Benefits of using SaleHoo over Aliexpress

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7 Nov 16 10:23:00 pm
Let me preface my question by admitting that I'm new to drop shipping. I am fully aware that I don't fully understand all aspects to this industry yet, so please bare with me as I ask some silly questions :)

Like all of you, I paid for a Salehoo account and am very happy with the site and what the the community has offered me so far, in terms of help and advice. However, I couldn't help but notice that Aliexpress is free while seeming to have a bigger reputation and a bigger catalog. Are there benefits to Salehoo that other websites don't offer?

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7 Nov 16 11:19:51 pm
It's hard to compare the two sites as they are completely different to each other.

Aliexpress is what is called a B2B directory (business to business) It's like Alibaba, Tradekey, Tradetang, Global Sources and so on, all provide a B2B directory

SaleHoo operates on multiple levels. We do have suppliers and they are fully verified by SaleHoo as safe for our members to trade with. That aside, SaleHoo is also an educational platform assisting members wanting to learn about e-commerce and advisers solutions where problems arise.

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22 Nov 16 01:14:46 am
Hi Jon,

Mark is right. There would be no point of comparison between SaleHoo and AliExpress since both are operating differently. AliExpress is an e-Commerce website with sellers from China while SaleHoo is a directory of suppliers from all over the world including China. AliExpress is composed mostly of retailers selling by piece or "wholesale".

The BIG advantage of being a member of the SaleHoo community lies in the reliability of the listed suppliers. We all know China suppliers is infamous for generating customer complaints and with AliExpress having majority (if not, all) of their suppliers from mainland China then you would have some major sleuthing to do before you can guarantee the trustworthiness of the seller you want to be involved with. While SaleHoo's creed is to ensure verification of a supplier before even approving them to be a part of the directory. We even conduct timely check-ups on the supplier even to the point of doing sample orders just so our members need not to risk their money when dealing with our suppliers.

That being said, saving valuable research time, effort, and money are part of SaleHoo's checklist as a promise to our customers. Not to mention, the other offerings that Mark have mentioned! :)


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