Dropshipper's Product Catalog and Wholesale Rates

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9 Jul 15 11:48:39 am
It seems like none of the drop shippers have a way to download an excel file or anything, or that their "wholesale" prices are above what places like best buy sell them for. Does anyone have any recommendations or the best way to search for suppliers? I've just been searching each catergory and inputting the fields that I am looking for and go from there. I am a new member and have been doing a few hours of research and the best suppliers I found I already had before I signed up. Any suggestions much appreciated!

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13 Jul 15 03:20:39 am
Hi Jessica,

Welcome to The Forum!

Do know that at this time, you cannot search a supplier in our directory based on dropshippers who can provide you with a product catalog.
We do have dropship suppliers who can provide you with this. However, you may have to contact them directly about it. Many suppliers update their stock and pricing daily, so it would be impossible to keep a catalog up to date. But if you inquire about this information directly to these dropshippers, they could probably just provide you with it.

The same goes for wholesale rates. Wholesale pricing usually works on volume buying. A wholesaler supplier won't be able to give you an accurate price until they actually know what sort of volume you want to purchase. Most wholesalers will have a set structure in place, pricing per unit type of thing, but not all do. It's always best to talk with them for the prices, and let them know what your requirements are in regards to purchasing volume and they will happily to provide you with pricing based on those requirements, and also so long as the minimum order quantities set by the supplier are met.

In the meantime, you can narrow down your search results by specifying results from certain categories on Link hidden: Login to view. Also you can further filter your searches to show:

- Suppliers in certain regions of the world.
- Whether they ship internationally.
- Whether they have minimum order quantity requirements.
- Whether they require or do not require a sales tax ID.
- The type of supplier (Wholesaler/Dropshipper/Liquidator/Manufacturer).

To do this, simply click on "more options" (found under the listed categories) at the bottom portion of the categories.

Hope this helps.


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