Baby products/furniture - Australian suppliers WANTED!

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20 Jul 11 10:16:10 am

I know i asked this not too long ago but i am desperately trying to find suppliers of baby products in australia.
I have been on the net all day trying and unsuccessful at locating them- what am i doing wrong?
i know they are about as you only need to see other ebay listings selling for example cots and you know they are getting their products from someone (dropshipping) as they are being dispatched from warehouses within australia and even offering pick ups.
does anyone know these warehouse suppliers, i have tried everything.
please help...........

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20 Jul 11 05:39:21 pm
You might consider some "guerilla tactics."

Buy something or some things from a few of these sellers, and pore over tracking info, packaging, packing slips and everything else. Compare the fine print on the actual item (usually around the UPC code) to what you see on the same item in a retail store (it is not uncommon for retail items to be manufactured under different contracts by different manufacturers -- the classic example being CD/DVD clubs, who offer low prices because they manufacture their own discs and packaging.)

If they're coming from warehouses, buy something, then contact the seller to get an RMA and see where it is you're to ship the item. You don't even necessarily have to follow through on the return -- just get the name/address, and see if it turns out to be useful.

If you are not going into direct competition with one of those sellers, contact them about a possible deal on some complementing product. If they're disinterested, or you can't agree on price, by a couple at whatever price you can get, then ask them politely for the supplier. Offer to sign an ND/NC if it'll help without ankling your own venture.

Sometimes you just have to be aggressive to crack into a market.


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20 Jul 11 08:58:10 pm
I'll throw in something from one of Planes old tips.


Not that crazy when you think about it. After hours, check out the packaging that gets thrown out, look for business details that are almost always stamped on the cartons.

It's been known to lead people to some very good suppliers.

When you're in these types of stores, check the underneath of products. You can also find company info stamped on a lot of products sitting there right on the shelf : )

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21 Jul 11 01:17:17 am
@fudjj: Yes, I do recall a post by planes on finding great suppliers that way. Nice one!

@shazzaree: Please check your other post Satya has done an off-SaleHoo search for you - Link hidden: Login to view

Sometimes, not all suppliers are online. It might seem odd in this time and age of computers and everything being online but some companies like to stay offline, so the tip fudjj gave you might work for you.

Good luck!!! :)


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21 Jul 11 02:04:48 am
Hi- Thank you so much everyone.
But at this stage i am more after cots, toddler beds, baby car seats, strollers, prams, amber teething beads etc.
I do not plan on selling these on ebay at this stage as i have a different approch in mind (mainly due to the outragious fees ebay impose)
Can anyone direct me in the right direction for these products?
Obviously i cant go out and buy a cot (as we already have one)
I just need to try and find out where these warehouses are that are not easily advertised, even ones that are not verified as such by salehoo as i would be at a advantage being located in Aust to find out how legit etc they are...i know they are about i just cant find them :(
I also know that to get real wholesale prices i require a abn number but does anyone know that if i get one do i need to delare every 3 months what i am earning as it is under 75k (infact i am not earning anything at this stage) so not really sure if it is worth my while atm to do so?
Please your hep is very much appreciated and needed.

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21 Jul 11 02:13:02 am
i forgot to add that i need these products to reach the aust/nz safety standards.

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22 Jul 11 10:28:55 am
If you purchase things with the intention of selling for a profit, you will be liable to pay tax. The 75k you mention is the turnover threshold for paying GST. I think the current tax free threshold is still $6000 (may be increasing to around 18k soon - I think I read in the paper today). So if you currently earn over and above $6000, you must pay tax.

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23 Jul 11 12:04:14 pm
As long as you are earning under 75K, no need to do BAS every 3 months, just keep good records and do your usual tax return each year as normal


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