Converse & name brand makeup/cosmetics drop shipper needed.

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12 Sep 16 12:28:25 pm
I run a fashion boutique online and I'm looking for converse sneakers and name brand makeup and skincare to add to my store. Not having much luck! Thank you!

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12 Sep 16 06:40:18 pm
Hi Kristin,

Converse is a brand that is not accessible through regular wholesale channels, let alone dropshipping.

Here are two reasons why brand owners are very selective of their distribution channels
1. It lets them control and protect their brand.
2. It lets them control the price of their products

As for make up and skincare products, here are some dropship suppliers that you might be interested in working with:

Link hidden: Login to view
Link hidden: Login to view
Link hidden: Login to view

Now, although the suppliers listed above have names that start with "Perfume" or "Fragrance," they do carry cosmetics and other related accessories. Cosmetics especially branded ones are best purchased in wholesale. Why? The profit margin is minimal due to the fact that these branded cosmetics do not offer much of a discount to their distribution centers themselves.

Nonetheless, contact the suppliers directly to request for their wholesale price list. Let them know your order requirements so they can offer you the best possible price.

All the best!

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25 May 18 10:12:56 pm
Hi we are a cosmetics wholesaler and supplier in Santa Ana, CA.

Drop me an email Link hidden: Login to view

We can offer you a great deal.


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26 May 18 06:25:35 am
Hi Kristin :)

We can help you. We are setting up Europe's first ever branded sportswear only drop shipping website and we are due to launch in August, 2018. We are authorised suppliers, and the UK's largest online only branded sportswear wholesale company.

You will be able to drop ship sneakers from brands including Converse, Reebok, adidas Originals, Lacoste, Under Armour and Vans, etc to your customers. There will be a nominal monthly fee of £100 to access our service. Some companies are charging as much as £400 per month to access their stocks.

And, this opportunity is available to anyone regardless of their country or residence.

I would like to invite to you book an appointment with us asap, to discuss our drop ship service and how it could work for your business. It will be a live 15 minute appointment conducted over the internet.

Here is a link to our drop ship information page. You will see a link to book your appointment on that page...
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Feel free to reach out to us with any questions.

Kind Regards,

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