Drop-shipping Popular Brand Name Items? Reality?

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8 Jan 14 09:03:34 pm
Hey Salehoo,

Brand new to this forum, so thank you for having me!

I've spent a good amount of time in the Wholesale Directory searching for specific brands of Yoga related items, such as clothing, mats, accessories, and health/body related supporting products to provide my online customers a balanced assortment, and a good mix of margin/velocity drivers for myself. Before joining the site as a paid member, I also spent a lot of time going through the trial directory, locating these specific brands to which the directory stated that yes, Salehoo does indeed have suppliers for my brands of interest. Now that I'm a paid member, I'm having a difficult time recreating my trial search results and finding legit suppliers that I could potentially work with. I'm not sure the Wholesale Directory is really set up to search by brand, although I could be using it incorrectly.

As I'm reading through more and more posts on this forum, I'm ultimately realizing that finding drop-shippers for name brand items in my particular niche is, well, impossible. Nike? No way. Under Armour? Nope. Adidas? Nope. Lole? ... Who? Especially for specific collections. However, when using the trial directory on the website, I entered all these brands/categories in and received excellent results (which lead me to paying for access). Now, I'm not trying to be naive on purpose. Maybe this is my hard reality of the wholesale market, but to be honest, I'm a little disillusioned.

Anyone have any thoughts, insight, truth they could send my way? Any success stories for finding someone to work with that carries these larger brand catalogs? Seems these companies are only looking for brick and mortar stores.


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8 Jan 14 11:34:40 pm
Hi Ryan and welcome to the forum

You're quite right in regards to some well known brands. Larger brands names do have bricks and mortar policies when it comes to authorising distribution and many have there own closed distribution channels that they only deal through.

In regards to search results themselves, the search engine is keyword based, so if you enter something like Nike Yoga Mat, you will get results based on all three search terms. So anything Nike, Yoga and Mat related.. I would suggest using a search term like "Yoga" only and then go through those results.

If you are struggling to find stock to suit, you can email Link hidden: Login to view with your request and the team there will try to find you some supplier leads outside of our verified ones for you to follow up with.


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