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26 Feb 07 11:22:06 pm
I'd like to offer my knowledge and connection with a turnkey dropship opportunity and I'd like to know what products people are most interested in purchasing. I have 500,000 products at my fingertips that I'd like to share with everyone from a single source. Please let me know your thoughts at my personal email: Link hidden: Login to view. Thanks very much!

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26 Feb 07 11:41:45 pm
For me Cingular sim cards, Boost sim cards, Micro sd cards, Gillete Blades, and mini rc helicopters let me know what items you have and do you have a website cause you cant sell here until you register with salehoo

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27 Feb 07 02:36:54 am
You have anymore info or validity to your claim. Are you a buisness? If you are then why are you using a free email account? Makes me wonder about you before even considering sending an email to you.
And if you are the business and trying to sell to our members then You need to register as a seller or our members wont bother with you.

You can find detailed information on registering with us.
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Oh BTW I deleted your other post as double posts on the same subject are not allowed here. So for future reference dont double post the same thing in more then 1 forum, Thanks.

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27 Feb 07 03:45:08 am
HEY can I claim my dropshipper's items as mine and sell to members? HA HA FUNNY FUNNY

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7 Mar 07 12:10:34 am
Is Premier Wholesale worth checking into?


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