Drop shippers that offer PayPal as payment option - wanted

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26 Mar 10 02:27:02 am
hi, how are you guys, i'm just starting out in this business and don't know much about it. but this much i know - it's easier for me to use drop shippers that use paypal because that way i can pay my drop shippers once i receive the payment via paypal, instead of using my credit card or debit card.... help me out to find drop shippers that use paypal guys. really need money, my wife is pregnant jejeje

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26 Mar 10 03:26:06 am
go to wholesalecentral.com

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29 Mar 10 07:49:29 pm
We can help . our system is very easy for drop shipper to use , the reason as follows :
1.You can set different deliver address for different order .
2.You can order our goods at our online shop : www.tvc-mall.com
3.You will be informed about tracking number once the goods is send out to your customer
4.No information mentioned about TVC company in the parcel

China wholesale drop shipper especially acceries repair parts
Link hidden: Login to view sales@tvc-mall.com
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26 Oct 10 01:32:33 am
Hi bigtonito39,

There are several drop ship suppliers that allow Paypal for payment. Here are some of them:

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URL is no longer available

You may search further in the directory with this preference by typing in 'Paypal' and filtering your option to dropshippers.

Hope this helps. :)



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