- Dropshipping experience - No UPS no. given!

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8 Mar 07 02:21:49 am
Has anyone else had this experience before?

I dropshipped a Digital Camera with all of its accessories for a customer, and the Warehouse did not give me a UPS tracking number or way to track the shipment.

They only gave me an order number. Is this policy?

The dropshipper is Link hidden: Login to view

I hope to have more good experiences with them as they seemed to be very trustworthy when I looked at the fine print.

My update...After talking to the supplier, it appears that they just do not do shipments upon order.

The tracking number for the package is ready, however it will be around 9PM tonight when I receive. Wish me luck!

Doesn't appear to be any problems with this supplier but to get much better pricing, I am applying for their wholesale distributorship and aiming to be approved.

I finally saw what I was looking for and will update this if anything else happens, but everything appears good.

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9 Mar 07 08:48:16 am
You can contact them using your order number to try and get tracking info or status of the order. Some companies that you have a account setup with them will give you an order number to search on thier site which will access your tracking info for you.

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13 Mar 07 08:37:04 am

It has been my experience that some companies simply do not give you a tracking number or shipping doc. upon order. Here in this instance, I was able to answer my own question.

Often times, you need to have already dealt with them before or simply gotten familiar with the whole system.

Some companies do offer the tracking upon your order, so it always depends on who you deal with and relies on that.

However this issue has been fully resolved, and the products are on their way. I will update maybe one more time upon arrival.

But I highly reccomend this company for its service and dedicated team of professionals, who work towards fast solutions. Not every problem can be fixed, but these folks do their best and are good.

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Thanks again and I'll possibly lock this.


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