Are there dropshippers listed on DHgate/Alibaba?

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11 Nov 13 05:03:11 pm
Hi SaleHoo members and staff,

I'm a newbie and am exploring around to establish my business model. I noticed that DHgate and Alibaba are pretty well-known product sources and I would like to know how (if there is any) can I source dropshippers on the two mentioned sites?

Thanks in advance.

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11 Nov 13 07:39:42 pm
Hi Joanne and welcome to SaleHoo

Sites such as DH and Alibaba are what is called B2B (Business to Business) directories. You have to always remember with these types of directories that they are just that, a directory. When you deal on Alibaba, you're not dealing with Alibaba itself, you're dealing with independent suppliers advertising on the site.

These directories can be great resources, but they can also be your worst nightmare. You'll find everything form genuine suppliers, fake makers and outright scammers who will take your cash, but never deliver a single thing. So it's really important that before you do any business with any supplier, you do your research on them.

In regards to Drop Shipping itself, these types of directories are more wholesale suppliers than Drop Shippers. However, it never hurts to ask a supplier if that is something they will do for you.

2 major tips

Never buy any branded products form Chinese supplier, at best you will be buying fakes (no matter what they will tell you) and at worst, you'll get scammed out of your money altogether.

Second tip, when you finally do decide you're happy to proceed with an order from a supplier, always choose a safe payment option. Credit Card or PayPal, never a wire transfer. A wire transfer is the absolute quickest way to loose your money!

Mark (fudjj)

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11 Nov 13 08:15:54 pm
Thanks Marc for your advice!

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16 Nov 13 07:03:26 pm
Take Marc's advice. Example: Gucci Sunglasses for sale on Aliexpress (subsite of Alibabba) Gucci Sunglasses are made in Italy by one of the three largest sunglasses makers in the world, Safilo. They make 21 designer brands and ONLY in Italy.

Yet the Chinese based companies will tell you that these genuine because they print made in Italy on them.

These sites are great for many things but if any item is branded, it's fake, period!

I have purchased a large amount of reader glasses in various strengths and did well with them but keep this in mind:

1. Purchase a test item first and let them no your intentions. This will test not only their product, but will also test their shipping and financial transaction ability

2. ONLY work with a supplier that offers Escrow and pay using a CC only. or a CC and Paypal which will then give you triple protection if something goes wrong

Good luck!

Kirk Billingsley
MarQuee Trading,Inc.


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