Chinavasion, lol

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26 Sep 11 06:46:23 am
[Chinavasion:5d7f2202]: Hi, how can I help you?

ME: trying to update my address but it states I can't use the same phone number, but its the same phone number, we have not changed town or anything just address

[Chinavasion:5d7f2202]: I apologize for the inconvenience.

[Chinavasion:5d7f2202]: I am checking that for you now.

[Chinavasion:5d7f2202]: I am afraid you cannot use the same phone number for another address. Please enter a different phone number for the new address.

ME: but it is the same phone number, in australia when you move as long as its the same town, you can move your phone number at the same time, it stays with you

[Chinavasion:5d7f2202]: I understand your point Laurie but I am afraid our system does not accept the same phone number for more than 1 address.

[Chinavasion:5d7f2202]: Are you buying products for personal use or for reselling?

ME: So I need to enter what then?

ME: reselling

[Chinavasion:5d7f2202]: Please enter a different phone number for this address.

ME: what one phone number?

[Chinavasion:5d7f2202]: You can enter your mobile number or any other contact number of yours.

[Chinavasion:5d7f2202]: Are you an online seller or own a shop in Australia?

ME: online

[Chinavasion:5d7f2202]: That is nice.

[Chinavasion:5d7f2202]: Which electronics are you interested in?

ME: so, no number I guess

ME: what ever sells to aussies

[Chinavasion:5d7f2202]: Please take a look at our best selling electronics of all types here: Link hidden: Login to view

ME: but that doesnt answer my query on the phone number

Me: changed it to all 000000000000

ME: thank you
[Chinavasion:5d7f2202]: I am checking that for you now.

[Chinavasion:5d7f2202]: I am afraid the address will not be verified and the order will not be shipped without a valid phone number as it is a requirement by the shipping company. Only if you select Airmail, there will be an exception.

ME: I am not shipping anything, I am updating my address

[Chinavasion:5d7f2202]: You can update your address with an invalid number as well but it can create an issue once you place an order.

ME: well, your system will not let me put the right phone number in

[Chinavasion:5d7f2202]: I am afraid the same phone number is not acceptable for a new address, it can only be used for the previous address. One phone number for one address.

ME: But not in australia

[Chinavasion:5d7f2202]: I apologize for this inconvenience Laurie but this is not in my hands.

ME: well, I do not have a phone number then

[Chinavasion:5d7f2202]: I am afraid the address won't be saved without a phone number as it is mandatory.

M[Chinavasion:5d7f2202]: Which other electronics do you prefer to resell?

ME: we are getting no where, this ios why I stopped selling chinavasion stuff

ME: Bye

See that, she tried to change topic twice, surely their software is not that bad??

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26 Sep 11 07:12:59 am
lol, you and Chinavasion, you pair are a match made in hell!

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