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1 Mar 13 10:02:19 pm

I have done a lot of Research to find one or two Dropshippers to sell
their Products on ebay with no success!! I searched for the chinese DS since they are the cheapest (chinavasion...etc).

Actually the Problem is on their Prices. The Prices of the Dropshippers are
the same as ebay if not more (incl. Taxes, Shipping to Europe).
Thats why I think that the Dropshippers I ve found in the Directory are much more B2C or Wholesale Sellers. Beside I donot have much money to buy Bulk from wholesales.

Am I missing something here? Or that is just the Fact?

I am looking for Dropshippers (in any productline) that are suitable to ebay in germany.

Best Regards

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3 Mar 13 02:27:11 am
Es correcto amigo opino lo mismo noc deque precios de fabrica hablan cuando los precio de ebay son los mismos de aqui no entiendo si hay paginas chinas favor mensionarlas que trabajen dropship

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4 Mar 13 04:25:01 am
Hello qwertz and vilinet35 :)

@vilinet35 Welcome to SaleHoo!

You have take into consideration that unlike years before when online market was just in the boom, ebay has now become an extremely competitive marketplace and it is not uncommon to find products selling at prices the same as or lower than wholesaler especially if you are to source your products via dropshippers. Profit margins are almost always fairly narrow if you sell products via dropshipping compared to products you buy in bulk.

To stay competitive on ebay and online in general -

* Order in bulk quantities to drive the wholesale price down
* Sell on another auction site other than eBay – there are heaps to choose from and profit margins are usually better. Craigslist is also a good place to sell if you live in the USA. (Let us know if you need more suggestions for places to sell online)
* Buy liquidation – this lets you get product for pennies on the dollar. (I’ll let you in on a secret, this is how lots of powersellers make money on eBay these days)
* Find a niche market with few competitors – collectibles and one-off items have amazing profit margins, even on eBay.

These days, you have to be pretty savvy to survive on eBay, so I hope we’ve given you some ideas.

@qwertz: It's a challenge on our part locating dropshippers for you based on price as our search engine in the directory does not have a price filter. If you could give us a list or products to work with we will do our best to assist you.

I am looking for Dropshippers (in any productline) that are suitable to ebay in germany.

All the best!


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