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27 Jun 18 12:21:05 pm
Hi all :)

I have few questions to ask. Kindly reply.

Is it a good idea to source different suppliers for different markets? For example, I source one supplier for North American markets, one supplier for Europe and one supplier for Oceania.

Do I have to pay fees time for listing products on different Amazon and eBay marketplaces? If I have paid for Amazon/eBay USA. Will I have to pay fees again for listing on Amazon/eBay UK?

Can I list products in many categories rather than restricting myself to only one category?

How to manage returns in drop shipping? I live in Pakistan. If a US/European customers buy a product and return a defective product. Can my US/European supplier take product directly rather than customer sending me and I sending to my supplier?

If I have to take returned products directly. Can I have any fulfillment type option for me in Europe or USA so that customer returns product over there and my supplier then manages returned product?

These questions are major obstacles to starting a dropshipping business. Waiting for replies.

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28 Jun 18 04:48:55 am
Hi Syed,

1. There is nothing wrong with sourcing from different suppliers to sell in different markets. In fact, there is nothing wrong with sourcing from different suppliers to sell into the same market. If Drop-Shipping, the thing to watch out for is to try and keep your shipping times and any warranty inclusions as uniform as possible so as to save any confusion from customers.

2. Yes, if you are listing on the same platform (eBay for example), but in different countries, you will be charged for each countries listings. One listing fee does NOT cover all countries, it only covers the country you are listing in.

3. Sure, you can list in as many categories as you wish, providing you don't have any restrictions set by the selling platform for being a new seller or similar.

4. Now, this is something you really need to discuss with each supplier that you deal with.

5. I'm sure you could use a simple mail forwarding company for this type of thing, but be aware that it will add quite a lot of cost to you in doing so. You should really speak with your suppliers in regards to their warranty policies before worrying about this too much.


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