Can anyone recommend a true wholesale dropshipper?

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27 Jun 10 06:54:52 pm
I am new to SaleHoo and have been searching the directory diligently for dropshippers that really sell at wholesale prices. So far however the ones I have looked through their catalogs and compared their prices with other "retail" sources as well as eBay and amazon, most of the products can be purchased at a lower cost other places other than the so called "dropshipper". One of the drop shippers was even as much as 40% higher than retail at Walmart.

So I guess what I am asking is, can anyone recommend a true wholesale dropshipper?

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27 Jun 10 08:41:00 pm
what products are you trying to source?

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27 Jun 10 08:51:12 pm
Specifically been looking at electronics, video games, and handbags.

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28 Jun 10 03:19:26 am
Hi anniesron,

In general, the profit on drop shipped items is not as high as for items purchased in bulk, because drop shippers charge a slightly inflated price to cover the storage and handling of the products they offer.

For brand name electronics you will need to get them directly from the companies and will be required to purchase the merchandise wholesale, which will involve a lot of money ($10.000 minimum). I can say there is too much competition with brand name electronics and you will be up against sellers with a lot of buying power.

Here are past forum posts that discussed about this matter - Link hidden: Login to view

However, there are several electronics suppliers that can dropship. Link hidden: Login to view has earned enough positive reviews worth recommending.

Are you after designer brand handbags? I’d like to share with you that locating suppliers for authentic, high-end brand products will not be easy, as these brand name companies usually tend to sell their products through their authorized distributors and licensed retail stores. This is their course of action as part of their campaign to put an end to the distribution of any product imitations. The other way, aside from licensed retail stores, to get authentic brand name products would be through liquidation.

The SaleHoo directory contains suppliers/liquidators for authentic brand-name products as well as suppliers of generic brands. Suppliers of authentic brands should provide you with official authentication paperwork when you purchase these products.

We suggest that you contact the supplier directly and inquire about the product you wish to purchase. Request that they provide you with a proof of authenticity for their products, as most brand name items come with official paperwork for the resale of these items.

All our suppliers offer safe payment methods, so if the product you order is anything less than you expected, you are able to get your money back easily.

You may try Link hidden: Login to view (they drop ship).

Kindly leave a review should you get the chance to deal with any of the suppliers in our directory. :)

Have a nice day!



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