Branded watches - dropshippers needed

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25 May 10 02:45:24 pm

First, I'm sorry for my English. I joined SaleHoo today and I am looking for branded watches like Emporio Armani, D&G, Gucci and more. I have researched all links in SaleHoo nearly in 10 hours. Then, I found a few web link and read them all but when I compared all prices with eBay, I saw that the dropshippers price were not cheaper than eBay. Now, I don't understand,.

How can I sell on eBay or any other site? Can anybody help me? I can't work with wholesale because my country's customs applies high taxes
that's why I prefer to work with dropshippers.

Thank you and best regards!

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26 May 10 01:34:59 am
Hi opctebur,

Glad to have you here! :)

eBay is the most competitive marketplace in the world, especially for designer products which are often driven down to ridiculously low profits there. Unfortunately this means that you can't expect to make a profit drop shipping these items on eBay. Of all supply methods, drop shipping gives you the smallest margins, as you are essentially buying products individually meaning you don't benefit from volume discounts. Drop shipping has other advantages like letting you test a market without too much risk, and expand your product range without having to invest heavily in stock but a good wholesale price is not the main benefit of drop shipping.

Quite frankly, drop shipping doesn't work that well on eBay unless you find a niche where competition is small.

Another thing to bear in mind is that there are some sellers offering counterfeit watches from China on eBay as well (despite eBay cracking down on this), so this also lowers the price for these watches overall.

So now you understand why drop shipping Emporio Armani watches on eBay isn't a good business move, I have two recommendations for you:
1. Use the Research Lab to find a different product to sell on eBay preferably non-designer. Or we can suggest some good products to try selling if you get stuck!
2. You can check out other selling platforms like Bonanza or eBid, where the competition is less intense, potentially allowing you drop ship watches for a profit.

Selling profitably on eBay isn't something you can rush into; it does require quite a bit of research, which is why we are here to help! :)

P.S. Don't forget to upload a profile picture next time.

Have a nice day!


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26 May 10 05:28:53 am
Irene has it spot on. Here is a little info on the counterfeit items. About 50% of Sunglasses, watches and about 25%+ of DVDs and CDs are counterfeit on eBay.

Quite a few sellers sell anonymously on eBay and have elaborate schemes set up so that when eBay suspends them, they have another account ready behind the scenes to start again.

Now of course this isn't all the sellers. Many are legit. But I would never ever buy a watch or a pair of designer sunglasses from eBay ever. Or a designer bag or a pair of fancy jeans. Never ever ever.

Some sellers are top sellers with Powerseller status and are selling stuff that is completely counterfeit.

Again this isn't all sellers. I am sure many are legit but there are a lot of bad ones. Customs only catches about 10% of the counterfeit cargo crossing the US borders.

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26 May 10 08:09:32 am

Thank you for your answers planes and irene.

I understand I have to give up sell branded watches :)

Actually, my eBay accounts suspended nearly 2 months. I sent them the needed documents but still nothing and now i am trying Bonanzle. I put 2 items but still not active.

"This is a booth preview only. Nobody can see it but you. Return to booth edit page and click "Activate Booth" to save it."

I saved it a few times but nothing. I don't understand why. I think I will learn this job :) (maybe a little English too)

Maybe you can guide me?
1. Where do I have to start?
2. What do I have to sell for a start?

Again, sorry for my English

Thank you
Best regards

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27 May 10 12:12:50 am
Hi opctebur,

I haven't really used Bonanzle, but maybe this link can help you with how you can post your products on Bonanzle:

Link hidden: Login to view

Also, I suggest you PM fudjj our community manager - he knows his way pretty well on Bonanzle!

Here are some products we have found to have good profit margins:

- Clothing
- Skin care (e.g. anti-ageing & acne treatment)
- Vacation-related items (swimsuits, crocs, sunblock)
- Homewares (towels, sheets)
- Accessories for electronics
- Crafts & hobby items
- Sporting goods
- Computers & computer parts
- Auto & motorbike
- Unique items/collectibles

Finding a product with a high profit margin usually means finding a niche market. However, bear in mind that we give out this list to anyone who asks! It is always most profitable to come up with your own niche market.

One of the best ways of doing this is just by selling some stuff from around the house that you no longer need any more. In the process, you will often stumble across items that sell really well that you would never have otherwise picked!

Hope this helps!


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27 May 10 05:05:38 am
You might try Ecrater. I have only 15 items for sale and get steady traffic and sales.
I have not had any luck with Bonanzle. Personally I am not a fan of their community type selling but don't let that dissuade you. Many are having some success with that venue. It's a little tricky to figure it all out.

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27 May 10 07:35:55 am
Hi opctebur, and welcome to the site.

Sounds to me like the site may be experiencing some issues. I would contact customer support, they do have quite an efficient support team there and they will be able to sort that out for you.

If you're going to sell on Bonanzle I suggest you get involved in the forums there, it gets your name known among the other sellers, and while some will say that's a waste of time because they're sellers like you, not buyers, what those people overlook is the fact that all those sellers know other people, and will happily spread the word among their friends if they think you have products that those friends would be interested in.

Ecrater has also been mentioned, and it's another free listing platform that you should also take a closer look at. The more markets you cover, the better the chances of making sales!

Btw, don't worry about the English, it's my native tongue and I struggle with it myself : )

Mark (fudjj)

Community Manager

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