Chinese drop shippers that sell quality goods - anyone knows of any?

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16 Jun 10 05:21:59 pm
Hi all,

I was wondering if anybody has ever had a good experience with a Chinese dropshipper or any overseas dropshipper for that matter with quality products?

I have heard about and and I know they are legit and will send the items but I have found their items to be very inferior to brand names here in the States as far as functionality and longevity.

Does anybody know of a wholesaler/dropshipper in China that sells quality goods even if their prices are a bit higher?

Thanks for your time.


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16 Jun 10 10:46:03 pm
Hi John,

I haven't dealt with and myself but if you search throughout the forum, you'll learn to be very cautious when dealing with Chinese suppliers as most branded goods that come from China are either replicas or fakes. Their products may be cheap but you can't really be a hundred percent sure that these are authentic brands as advertised.

Generally, Chinese suppliers are best suited for cheap, generic goods. Because so much of the world’s goods are now manufactured in China, you won't find anything cheaper anywhere else. However, if you wish to purchase brand-name items, then we STRONGLY recommend buying it somewhere else.

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May I ask what products you are interested in specifically? We’d love to help you out.

All the best!

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17 Jun 10 05:39:48 am
Hi John,

That is usually the case with Chinese products - oftentimes the quality is inferior to products made in the US or other western countries.

At least you're open to paying a higher price for better quality :) Most require very low prices yet expect top grade quality - which is hardly possible.

For example a few of the branded sports watches that we buy for at least a hundred dollars are being made in China for like 1/8 of the selling price. I use to work there so I have witnessed this first hand.

But there are many great suppliers there in China you just have to do more research to find them. I know there are many negative comments/reviews about DHGate but they have a number of really good manufacturers or suppliers in there too. Just be extra keen and ask all the questions you can think of - do your research, like some of our members who have found their supplier/s there.

All the best! :)


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