Changing line of products - Suggestion on more profitable trade or line of products?

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22 Aug 11 02:33:39 am
I am new to dropshipping, spend a lot of money on the site, hosting and the ecommerce software and thought to sell the most wanted items and mainly focused on electronic gadgets and accessories.
It seems that the market is saturated in the field and the competition is very high.
Any suggestion on more profitable trade or line of products?

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22 Aug 11 02:58:47 am
Hi avipbiz,

Welcome to SaleHoo and thanks for posting your pic :)

That's a good realization! Why not try selling accessories for electronic products. Accessories are often easier to sell/ship as they are much cheaper. Here are some products we have found to have good profit margins:

- Clothing
- Skin care (e.g. anti-ageing & acne treatment)
- Vacation-related items (swimsuits, crocs, sunblock)
- Homewares (towels, sheets)
- Crafts & hobby items
- Sporting goods
- Computers & computer parts
- Auto & motorbike
- Unique items/collectibles

Also try checking for the trends within your market, as these will differ/vary based on location. Things/products/brands being repeatedly mentioned in several forms of media - TV, radio, magazines/newspapers are products that mostly likely have a high potential in your market.

Hope this helps :)


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22 Aug 11 05:56:29 am
Thank you so much, but now I'm in deeper problem :)
you just posted nine major lines and that is even harder.
I think I will try to add the health/cosmetics, we'll see how it works

Thank you

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22 Aug 11 06:09:02 pm
Electronics is a sucker bet for beginners -- you will get eaten alive by the competition, who often includes your own suppliers (a phenomenon that seems especially common in the electronics niche, wholesalers who also sell retail either directly or under an alternate name.) Honestly, almost any niche is better for beginners than electronics -- it attracts new people because it's sexy and seems like a "no brainer," but most fail to realise that the margins are pitiful and that a huge amount of the consumer electronics that are produced in the world are destined for the bargain bin by the time they get out of the factory.


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