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Brandsdistribution.com - can I deal with this company?

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5 Oct 12 10:22:22 pm
I'm looking for fashion designer goods and came across this site earlier. They sell a lot of what I want to sell in my store and liked it alot! They take a monthly price of 400Euros. I just wonder if this is a good dealer and if it's real or fake products. Have anyone worked with this company? Any review?

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7 Oct 12 03:30:10 pm
400 Euros a month is a hell of a price to find out if they're worth it. Can you see the prices without buying a membership? You'll have to target something like $1,500-$2,000 a month in sales from that single supplier, in order to break even on that one supplier. Of course, that's not a huge amount of sales; just saying it's quite a bar to jump over when all that volume is doing is subsidising your membership fee.

Information available online about BD seems mixed. Lots of people happy with the products, not a lot of people happy with the prices or service. I'm not sure I could personally tolerate subpar service when I am paying over $500 a month for the privilege of being a customer, but of course I don't work that niche and don't know what kind of volume you anticipate doing. ie. many of my own misgivings about the site stem from the vantage point of testing or just starting out in a niche, where a $500+ monthly membership fee would be prohibitive. Established sellers and people who really know the niche may see it very differently.


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8 Oct 12 11:24:34 am
I know that is ALOT. I registred and i can see all the products and prices, and i think its worth it. I save like 70%, but im new in this business. But i dont know if i can deal with this company and need thips!

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9 Oct 12 03:17:28 am
Yes, the reviews seem to be mixed so it's a bit of a challenge to confirm how exactly they are as a supplier.

You might find this helpful - Link hidden: Login to view

All the best!


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6 Apr 13 08:55:58 pm
unfortunately they do not support United States. only supporting EU countries. but really nice brands and cool price.,

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