the ebay selling prices. Zune is definately gonna scratch into Apples market hard so maybe you should lean toward that before everyone jumps on the bandwagon

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