Do I need a company name to register with a dropshipper?

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24 Oct 16 04:01:49 pm
Hi to all the members in the forum,

I've recently joined SaleHoo and I'm looking to drop ship products on Amazon as an individual seller (not professional).

Looking through the dropshippers' websites, I need to include a company name on the reseller application to view their catalogue; however, I don't have a formally set up company just a 'doing business as' name used to set up my Amazon account. My question is, "Can I use this name to contact the dropshipper or do I need a formally set up business to do this?

I'd appreciate all your replies.

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24 Oct 16 06:55:52 pm
Hi Jose and welcome to the forum,

Using what you currently have will be fine with most dropshippers.


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1 Nov 16 09:49:53 am
I echo what Mark says.

A lot of new starters would classify themselves as a sole trader. This in most cases would be suitable to start your journey. Some however, do require registered companies + VAT numbers.

Good luck!


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23 Nov 16 02:02:27 am
Hello Jose,

True that most suppliers do not need a business license/registration for you to apply as a reseller. However they do need a reseller's license just so they can prove that you have the intention to resell. Since you are still on the start-up stage and if you do not have any of these yet, what you can do is call the supplier directly and explain your set-up and business plan. Suppliers really just want to verify information first before they can accept you as a reseller so if nothing can be verified online then a phone call might be needed. Do note as well that if you have the licenses, these suppliers might be able to give you a more competitive wholesale pricing.

Hope this helps! :)


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28 Nov 16 04:27:55 pm
Thank you for your wonderful post it is very helpful :)

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28 Nov 16 06:44:35 pm
Just to clarify the advice in this thread to make it clearer,

A Reseller's Certificate (tax id) will be required by "wholesale suppliers", unless you are an international customer. In most cases, the "wholesale supplier" will not require a tax id in this circumstance. If they do still insist on you providing one, then you can use a tax id from your own national tax authority.

A "Reseller's Certificate" is required by US residents dealing with US suppliers only.

While some "dropsgippers" also require a "Reseller's Certificate", not all of them do. and Surplus Suppliers usually won't require any tax id. If in doubt, just ask the supplier to clarify for you.

Mark (fudjj)

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